What I Like #62

In my last column I featured my 400th different artist. When I began this column, I had no idea how many great art and fashion photographers there were out there. I also had no idea how many blogs there were. I keep thinking this must be everyone and then I find another dozen or  more I have never seen before. That’s what makes Second Life exciting and new all the time and reinvigorates my interest again and again. Thanks, everyone, for reading, commenting and most of all for creating.

Prairie Kawashima is another of those artists who have been a favorite for so long that I had not realized that I have never featured her work in my column. She takes slice-of-life photos that catch her subject in the moment. They are very naturalistic and “uncomposed,” though of course, that is the result of her composition. She uses light to advance the conceit of quickly snapped shots of life as it happens. In this photo, both depth of focus and light are employed to catch our attention and to give the photo a natural, one-off mood. She just added another since I began this column that exemplifies her natural style and her use of great angles.

Here’s another of her natural, slice-of-life photos. It’s a beautiful photo, the strong vertical lines giving it visual punch, making her subject another vertical in the series. The play of light and shadow on her skin is beautiful and the pose and coloring give the picture a pensive, expectant feeling. Do make a point of exploring her photostream. There are so many wonderful and intriguing pictures that deserve a wider audience.

I love this photo from Alyx Aerallo for the blog Alyx’s Adventures in Second Life. The setting and mood of the background is so perfect for this Plague Doctor costume. We have diagonal leading lines with the steps on the mausoleum, the walkway, the shadows and they all direct our focus to the subject who looks into the frame. The sprinkling light from the lamp give it a festive feeling that places is squarely at the Carnevale in Venice and not back in the historical horror of the Black Plague despite the setting among the mausoleums.

I like this photo from Noir Gothly for Noirilicious. The desaturated colors give it a gentle, quiet mood as does her easy, relaxed pose. You get the feeling she is about ready to head out for lunch and a bit of shopping with her friends.

I love this photo from Neva Crystall for How Neva Sees It. I love the way the dress blends into the landscape, but does not disappear. I love the composition with the subject and the background taking up two triangle halves of the photo. I like how the leaves in the front almost feel like embellishment for the dress at first glance and how they frame the picture. I also like how the row of trees in back form another triangle as they diminish in the distance. It’s simply gorgeous.

I like this photo from Natalee Oodles for Style Minions. It evokes the Beast theme that she wishes to convey with the running amok pose and the dark tones of the photo. Add the spare, but wild setting and the beastly bear in the background and she really brings her theme to life.


I have been looking forward to seeing what SL photographers would make of the Escher them for the new EPOCH event as he is a favorite artist. I am not disappointed. Take this wonderful photo from Petra Messioptra for Modavia Fashion Marketing, it pays homage to the work of Escher beautifully. I love how the dodecahedron is offset, the subtle black on black that gives us perspective, the shadows, the bright white contrasting the deep black. There’s just so much to love. Frankly, I could feature Petra Messioptra every week, but I think this is outstanding even among her own tremendous portfolio.

*dg* @ EPOCH

This photo from Rica Andel for her blog Hitogata is stunning. So many people would shy away from using such a complex and busy texture with her subjects, particularly when they are wearing brightly colored prints. It should not work this well, but it does and that is testament to her genius in choosing the texture and making other smart choices such as putting the three together close enough to overlap and placing the yellow in the middle. The additional brush stamp on top that frame it from two corners just adds to its effectiveness.


I love this photo from Sasy Scarborough for her blog SasyPants. I love how she breaks out of the frame and her choice of background. There are other frame-busting photos in her post that were also exciting. Moreover, on top of the three great feature photos, the post is filled with information and photos about the event and the builds.

Mix and Mesh

I like this photo from Sylvia Olivier for her self-titled blog. I love the energy in her pose and the flirtiness of her over-the-shoulder glance. The simple background and the beautiful reflection just work perfectly.

Paulinha Lefevre - True Blue

I love this photo of Paulinha Lefevre by Asia Rae for Solo Evane Fashion blog. I admire Asia Rae’s consistent ability to find new and exciting ways to shoot editorial fashion. The angle and wild abandon of the pose make this an exciting photo. The blurring from depth of field accentuate the feeling of movement, those flowing panels and sleeves that are nearer just slightly out of focus gives the picture perspective and dynamic flow.

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