What I Like #61

I thought I might take a moment to suggest a few tutorials for people looking to improve their picture quality. Sometimes when I see a picture that is well-styled, well-composed and shows imagination and an artistic vision that is marred by low resolution and pixelation, it’s clear that some people with real skills don’t have the technical information they need to translate their good ideas into good pictures. There are many excellent tutorials than can help. If you know of tutorials in other languages, I would love you to add them in comments.

I found BadOn Rain by following other people’s favorites and am so glad I did. his work is imaginative and well-executed. Looking at his relatively small photostream, I get the impression that he makes a concerted effort to reveal his subjects’ character through the photos. From this live-action shot to romantic portraits to editorial fashion, he has it all in just two pages of pictures. That gives me the impression of someone who listens to his subjects to understand them and find a way to express their personality through art.

I love the wit in this photo. It’s fun and cheeky, especially with his comment in the description, “Hey, man, rebake please.” It made me smile. In terms of composition, she is on a vertical third and looking toward him. That focus is emphasized by the lights and the snaking electrical cords. The perspective is enhanced with depth of field. It’s beautifully composed so that our eyes are drawn exactly where he wants them. I love everything about it.

I like this photo from Christina Mistwalker for BeStyle Magazine. There’s kinetic energy in her pose that has her facing into the frame but looking out along the path that gives a strong diagonal line. So does the fence, though the background is very impressionistic, blown out by the bright sunlight (and glow).

Chirzaka Vlodovic - Nemesis

This photo from Chirzaka Vlodovic for Modavia Fashion Blog is stunning. The limited color palette makes the pop of pink in the feather and on her lips stand out. The use of the spotlight as it falls off into negative space is fantastic. I love the inky black that has such a presence, balancing the photo and giving it weight.

I am thrilled that Kyrie Source is blogging again after her hiatus because I have missed her strong editorial vision. I never had to wonder who took her pictures as they are instantly recognizable with her bold high-fashion styling and her minimalist editorial photos. In this one, she crops close and the white space gets a life of its own with the bold, sharp lines of her silhouette.

This photo from Sixx Yangtz for RyXX makes fabulous use of the black background, the subject melting into the shadows with the bright focal points of his white gloves and cravat and the bold diagonal line of his sword. Not only does the dark light give it a moody feeling, it arrests your attention and makes you work to see it all. This makwa it more memorable than if it has been shot in full light.

LIFE Magazine Caucasian male

I like this picture from Blackkk Corbeau for Fly Boy’s Swag. It’s just such a bold pose, simple, strong and eye-catching. I love the conceit of shooting magazine colors and his color discipline. It just all works so well together. If you’re browsing on your lunch break, be sure you volume is turned down because the music autoplays.

I like this photo from Nuria Niven for Across the 2nd Universe. I like that she shot from behind with the subject looking at the chateau. I like how the subject is off-center while the road is not, its edges forming leading lines to the chateau and creating a double focus, the subject and the chateau.


I love the use of repetition in this photo by Tsugu Nirvana for Pesca, not just with the same pose, same outfit, different colors, but with the semi-transparent background. I also love the added element of handwriting on the side. It seems all of a piece with the vintage style lace on the blouse. It just beautifully brings the different elements together and makes what could so easily be just another color-variation composite intriguing.

Back to Black - Letting Go - Lila & Suri

Last, but far from least, I love Lila Quander’s picture for Demented Diva and Suriko Leimes photo for The Bunneh Files. It’s fun to see how they both tackle the same set up, comparing the angle they chose, how they set windlight, their use of lens flare and their editing in photoshop. They take very different approaches and the pictures are definitely recognizably within each person’s style. Still, both pictures are intriguing, tell a story and get us to stop and look and wonder – which makes both a winner in my book.

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  1. oh wow thank you Cajsa for featuring my pic as well. Being on here with such great artists is such an honor. 😀 am happy you liked our pics.

  2. Lucia Tophat says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I love taking pictures in SL and am one of those without the technical knowledge. SCD has been such a wonderful source of info and inspiration for the photographer in me. Thanks again!

  3. Harbor Galaxy says:

    Great selection this week!

  4. Thanks for your comments! Thank you Suria for making work that inspires me to keep doing this column. Thank you, Lucia, you sound like who I have in mind when I write my column. And thank you, Harbor, for your own wonderful photos week in and week out that give so much pleasure to so many people.