Warner Brothers! Fun For Everybody! (Unless you don’t speak English)

Now, I’ll admit. I get frustrated when I am surrounded by a bunch of Non English Speakers. But that’s why I have a translation hud. Apparently, the moderators at the Warner Brothers Sims haven’t figured those out yet. I had heard word of people getting banned for speaking their native tongue in the sim while apparently attending an event. And I thought to myself “Well, that’s a little crazy with all those translation huds out there” So, I went to investigate.



Most of the following chat logs are reposted with permission. The ones that aren’t, well I’m going to do that anyways.

[15:59]  Vera Feila: Lunata du bist aus Deutchland?
[15:59]  Lunata Lupino: ja
[15:59]  Vera Feila: das is schon…
[15:59]  Lunata Lupino: hört man das an meiner aussprache?
[15:59]  Ettie Pomilio: \o/
[15:59]  Applause: A rousing cheer swells up from the crowd
[15:59]  Spanky Lykin: YEEEEE HAW!
[15:59]  bergfrau Apfelbaum: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[15:59]  Applause: A rousing cheer swells up from the crowd
[15:59]  Rad Hand applauds!
[15:59]  Applause: A rousing cheer swells up from the crowd
[15:59]  Spanky Lykin: (enthusiastic applause)
[15:59]  Vera Feila: ja klaro…
[15:59]  Vera Feila: 😉
[15:59]  Banjo Tip Case 4: Thanks for the Tip! :: Raychel Slade ::
[15:59]  Banjo Tip Case 4: Don’t forget to tip the venue!
[16:00]  Vera Feila: es ist chhon jemanden zu kennen der aus Deutchland ist…
[16:00]  Lunata Lupino: oh :-)
[16:01]  Lunata Lupino: wir haben noch eine Österreicherin hier :-)
[16:01]  Rad Hand: / Yeeeee ha!!! ^_^
[16:01]  Lunata Lupino: ohh!!! toll!!!!!
[16:01]  Vera Feila: meine beste freundin ist aus Osterreich….

[16:02]  Amy MetaverseModSquad: Hey, all! Let’s stick to english! Thanks!
[16:02]  Vera Feila: hahahaah..
[16:02]  Lunata Lupino: warum?
[16:02]  Rad Hand applauds!
[16:02]  Lunata Lupino: ich dachte das wär international hier .-)
[16:02]  bergfrau Apfelbaum: wow!!
[16:02]  Vera Feila: deutch ist doch schon..
[16:02]  Rad Hand: Great!!!
[16:02]  Spanky Lykin: YEEEEE HAW!
[16:02]  DrLuv GossipGirl: Hoooo!
[16:03]  Vera Feila: abber wir konten aoch on eng sprechen..
[16:03]  Lunata Lupino: www.LEO,org for translation .-)

— Instant message
[16:02]  Amy MetaverseModSquad: Please stick to english in these sims.  Thank you.
[16:03]  Lunata Lupino: why?
[16:03]  Amy MetaverseModSquad: Because it is a moderated sim sponsored by Warner Bros.
[16:04]  Lunata Lupino: so when ppl dont speak english they are not welcome?
[16:04]  Lunata Lupino: sounds like an  an imperialistic attitude to me
[16:05]  Amy MetaverseModSquad: They are welcome to use a translator.  But in order to maintain the quality of the Warner Bros. brand, we must be able to understand what people are saying, so only english here.  Thanks for your understanding.
[16:06]  Lunata Lupino: i thought your translator translates the openchat

[16:05]  Iono Allen: goodbye all :)
[16:05]  Rad Hand: /Ni night Iono!
[16:05]  MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Spanky Lykin (12m)
[16:05]  Lunata Lupino: bonne nuit Iono
[16:05]  Vera Feila: night..
[16:05]  Banjo Tip Case 4: Thanks for the Tip! :: Jwheels Carver ::
[16:05]  Banjo Tip Case 4: Don’t forget to tip the venue!
[16:07]  florenze Kerensky is Offline
[16:07]  Barney Boomslang is Offline
[16:07]  Lunata Lupino: is using the word *Kindegarten* allowed?

[16:08]  Milan MetaverseModSquad ejected you from this land.

— Instant message
[16:08]  Amy MetaverseModSquad: You have been ejected from the Gossip Girl sims for failing to heed my warning about speaking english.  You are welcome to come back when you are able to abide by sim rules.  Thanks.

[16:08]  bergfrau Apfelbaum: my english ist holy shit:o)
[16:08]  Amy MetaverseModSquad: haha, mine too, and I am American! (my comment: ^.^)
[16:09]  bergfrau Apfelbaum: +++++++++rofl

— Instant message
[16:08]  Lunata Lupino: lol
[16:08]  Lunata Lupino: i was kicked out
[16:08]  Lunata Lupino: oh WC
[16:10]  Lunata Lupino: i knew that Kindergarten is a word the english use so its common usage in Us and UK
[16:10]  Lunata Lupino: but not everybody knows its own usage of language .-)))
[16:12]  Amy MetaverseModSquad: It wasn’t for kindergarten.  It was for “bonne nuit Iono” after you had received your warning.  You are welcome to come back if you like, but I am afraid you must stick to the rules.
[16:13]  Lunata Lupino: seems your shoolsystem is as bad as its said, its normal phrase in europe
[16:14]  Amy MetaverseModSquad: No need to be rude and insulting.  :)
[16:14]  Lunata Lupino: was just an observation, was not meant rude

[16:10]  Rad Hand: [16:09]  Rad Hand: Ok, y’all just ejected my GERMAN friend for speaking GERMAN. If that’s the way it is, FUCK THIS VENUE. Sorry Cosmic, I love your music.

[2009/06/28 16:21]  bergfrau Apfelbaum: it is DISCRIMINATING AGAINST if one in its native language speaks. and therefore one removes!! very unfortunate that I must leave this marvelous concert now!!! TYVM for your great musik!!! osmic byebye….. und nun in deutsch!!! schade dass man gekickt wird wenn man in seiner muttersprache spricht!! schade dass ich das tolle konzert nun verlassen muss!! danke für die tollen lieder!!! Cosmik

aynine Scarborough: can you please tp me again?
[16:50]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: Yes!
[16:51]  jaynine Scarborough: weird, its not tping me in but out of the place, is that a bug?
[16:51]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: O.o what do you ean?
[16:51]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: I saw you here for like 2 seconds
[16:51]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: than you disappeared
[16:51]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: lol
[16:51]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: then* gr
[16:53]  jaynine Scarborough: thank you, i made it :-)
[16:53]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: i see you 😀
[16:53]  jaynine Scarborough: who is the owner of this sim?
[16:54]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: Warner Brothers
[16:54]  jaynine Scarborough: ahh
[16:54]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: that whole company owns it
[16:54]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: lol
[16:54]  jaynine Scarborough: yes
[16:54]  jaynine Scarborough: so its pg, right?
[16:54]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: Yup 😀
[16:55]  jaynine Scarborough: :_) nice, but talking a foreign language should not be a reason to be ejected from here, right?
[16:56]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: The company wishes everyone to speak English. That is all. You only getejectd if ou keep speaking another language when You’r told the rules repeatively
[16:56]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: You’re llowe to use a tanslator i you don’t know English
[16:58]  jaynine Scarborough: that should be written in the landdescription, its a very restrictive rule that is not being applied anywhere else in sl
[16:58]  jaynine Scarborough: a friend of mine was ejected here for speaking german
[16:58]  jaynine Scarborough: i cannot believe it
[16:58]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: Well, thes simsare cosing shortly..on Tuesdy in fact.  don’ think changing it willcause much diferene now lol
[16:58]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: He was told the ruls andhe kept going
[16:58]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: thats why
[16:59]  jaynine Scarborough: sims are closing?
[16:59]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: he clearly could speak eglish so i shoudn’t ave ben a problm
[16:59]  jaynine Scarborough: well we surely will all blog about it..
[16:59]  jaynine Scarborough: it will cause some publicity
[16:59]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: yes it is the longest commercial sims ever up
[16:59]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: Almot 2 yars
[17:00]  jaynine Scarborough: well, thats even worse than to make a sim exclusively for english speakers
[17:00]  jaynine Scarborough: it would be different if it stood in the landrules..
[17:00]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: Again, you’re fee touse atransato
[17:00]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: gah. * free touse atransator
[17:01]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: -.- sorry lol
[17:01]  jaynine Scarborough: i have no problemsa with english
[17:01]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: If you wish to talk to yor friend in German, you can just as eaily i them
[17:01]  jaynine Scarborough: i will put our conversation into a notecard:-)
[17:01]  jaynine Scarborough: and send to my ejected friend
[17:01]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: the owners of tis sim have told u to mke sue everyone peaks English
[17:01]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: *us
[17:02]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: lol I’m sorry I’m typoing so much I have a lot of lag right now
[17:02]  jaynine Scarborough: where are you from?
[17:02]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: I am from the US :)
[17:02]  jaynine Scarborough: i see
[17:03]  jaynine Scarborough: this is quite amazing. have you never considered to question this rule?
[17:04]  jaynine Scarborough: i would never ever imagine that warner brothers makes such a rule
[17:04]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: A lot of people ask about it but Warner Brothers arean Aerica company and have asked us to keep the sims English
[17:05]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: so we tell others to abide by the rules and use a translator if thy are unsure of howto speak English
[17:05]  jaynine Scarborough: i am in sl since 2006 and i have never had anybody telling me of such a rule anywhere in sl
[17:05]  Milan MetaverseModSquad: There’s not a lot ofmoderated sims
Milan MetaverseModSquad: I hae to go now if you have anymore cocerns you can contact Zither Fall 😀
[17:09]  jaynine Scarborough: ok, will do.

Intrigued by word of this. I show up. (I may still have gossip girl stink on me though. )

[17:35]  JamesLee Magic: Yo Dan
[17:35]  Zither Fall: word
[17:35]  Dancien Graves: Здравствулте! как вы?
[17:35]  Isanna Delvalle: russian?
[17:35]  Zither Fall: english please
[17:36]  Dancien Graves: Да
[17:36]  Shelby Stipe: I took a half a year od russian.
[17:36]  Shelby Stipe: of
[17:36]  Dancien Graves: Почему должен я поговорить английскую язык?
[17:37]  Raychel Slade: is it english only so you can make sure it’s pg?
[17:37]  SarahBear18 GossipGirl: hb!
[17:37]  Zither Fall: Dancin english please
[17:37]  Zither Fall: well no everyne her speaks every language
[17:37]  Dancien Graves: Я не говорю английскую язык
[17:37]  Zither Fall: so it is weasier to moderate if everyone speaks english
[17:37]  Silver Raynier: weasier
[17:38]  Zither Fall: easier*
[17:38]  Raychel Slade: that’s what i figured.
[17:38]  Zither Fall: you know i speak typonese
[17:38]  Raychel Slade: so you can make sure it stays pg.
[17:38]  Silver Raynier: it’s like Elmer Fudge speak (NO It’s Russian you fucking moron)
[17:38]  Kathy Arriaga: Yuuuuuuuus!
[17:38]  Raychel Slade: and this doesn’t become the place for cybersex in urdu or something
[17:39]  Zither Fall: yep
[17:39]  Zither Fall: seeing as it’s pg and we don’t allow that here anyway
[17:40]  Zither Fall: lol
[17:40]  Dancien Graves: Я не понимаю почему сусло я говорит английскую язык?
[17:41]  Zither Fall: Dancien no one here understands you
[17:41]  Zither Fall: please speak english
[17:41]  Dancien Graves: И я не понимаю вас
[17:42]  Silver Raynier: wtf
[17:44]  Zither Fall: ok lets see if this works
[17:44]  xZither FallDEMO: (fr->ru) ОК позволяет увидеть, если это работает (Which she asked if this was russian and I said Yes I can understand you in russian)
[17:45]  xZither FallDEMO: (fr->ru) вздох, и он FLL
[17:45]  Zither Fall: grrr
[17:45]  Dancien Graves: Я могу понять вас
[17:46]  Zither Fall: Dancien please speak english only here
[17:46]  Isanna Delvalle: i dun think he knows english (Well yes I do actually I was just doing an experiment)
[17:46]  Silver Raynier: warner bros decided to pull out (Was it due to their stellar outsourced CSR’s?)
[17:46]  Isanna Delvalle: STFU DEMO
[17:46]  JamesLee Magic: •´¨*•LoL•´¨*• zither
[17:46]  Dancien Graves: Что демонстрация

[17:47]  Zither Fall: it woudn’t detach sorry
[17:47]  Zither Fall ejected and banned you from this land.
[17:47]  You are no longer allowed here and have 15 seconds to leave.
[17:47]  Teleport completed from

And then Zither IM’s me…DUN DUN DUNNNNNN

[17:47]  Zither Fall: you need to speak english here please
[17:47]  Dancien Graves: Oh sure, I was just confirming that you eject people that don’t speak english
[17:48]  Dancien Graves: Nobody bothered to look in my profile
[17:48]  Zither Fall: i asked you numerous times i open hat toplease speak english
[17:48]  Zither Fall: chat*
[17:48]  Zither Fall: you continued to speak russian or whatever tha was
[17:49]  Dancien Graves: Right. I was potraying somebody who did not speak english. Much like that german girl
[17:49]  Dancien Graves: brb blogging about this.
[17:50]  Zither Fall: i  know nothing about a german girl
[17:51]  Zither Fall: Can i ask why you chose to come here to find that out. I can not understand everyone here that speaks in other languages and thereare numerous people here speaking in english only
[17:51]  Zither Fall: you were asked to speak in english you chose to not do so
[17:51]  Zither Fall: how am i supposed to know that you were not swearing in another language
[17:52]  Dancien Graves: Because I find it hard to believe that on a program as international as Second Life a company with a large international market would choose to exclude those who do not speak English
[17:52]  Zither Fall: this is a moderated pg sim and we do our jobs to the best of our abilities

Seriously, while the general not understanding foreign languages  kind of annoys me on my end (Except for a few and I seem to know what a cop is telling me to do in every language), Second Life is an international program. Translation HUDS are cheap, and I am imagining that company such as Warner Brothers would have a better understanding of that. Unless you know, the only make movies in English.

The “Mods” (I love that word! I want to run around calling myself “Vince King of the Mods”) apparently come from which appears to be like a legitimate Justice League of People Wear Tight Spandex with Sock Stuffing.

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  1. This is amazingly epic fail.

  2. Prejudice against someone for their nationality of language that they speak is considered ethnic discrimination and is prohibited by the United States Constitution. Warner Brothers certainly must be aware of this or maybe the people working for them on SL are just tools.

  3. WIdget Whiteberry says:

    I just tweeted: WarnerBros maintaining the ‘quality of their brand’ by insisting on ENGLISH ONLY! It is to laff.

  4. Chillatrix says:

    So….you speak English and you went there just to cause troubles? :/ How nice of you! 😀

  5. Interesting how maybe this is a dual fail. Fail because translators aren’t always used. And fail because you didn’t respond to the mod so that they could understand you. It’s obvious they know english but not other languages.

  6. @Chillatrix I went to confirm the story so I didn’t post chat logs of shit that did not occur.

    @Anny, same thing I said to Chillatrix

  7. Adelayda says:

    First off as everyone is over looking, The mods are just doing their job; so if you have a problem take it up with warner brothers, not the people who are doing their jobs. Second, if you read clearly like i’m sure you haven’t you would understand why they want everyone to speak english (or use a translator which again you have stupidly over looked) is because it’s a pg sim that is modded and they want to make sure it stays that want and not do so because someone is speaking another language and REFUSES to use a translator (which they kept saying was ok). They do it to keep everyone safe. So because you want to slam someone or something read everything you type. Kk? thanks bye

    P.s. don’t wanna play by the rules go to another sim :)

  8. Vaalith Jinn says:

    “[17:35] Dancien Graves: Здравствулте! как вы?”
    hahaha epic.

    Next time if you need a Russian speaker to test something like that hit me up.

  9. Vaalith Jinn says:

    p.s.: i still want to strangle people who spam “jajaja”
    i’m such a hypocrite >.>

  10. Aisuru Rieko says:

    lulz. I’m not entirely sure the mods speak English judging from their use of it. I’ve seen lag mess up the order of chat but not seen it actually make typos. More likely that they got flustered flexing their e-peens and got to agitated to type properly. Also if their whole premise is to make sure you’re not saying improper things in other languages, why don’t they warn/eject those who were cursing in English? Seems like both of these were in open chat:

    Silver Raynier: it’s like Elmer Fudge speak (NO It’s Russian you fucking moron)

    [16:10] Rad Hand: [16:09] Rad Hand: Ok, y’all just ejected my GERMAN friend for speaking GERMAN. If that’s the way it is, FUCK THIS VENUE. Sorry Cosmic, I love your music.

  11. Vaalith Jinn says:

    You are precisely halfway correect Adelayda.

    It is the moderator’s job to keep an eye on the chat and hence
    they need to use every tool available to them in order to do so,
    which would include using translator huds.

    It is not, however, the visitor’s job to use translator huds to express
    themselves in what looks like an environment sponsored by a corporation
    big enough to hire enough competent moderators to cover different languages.

    Just sayin`

  12. You forget that in order to use a translator one needs to be able to figure out which language is being spoken to them. Therefore it is easier if the person who speaks the foreign language used the translator!

  13. Vaalith Jinn says:

    You mean that it’d take a genius?
    I tip my hat to every single shop owner in sl for being a genius.

    Oh wait, a regular person can do that within a reasonable amount of time?
    Because it seemed to me, Anny, that you implied otherwise.

  14. вы идете пнуть меня вне?
    где кролик?
    Я телефонирую моего e-законоведа.

  15. Chillatrix says:

    Actually, I can talk about lag making typos as it happens to me OFTEN. You type and can hit EVERY key and it’ll still miss when you have loads of lag. It happens to me quite often no matter what I do. The text will also show up in the text bar 5 minutes after you type it and you’ve already hit enter so you can’t go back and fix it. So lucky you you haven’t had it happen to you but it does happens to others. :)

  16. Yes, which is why I went with Russian. It’s a pretty hard to miss language

  17. Your a day late and dollar short with this blog. WB is ending the marketing campaign on Tuesday. So not much news here.

    Seems like you may have wasted your time.

    The sim has always had that rule. For all the reasons stated above. Which are valid reasons for THAT sim. Why would someone who doesn’t speak any English (to the point where they don’t understand “You can’t speak in another language in this sim.”) would want to be in the sim makes no sense.

    Said people could have taken their convo to IM. And bam .. no issue.

    You went there to verify the story. Just to blog it? You were bored? It just seems like you were stretching for something to write about.

    The child av comment.. lawl (I love how to scale height = child avi)

    And to Aisuru – People ARE ejected when they swear in english. I guess you are assuming that person wasn’t. and you know what they say about assuming things.

  18. Lag does not make you miss letters. If you type them up in the little white box, make sure they are all there, and hit enter, the letters all end up going together, whether it is into the great white nothing of lag, or onto everyone’s screen.

    Typing too fast when it is laggy, and not looking at what you are typing causes those typos. Not the lag.

    I am afflicted with more lag than most people lucky enough to enjoy SL, due to my shit internet as well as event related lag, and have been lagging for 2 years.

    When I make typos, it is usually speed, carelessness, or whiskey. Not lag.

  19. I am going to completely ignore everything you just said since I just covered it except for the child AV thing.

    They were Child AV’s. This was not some fucking to scale bullshit buttercup. My AV is 6’2, on 3 different rulers. These kid av’s came up to my waist (Barely) and had KID AV crap in their profiles.

    So, thank you for playing. Drive thru is broke, please fuck off.


  20. I am in the pic.. My avi is set to 5’3. Thanks 😀

  21. Chillatrix says:

    I type fast, yes and therefore when there is lag I miss letters. :-p I’m not going to type at a third grade level just cause there is lag. And without lag I can type just fine with only a couple regulars typos. When thrown into lag I end up talking much like Milan.

    WOW! So All children in rl are 5’4″? Cause thats defintiely my avatars height, which is my rl height. So I’m guessing I’m a child? Hummmmm

  22. This is nuts i know jaynine Scarborough not only is she one of the finest people i know in Second Life she is also vary kind and friendly so i do know it is the truth.

  23. With a mouth like that why on earth would you go to a known PG moderated sim?

    And apparently is does take a genius because i can not even being to tell you the amount of careless, childish, and completely devoid of any knowledge worthy of anything people i have had the chance to run into in Second Life.

    I concur with Kissy. You were bored and needed something to write and yeah you are late as it has been common knowledge for a week that the GossipGirl sims are closing.

    Don’t presume that you are any better than anyone else because with your “fuck off’ comment proves your not.

  24. Chillatrix says:

    Jaynine seems very sweet! I believe in that considering she seems to be talking very kind and asking questions nicely instead of screaming and yelling about the fact the sims are English only.

    I think this whole thing is just nonsense. The sims are closing June 30th. The WB are ending their marketing campaigne on SL with the GossipGirl sims. The rule has always been there and it doesn’t seem to matter to fight over it now. This blog post won’t make any difference in the descision of that. What’s done is done and long gone. You could have argued this months ago or maybe almost two years ago when the sims were first made (the longest running marketing campaigne on SL mind you) and maybe made an impact but you’re much too late.

  25. trilokita says:

    The idea of the creation of Second Life is to join people from all the world, no matter language, religion, political ideas, or skin color.
    A serious company as Warner Bros. is, would never make any difference between a human being or another. So this makes me wonder if the Legal Department of Warner Bros. are aware of this, and if they would agree with this policy???
    I just dont think so.

  26. SomeRandomChick says:

    “Brb blogging about this.”

    This sounds like a shirt slogan waiting to happen.

  27. Myrica J says:

    i was ejected by the gossip girl gestapo during a Thumper Boucher concert. The reason: I was too cheeky. Apparently my skirt was too revealing for the taste of Ms. Mod. I did note however that another girl was dancing there with buttcheeks, but she was a) blond and b) wearing a red white and blue outfit. The PG rating says nothing about skirt length. I infer that the ModSquad is given wide censorship ability. Next time I shall try being cheeky en francaise & see what happens.

  28. “i was ejected by the gossip girl gestapo”

    It’s like millions of voices cried out and screamed “Holy fuck this show sucks”

  29. Chillatrix says:

    LOL You think being blonde has ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING? Cause my avatar is definitely a brunette. Who knows, maybe that avatar was also grey for the mod? It’s a rule in gossipgirl that your butt cheeks should be covered. Just put on different pants. It’s not a big deal. And next time? Are you not reading the fact that the sims are closing as of the 30th? What are you just gonna run around on the 30th with your cheeks hanging out? Cause…that barely makes a statement. It’s done and over with. Fighting the rules at the end of it’s reign proves absolutely nothing.

  30. Chillatrix says:

    Btw, the party was Fourth of July…thats why she was wearing red, white and blue. :-p

  31. I am sad that all of you have nothing better to do than chat about a place that i am sure most if not all of you have NEVER been to. Except to maybe try to bend rules to cause issues.

    Oh wait in SL terms that is called .. what is it again … GREIFING!

  32. [17:04] Milan MetaverseModSquad: A lot of people ask about it but Warner Brothers arean Aerica company and have asked us to keep the sims English

    The United States of America does not have an official language.

    The United States does not have an official language; however, the majority of the population speaks English as a native language (some 82%). The variety of English spoken in the United States is known as American English; together with Canadian English it makes up the group of dialects known as North American English. 96% of the population of the U.S. speaks English “well” or “very well”. There have been several proposals to make English the national language in amendments to immigration reform bills. None of these bills have become law with the amendment intact.
    — quoted from wikipedia:

  33. Chillatrix says:

    Then copy and paste that to Warner Brothers then. :)

  34. Turbo Zipper says:

    Even funnier…new contract with the U.S Government through the Department of Education, Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs. It’s an international social network site geared towards encouraging cultural exchanges and sharing about all the different cultures in the World.

    I’d say that’s a US Government Epic Fail.

  35. Sooooo……I’m reading all of this and my one question really is…….

    What is Gossip Girl? Am I supposed to know what this is? Is it a show or a band or something?

    Cuz see I’m an adult woman…………………………….

  36. bahahaha, It’s a TV show on the CW network.

    I am an adult woman too. W/ kids even…..

  37. Gossip Girl is an American drama television series based on the book series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar. Narrated by the omniscient yet unseen blogger “Gossip Girl,” the series revolves around the lives of wealthy teenagers at an elite prep school growing up on New York City’s Upper East Side.

  38. Oh i forgot to add that it’s from Wikipedia

  39. Oliver Wickentower says:

    A few things disturb me about this article. For one, the whole blog seems bent on attacking the Metaverse Mod Squad. That company is hired by Warner Bros. to enforce the rules of the sim that Warner Bros. has laid down, regardless of their own personal beliefs about it. They are merely following the rules since, you know, their jobs depend on it.

    Secondly, as a journalist, this is absolute crap journalism. The writer has already made a conclusion about the issue. Instead of contacting a few different sources to make a well-rounded story or even an argument, they went to the sim and essentially griefed the mods that were there. The writer was spamming in Russian and harassing the people that are paid to work there.

    Sure, I think that any language should be allowed no matter where you go in a sim. If you were really upset about it, the thing to do would be to contact Warner Bros. and share your concerns.

    On top of that, learn how to write. This isn’t even an article, just a random mash of chat logs and a few pointed comments at the bottom. If you really want to persuade people, paraphrase what was said, include important quotes, and create a compelling argument. This is a pretty pathetic attempt at writing and/or journalism.

  40. Harper Beresford says:

    @Chillatrix Well you think in TWO YEARS they would have formulated a better way of insuring that their PG sim was adequately monitored for non-PG language besides heavy-handedly and rather ignorantly ejecting people.

    What this sounds like to anyone not American, as Lunata pointed out, is American imperialism. Even if it’s not “discrimination,” it sure is tacky telling people they are ejected from a sim for not speaking English.

    I really honestly find it hard to believe a large INTERNATIONAL corporation such as Warner Bros. would allow such poor public relations. Whoever at WB who hired the people who trained the monitors should be thinking twice about ever using that firm again (Looks like it’s MetaverseModSquad, who hired a guy named Milan to tell us: “A lot of people ask about it but Warner Brothers arean Aerica company and have asked us to keep the sims English”? I think he meant to say American there).

    They should also think twice about whoever was to do advertising for these sims. I had never heard of these sims myself in the two years I had been in SL–English speaking and American and all that I am. Is that what you consider success, Chillatrix?

  41. Oliver Wickentower says:

    Oh, and I’d like to point out that the writer is telling people that are commenting to fuck off. You wanna bitch about censorship and people’s rights? How about creating an open forum for people to share their opinions. Your job as the writer (and pretend journalist) is to create a story, present it to the community, and allow a dialogue to take place. It’s not a bad thing for you to join in, but telling your readers to fuck off is irresponsible and highly hypocritical.

  42. Top 100 most-popular, but still available, last names in Second Life®:

    Last Name Usage Count Days Active Reg per Days Active
    GossipGirl 163961 614 267.0

    as per

    They couldn’t have had too bad of a marketing campaign to her the number one last name in all of SL.

  43. The next name on the list has a count of 18568 usages. A outstanding difference of 145,393 compared to the GossipGirl last name.


    seen here :

    Almost ten times as many regulars as any other last name.


  45. There is an actual explanation for that one, Anny. Regular last names in SL are circulated in and out, most don’t last on the name choosing list for very long. GossipGirl was a special last name, and thus it was left open for as long as the sim was, which was much longer than the usual lifespan of the reg. ones.

  46. I’m not saying that is the only reason it has as many users as others, but it certainly helped the end result.

  47. Harper Beresford says:

    The use of the name doesn’t mean success of the sim or the marketing campaign.

  48. I’m sorry but i feel it does since the marking campaign is what drew those users to second life and it is not an available name to sign up for through the main secondlife site but it was through a secondary site that allowed you to sign up with that given last name. Therefore it mus have been successful to have pulled in that many users in a mere 2 years.

  49. To add to what Harper said, if you want to take the use of the name into account, you have to factor in not just how many times it is registered, but the percentage of GossipGirls actually play the game regularly and returned to the sim. I myself frequent the Gossip Girl sims from time to time, and I have seen plenty of people register a name and then never come back ones their pixel feet hit the ground running.

  50. SouthParkingLot says:

    [17:35] Dancien Graves: Здравствулте! как вы?


  51. Chillatrix says:

    Um..Kaye…that number was given too. If you looked. :) 269.2 still sign in per day as opposed to the next one under it being in the 70s. Big difference.

  52. Apparently we are into reading all facts just bashing an area in Second Life that they obviously disliked before they even took the chance to find out what is is about.

  53. Hey Uh Oliver, I am sorry you thought this was a newspaper. It’s not, it’s a blog. We don’t have to be fair and balanced, we get to have opinions and unless my editor tells me what to post I can generally post what I want. So… response to your almost tl:dr comment.

    Fuck off and have a nice day :)

  54. Oh my, how horrible….Not the mods though, the fact that someone purposly comes into the GG sims and griefs them for no reason but to piss someone off. Well done, how pathetic that is. You know why they need to speak english? Because people like you come all the time and mess with these amazing people we call Mods who do so much for our benifit and none of you take a moment to see what good people they are, your only intrest is to start problems. So question, why can’t you get your own damn translation HUD and find me one that translates slang and insults and innapropriate language so the mods can do their job and keep things PG. As for this not being fair for foreign speakers and discriminating against people, well, this isn’t a free country, its a VIDEO GAME and these are PRIVATLY OWNED SIMS, they make the rules and you follow them or leave. If someone has a problem with that, then take over the WBs budget and run the sims as you please, untill then stop whining about not getting your way in a place you do not have given rights on. And next time you all think badly of the GG sims, just remember you’re being judgmental because you never gave the sims a chance, and this post just proves what people will do for a laugh or so they aren’t as bored. You’ve all had griefers before I’m sure, and lets face it, the only place that your immediatly going to be punished for misbehaving because you know someones going to be watching you must seem pretty attractive to trouble makers who have nothing better to do with their lives. You were warned many times, I’m sure people told you where to get a free translation hud, I always do when foreign speakers come but I bet you just wanted to insult the mods because you really hate folloing rules and its SOOOO much cooler to be a rebel and cause misery for others! Right? Thats the most important thing in life, to make people, people JUST LIKE YOU who have lives and families and friends who love them because they are good people, mad. Well yu must not understand what it’s like to behave or what it’s like to be a normal person who doesn’t want to be bothered for no reason just so someone can have a little giggle, you must have forgotten or never known. It’s wrong to say these people are like you, because obviously unlike you they have a heart that can give a damn about something.

  55. @chillatrix Yeah, but it still doesn’t prove that the 269.2 that logged in with that last name actually went to the Gossip Girl sims at all. If we wanted the success percentage we’d need to look at the number rezzed with the last name and the number that returned to the sim on a regular basis. The more that came back to Gossip Girl and warner bothers, the more successful I would say it was.

  56. So wait it’s ok for you to be judgmental and hypocritical but no one else can? Is that what you’re getting at because that is what i am understanding by that last post of a response. Besides he never said it was a newspaper. Fairly certain the vast majority of the SL community is aware of what a blog is and how it works.

    And stop being so self righteous to the point that you feel you have the ability to tell everyone and anyone to “fuck off”. This is now a public forum as it was posted to a public and not private site. If you wanted to be able to voice your opinion without the hassle of comments maybe you should make your own personal blog where no one can comment but yourself. It seems you like to hear yourself talk anyway.

  57. Oliver Wickentower says:


    I was an opinion writer for over four years. There were many times when I wanted to call out a certain person or action by using degrading terms to describe them. The problem is that when you do that, you limit the effect of your writing has on your readers. You’re only going to get positive responses from people who already share your opinions.

    And yeah… call it “tl:dr” if you want, but good thoughts usually require some thought and reasoning. Usually the flaming is left to the people commenting on the writing, but since you’re a fucking idiot and a shitty writer I guess it makes sense. :)

  58. And yet here you are, still giving my post hits.

    Who was the idiot again?

  59. Actually Khal, not once did anybody offer me a link, LM, or item related to any translation device. Also, as I stated before I went down there to confirm what I was told. You know, checking the sources. But since Oliver up here is a writer for four whole years he can probably tell you about that.

  60. Genevieve says:

    So I guess Warner Bros. aren’t interested in world wide syndication rights then? Marketing potential fail.

  61. Again proving points of what an ass you are.

    Does your brain not function. You had the ability to find the GossipGirl sims in the first place are you that dumb that you can’t locate a translation hud on your own? Ever hear of a little site called ? Probably not huh, since you seem to need to be provided with LM’s to items.

  62. Thanks for entirely missing the point Anny. That was awesome.

  63. Chillatrix says:

    I think it is you missing the point.

  64. No what is awesome is checking out your SL profile. It explains you to a T!

  65. Dancien, how can you possibly justify causing problems for others just so you can TEST something? You’re not testing anything, you are being a griefer and being annoying. I’d someone to go into your home, shop, hang out place, whatever and test your tolerance for the rules you set then to still say “Oh, it’s just fine for them to do so, they’re just TESTING something.”

  66. Sascha Frangilli says:

    Is it just me or does PG not mean Parental Guidance? As that “Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children”.

    Isn’t our version of SL only for ADULTS and no kids are allowed?

    Wat een belachelijke idioterie!

  67. Um, not really…And people are allowed to set the rules as they wish on their private land, GG is private land. So it’s just like if i had a plot, maybe a shopping mall or something and I decided I want it monitered and PG according to MY rules, then I could enforce my rules as I please, is that not right? Or can I come break all the rules on your land and say it’s not fair to be punished?

  68. Outraged says:

    OMG are you serious?! The people here defending the actions of the GG sim are actually calling speaking a different language to english GRIEFING?!

    Sorry but that’s just disturbing to me, you’re not doing much of a good job defending the actions of the sim, just proving you’re god dammed ignorants.

  69. Turbo Zipper says:

    I’d say that ejecting and banning folks for not speaking English falls under the “Intolerance” portion of the TOS, though.

  70. Noodles says:

    Little bed-time story: I once ran into a GossipGirl when they started to pop up everywhere, she was very witty and fun to hang with. She invited me to a GossipGirl-paty at Warner Bros. and the minute we arrived there completely changed. She trashed me with rules I have to obey, asked me whenever I said something in chat not to say/do this and that, her wit turned into a woOot, praised the Mod squad for being so nice and if I get good friends with them then I “don’t have to be afraid” (!). It felt like a Barbie prison, scared people to say something wrong, a terror regime keeping up high spirits with the means of fear. I never went there again.

  71. Noodles says:

    *party even

  72. Orchid Glitterbuck says:

    If this was already said I apologize – but there are so many comments and I’m so damn lazy that I just can’t seem to read them all.

    Warner Bros is so insistant upon maintaining their ‘high standard’ for their brand – yet they can’t even insist upon a ‘mediocre’ standard for spelling/grammar from its “moderators” that have surely been paid to ensure everyone speaks English?

    I call bullshit.

    I’m also tempted to troll this company and make fun of their dumbass SL Warner Bros vigilante shit, but as I stated – I’m so damn lazy.

  73. Dorra Debs says:

    There are translators that you can set on the ground that will translate any language into English (or whatever) or they could hand out translators an the lp and ask that people wear them.

  74. Turbo Zipper says:

    Well Put, Noodles!!

  75. Darkley says:

    pòg mo thòn

  76. Skinkie says:

    What I’m wondering is…. was it Warner Brothers who made the rule that only English was allowed, or the Moderators themselves who decided that to (apparently) make their job easier? And, if it was the latter, were/are Warner Bros aware that the Mod’s are effectively excluding over 40% of the SL population (someone will give a more accurate percentage I’m sure) from their sims? No wonder WB is withdrawing from SL – if their main point of contact in SL was the Mod Squad I’d want to withdraw as fast as possible too.

    It doesn’t matter that these sims are closing soon – this is about something bigger than that. It’s about a group of people employed to do a task and them having little to no consumer relations skills whatsoever. And not being able to think “outside the box”.

    So many better ways to handle this – like putting free translator HUDs, or even cheap one for sale, at the events/on the sims. Like using a translator themselves (no, DEMO’s don’t count), hell, even being able to copy/paste to Babelfish would be something…

    It wouldn’t take a genius to make a gesture saying “Please speak in English” translated into the common languages found on the grid, and spamming it every now and then at events. I bet someone like Peter Stindberg would even make one for you, at an incredibly reasonable fee.

    So many simple ways around this, all causing a lot less antagonism towards the very people keeping you in work, the sim users.

    Sure, this was brought to us by Dancien in his inimitable style which wouldn’t make the front page of The Times, but just because of that, if you want to improve as a company, Metaverse Mod Squad, don’t ignore the valuable feedback you are getting here regarding your methodology.

  77. Vye Graves says:

    The idea that ‘it’s my sim, i can tell people what language to speak’ is fatally flawed in terms of personal liberty in the United States. We have idiots here who from time to time try to pass zenophobic laws of that sort, tell people ‘english only’ in my restaurant, etc. They are generally seen for what they are, hateful and more often than not racist.

    We have the right to equal access in America. “Private property” ideas take a back seat when you offer a public service, be it a restaurant, a theater, a water fountain, etc. The same right that says you can’t be blocked from a restaurant because of your race also ensures that you can speak whatever language you want. Or Bill of Rights states plainly that we have the right to free speech and equal access regardless of color, ethnicity, etc.

    You aren’t guaranteed that the people who work there will understand you, but you can’t be told what you can say and can’t say so long as your speech is within the bounds of public decency. This was an ignorant, hateful thing to do. Whether it was really Warner Brothers, or this hackjob Metaverse Mod Squad, it needs to be addressed.

    It’s up to LL to enforce human decency. If they want to let assholes tell people who don’t speak English they aren’t welcome in some sims, fine, but we don’t have to go there, and we don’t have to do business with hateful people. Had the mods in question any personal integrity, they wouldn’t work for such people, if it was indeed a rule created by the client.

    I intend to ban them when at all possible, and eject them on sight from any sim i have control over. I urge anyone reading this to ban those in the logs above who enforced this. America is smeared enough by such self-centeredness, and the world needs to know that only a moronic minority here would stoop to, or even enforce, this sort of ideology.

  78. Ibrahim Bates says:

    I can´t believe this is happening! How can I fight against this discrimination?

    Nem quero crer que isto esteja a acontecer. Como posso participar numa tomada de posição contra uma situação destas?

    Commemt je peux faire pour participer contre cette discrimination.

  79. Vye Graves says:

    From the Time Warner corporate website:

    “As a leading media and entertainment company, Time Warner helps tell the world’s stories to a global audience. Therefore, cultivating diversity – of our content, products, and people – is a business imperative.

    In recent years, growth in the media industry has come increasingly from international and U.S.-based multicultural markets. Audiences are becoming more diverse, both in ethnicity and nationality, and are expecting greater diversity in content. We are therefore striving to become more diverse as a company, both in our content and in our workforce. We believe that achieving more diversity in these areas will enable us to identify the best growth opportunities, deliver the best customer value, and create the greatest returns for our stockholders. Accordingly, we are working to continue to foster and promote an internal culture that values diversity of talent and ideas, as well as to identify and aggressively pursue growth opportunities in multicultural and international markets.”

    I intend to contact them with this and would urge others to as well. If they are disinterested, perhaps the press won’t be.

  80. Warner Brothers and Metaverse Mod Squad don’t love Japan :-(

    Thank you for bringing this light, Dancien. I sure wish I had known this has been going on for two years.

    So let’s see. Warner Brothers and Metaverse Mod Squad are the companies we know who have been involved in this discrimination. Any other companies? Has Linden Lab been aware of it and allow it to continue?

    I found a form on the Warner Bothers website that can be used to submit questions and comments at

    Oddly, on WB’s website, towards the upper right corner, you can choose your country and the website is automatically translated into the language of the country you choose… This really makes me wonder if this was WB’s decision or Metaverse Mod Squad’s decision.


    Beanie Loves Japan! @

  81. Based on some of the screeching on these comments, it seems like a lot of people think it’s just DANDY to exclude or otherwise discriminate against those who are not native English speakers.
    It’s unfortunate I hadn’t checked out Gossip Girl sooner – I wasn’t aware there was a tv show that inspires agoraphobia…..after all, foreign language reminds us of FOREIGNERS doesn’t it.

    Oooooo they’re spooooooky.

    One of the best friends I HAVE on the grid I met because she didn’t speak English and we were desperately trying to communicate.

    Let me sum up because I’m annoyed.

    1. Yes, it is CERTAINLY their right to disallow whatever they like on their sim.
    2. What a bunch of cocks they are, as are of you are who AGREE with this sort of philosophy.

    Sorry you didn’t like the style in which this information was conveyed by SCD. Is this your first day?

  82. was many replies to read it all after reading this post aswell but that comment about the PG sim so needing to speak english is crap
    at Ivalde ts a pg sim – we all had to wear translators when a group was around so we could watch out what was being said and at times I had to eject folk for abuse , swearing or bullying others in the store (this happened around the lucky chair)
    there reason is wrong and as the staff member,that is the point of contact and therefore the right person to complain to.
    This post is what I love about SCD – I dont know anyone other blog willing to take things like this on – well done Dancien

  83. Some of you are obviously new to the SCD game. Welcome! We love new readers.

    What Dan did at the sim is called a controlled experimentation and was totally within the valid parameters of any journalistic endeavor, not that we have many of those here at SCD. He knew he’d be banned for not speaking English, and he wanted to actually see it happen – so he spoke Russian.

    Big deal. If the fire’s too hot, get out of the kitchen, kids.

    Secondly, SCD is a blog. Not the New York Times. We look into stories and blog about it. I don’t care how much you cry about journalistic integrity in order to make us feel silly or “unprofessional” – it doesn’t absolve WB and the moderators from the fact that they were banning non-english speakers due to Warner Brothers company policies.

    Which brings us to point three. None of us really give a crap about the moderators beyond the fact that they were BANNING PEOPLE FOR NOT SPEAKING ENGLISH.

    Now the fun part about those translators is that they cost L$, something not everyone in SL has access too (by situation or by choice) and often times they don’t even work correctly. If the translator only half-translates a sentence, are they still “not speaking english”? Will they get banned for that too?

    Yes, the WB sims close on the 30th, but the fact remains that this has been stated as “company policy” by the moderators. WB will have this on their backs for a long time unless they bother to clear it up.

    You can’t say “Oh, just let it go” because their time is almost up. That is a horribly weak and pathetic argument. If you want to talk about lack of integrity, there it is right there.

  84. Vye Graves says:

    “1. Yes, it is CERTAINLY their right to disallow whatever they like on their sim.”

    I differ. Either we will take virtual worlds seriously, or we won’t. The fact is I can’t deny someone equal access to a publicly offered service because they are “different”, or differently skilled. Perhaps it is different in other parts of the world, but in the US, where LL is based, that’s the law.

    We have the first amendment right to freedom of speech, and the fourteenth amendment right to not be hampered from the same privileges and immunities as anyone else, including services offered to the public on private property by private individuals. Perhaps we will say that the Internet doesn’t count; that rights don’t extend to services offered in virtual worlds. It will be a sad thing if we do.

    Time Warner has stated its intent to embrace diversity both in its content and its interaction with its consumers. LL has stated that much the same, and even has ToS requirements that require us to leave our hate and bias behind when we come here. If that really means anything, then this sort of thing should not be allowed in SL at all.

  85. PrincessTJ says:

    Ok, so Dan did research? But, Dan knows english therefore his judgement and conclusion were tainted.

    Have you ever REALLY been in a situation where no one knows your language? If I were to enter a sim that spoke Russian only, WHY do I expect them to change just for me? If I was going to put myself into that situation, wouldn’t I come with a “Dictionary” or Translator for my own sake as well as respect to them? If I do not, I am setting myself up for boredom or disaster.

    If I had friends, we would dance together and speak in IM. If I wanted to attempt to socialize with those around me, then I would have learned a few simple phrases to speak… or used the translator.

    Are we really going to blame the entire MMS? Why are we overlooking the fact they did at one point have around 4 different Mods who came from different parts of the globe. They works the hours when many of the “foreigners” entered Gossip Girl or shopped there. These Mods either spoke or understood at least three languages each and had translators.

    If you had come then, your experience would have been different. Can you judge an entire company by one bad time? Can you judge ONE person by one mistake? If we are taught to not stereotype people, then maybe we should not be so quick to be judgmental to one company.

    Warner Brothers is not the only “English only” company in the U.S. Of course there has been debate on this and it is much bigger than just a few Mods. Over all, for safety reasons as well as for communication, many U.S. companies have taken to this policy. Oddly enough, Russian companies have a Russian policy, Italian companies… and so on.

    If you want credibility for your article, come back at different times as well as different SIMS. Do a compare and contrast piece. Try different SIMS (AND GG) at their busy times and down times. One bad experience does not satisfy me as the COMPLETE truth.

    And until you know what it feels like to really not understand the world around you; you do not have empathy to judge by.

  86. I might direct the writer of this blog to the community standards of SL:

    4. Disclosure
    Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Life experience. Sharing personal information about a fellow Resident –including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, and real-world location beyond what is provided by the Resident in the First Life page of their Resident profile is a violation of that Resident’s privacy. Remotely monitoring conversations, *posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.*

    It is curious that he/she is screaming about the fairness and equality that Second Life fosters as a virtual world, yet blatantly violates the very rules set in place by Linden Lab by posting private messages to a public blog.

    But ho hum, to be expected for the knee jerk reactors. I’d like to say aside from that, we maintain a moderated PG sim for English speaking members of our client, the website, an American television website. This is entirely withing the Terms of Service of Second Life and has been a great success. Our community is the largest corporate community in SL and is looking forward to the next phase of continuing as a fan based endeavor.

    Oh, and to one commentator, thank you for checking out our latest project with the U.S. Dept. of State. Though it is an international social network, its terms of service also require all English speaking.

    We welcome all members from across the globe and all cultures and diversity. However, in order to enforce the parameters set by our client, we have to know what people are saying, hence the english only rule.

    Thank you all for your comments, as this sort of dialogue is what makes SL so interesting! And that is enough said from us! :)

  87. Hi Amy, let me deal with that TOS question you apparently have.

    Yes, it is against TOS to repost chat logs “in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.”

    It is not, however against the TOS to do so on a third party site. Which is what Shopping Cart Disco is.

  88. Dusky Jewell says:

    Warner Bros is at fault. No one should be ejected just for speaking a different language.

    You should only eject and ban people when they are insulting your motorcyles in your American owned and operated store openly and in French.


    To all of ya’ll that have been ejected from this sim over the years, I dedicate this to you in sympathetic solidarity:


  89. Amy. you posted:
    *posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.*

    read that again. I will repeat the most important part of that restriction for you:

    in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums

    SCD = not in Second Life and not the Second Life Forums.

  90. Gah Dan I dislike your posty speediness

  91. oh and regardless of it being warner bros rules, the mods handled it very poorly.

  92. sp00ky Graves says:

    Wow I’m impressed by the amount of idiots coming out of the woodwork to defend them, way to go! Are you guys part of the WB Cheer-leading squad or something? Are your pom poms ignorant too? Do you even comprehend the concepts of which Vaalith Jinn, Vye Graves and the Admin speak? I leave you with something in Croatian if you can figure it out……..

    Zacepi i vrati ga u zube!

  93. Oh, and one more point of clarification. The English only speaking is at the direction of our client and we are merely there to enforce the rules. The website is maintained for the North American viewers of the network and the Gossip Girl sims are an extension of that online experience. The CW Network has international affiliates that maintain websites in other languages as well.

    For the most part, despite Dancien’s rather acerbic methods, I truly believe this is a wonderful discussion for the SL community. While I understand CW Network’s decision to remain English speaking (a complex decision involving legal, licensing, and branding issues), I will definitely encourage our next corporate client entering into Second Life to think broadly about the use of all languages, if they in fact can overcome barriers faced by The CW. But alas, the Gossip Girl sims are set to close after an unbelievable and unprecedented run for almost two years. And I unabashedly applaud Warner Bros. and The CW Network for all their time and commitment spent on this amazing project.

    And I wouldn’t rest laurels on posting conversation logs “in Second Life”. That has been determined to be conversation of origin, not place of posting. Sorry, my lawyer hat on momentarily. Normally I don’t give a wit and freely give permission to disseminate my private conversations, but in this case, I was not approached, nor was anybody from my company approached about permission to do so. I probably would have said yes, and would have freely spoken if Dancien wanted to interview me. I know, I know, that isn’t as sensational. Next time Dancien. 😉

    Again, thanks for the spirited discussion all and I look forward to seeing you all around the grid!

  94. A Nony Mouse says:

    Amy, how come your group does not wear translation HUDs, or offer them at your sims so that non-English speakers can abide by your rules?

    PrincessTJ, perhaps I don’t get out much, but I have never been kicked or banned from anyplace in SL for speaking English. Nor have I ever been advised that “this sim is a (insert non-English language), please speak (insert non-English language) or use a translator.” And I’ve been plenty of places where the primary language was not English.

  95. Amy, You can post the ToS all you want, because yes, it’s their sim and they are within their right to exercise discretion. HOWEVER, this is Warner Brothers we’re talking about. A company with worldwide distribution. Discriminating against the foreign community like that is really damning.

  96. FYI, I tried to speak to Zither Fall last night and she directed me to the owners. She refused to acknowledge me after that. I was speaking English at the time, btw. 😀

  97. I like it when people pull out rules of the United States as though they are applicable across the earth.

    Yeah, Ahem, Vye…….all those amendments and such.

    Really, they’re just ours doll. I think they’re swell. I wish everyone abided by them. But, the grid isn’t a COUNTRY. It doesn’t have an elected goverment of by the people by the people for the people.

    It’s at best a benevolent dictatorship, with benevolence not necessarily being a given.

    And yeah, they can do what they want. Should they? Debatable. I personally disagree with it……..but I am required morally to agree with their fundamental right to. I know someone who bans people who don’t carry weapons on his sim.

    His sandbox. You must play by his rules.

    That is how it works.

    The ethos that the United States Government was founded on really isn’t applicable to this situation. But thanks for playing.

  98. PrincessTJ says:

    A Nony Mouse:

    I had this experience in a German sim. I only used Russian as an example.

    I also went to a Spanish sim, but ended up leaving to find one more suited to my language of choice.

    It’s wonderful that SL has places for ALL.

  99. and you know what I mean
    of the people by the people for the people etc.

    I was typing mad.

  100. Wow is the Amy Pritchard leaving comments here the same Amy Pritchard that’s CEO of the Metaverse Mod Squad company and a self-proclaimed attorney?

    The Mod Squad. Management.
    Amy Pritchard
    Chief Executive Officer

    As Founder and CEO of Metaverse Mod Squad, Amy is the company’s visionary and strategist with unbridled enthusiasm for the vast opportunities of virtual worlds.

    With her background in moderation of online communities, Amy has been instrumental in the study and implementation of chat rooms, message boards and broad virtual world platforms. After contracting for several years as a moderator for network studio message boards, she started a consulting firm specializing in the social and legal issues unique to online communities and virtual worlds, particularly children’s issues, combining her legal background and community experience for the benefit of her clients.

    Later she founded Metaverse Mod Squad to provide staffing, content moderation, and community management in virtual worlds, and the company currently contracts with moderators worldwide.

    Previously, Amy was the Director of After School Programs at the Waldorf Elementary School in Santa Barbara. After graduating from law school, she worked as an attorney in commercial litigation for over 10 years. She served as an associate at the Los Angeles law firm of Winterbotham, Parham, Teeple & Marchisotto, PC, in-house counsel for the Sacramento financial firm of NCA, Financial, Inc., and then co-founded the law firm of Hughes & Pritchard, LLP in January 2004.

  101. Does this make her a SLebrity?

  102. Internet lawyer. A real lawyer would have looked at that TOS and went “Ohhhhh”

  103. Dusky Jewell says:

    Interesting Beanie, and her word is the last word from her camp.

  104. GGplayer says:

    Well as a player with the GossipGirl last name I can tell you that I have been banned from places just for having that as a last name. I do not hang out in the said sims much anymore and haven’t for a while. I do find it hugely disrespectful for anyone to be banned or ejected for simple reasons as this.

    Maybe if everyone would attempt to communicate in every way possibly available things like this could be avoided. Seems like no one here who was part of the non-English speakers as well as the mods did much at attempting to make sure what was saying was clear to anyone and everyone speaking.

    I did notice that there were comments made afterward about how so-and-so was just banned for not speaking in English, and then people proceeded to use profanity to make their point clear that they didn’t like this. Isn’t that part of the rules they try so hard to enforce?

    Maybe if all of the world would stop with the abounds of ignorance things like this wouldn’t happen. Unfortunately i don’t likely see this happening till many many years after i am no longer alive.

  105. I love Internet Lawyers. They are delicious with a side of fries.

  106. GGplayer says:

    Also as a side note isn’t riposting anything about anyone without their consent even outside SL not an intelligent thing to do as said parties can use this in a deformation of character lawsuit?

  107. Dusky Jewell says:

    My alt will be owning land in Zindra. I do plan on ejecting and banning child avatars on sight from my public property. That will be seen as discriminatory as ejecting for language, and last name. But, I don’t care, the child avatars can e– wait a minute–they can just go back to PG mainland.

  108. GGplayer says:

    sorry reposting*

  109. Dusky Jewell says:

    If I had a nickel for everytime someone mentioned lawsuit on the net, GGplayer, I would be dead from suffocation.

  110. GGplayer says:

    I’ve been in SL for a little over two and a half years. I have many alts. The only alt I ever have issues with being on is my GG alt. I can not tell you how many times I have been in a store and heard “another fuckin GG they are taking over sl i wish someone would get rid of them all” or something to that effect. Is this not discrimination?

    Also my avie is just under 6 feet in sl which by standards shown on the grid is much shorter than most avies. Is it wrong to want to make an avatar in a likeness to yourself even if it seems to others it is a child avie? I do not go around speaking like a child shouting “where’s my mommy?” So this means we now discriminate on size alone? Does that mean we should start discriminating on people who wear tiny avatars too? There are too many arguments to be made here and not enough intelligence backing them up.

  111. Elizabeth says:

    Its a difficult situation when it comes to venues and sims that attracts speakers using a variety of different languages. Let me preface this by saying I do not EVER condone the sim banning people for refusing to speak English ever. But I do have a very close German friend who ran very popular electronic club for sometime in SL. His “rule” was in public chat please use English. The primary reason is that electronic clubs attract a broad spectrum of nationalities. At any given moment the club could have a several Germans, Dutch, French, Spanish, Japanese and English speaking British and North Americans. The reality is English is really an international language now and he knew that if everyone spoke English, most could participate in the chat. There was a group of German girls who we all knew and spoke excellent English that refused to comply but he did not ban them. He would gently ask them, please speak german in IM or in Private Group Chat so others don’t feel excluded. Eventually they came around and became a part of the “family” we had developed in the club.

    Maybe if WB took that approach vs “we just want it this way cause we are a US based company”, perhaps they wouldn’t have the issues they have now.

  112. Dusky Jewell says:

    GGplayer – Not everyone identifies child avatars based on slider height. Usually child avatars are very detailed at looking like children and roleplaying as such, not to mention they identify themselves as child avatars in their profiles. I don’t see them often, but since Linden Labs has sided with the “kids” as it pertains to Zindra, I am being a prejudiced bitch in regards to “kids” on my adult rated sim.

  113. Vye Graves says:


    “I like it when people pull out rules of the United States as though they are applicable across the earth.”

    Where did the casinos go again? The banks? They don’t have to apply all over the earth, just where the servers are. And the ToS that requires us to accept diversity and practice cultural sensitivity, yadda yadda. I don’t see how ejecting anyone who doesn’t speak english this fits with that at all.

    No one is saying a private sim can’t do what it likes, but you don’t INVITE the general public and then start barring the door to specific parties based on these criteria. Whether or not our rights will extend to the virtual world, as I said, remains to be seen, but it will be a sadder world if they don’t.

    …And to the officious person above who commands the inarticulate people in creepy uniforms (didn’t that outfit come with a nightstick?), It’s YOUR policy, not the clients, that’s confirmed at this point.

    I think it is pretty obvious that US state department events aren’t English only. You do know what they do, right? The idea that our diplomatic face to the world would eject non-english speakers? I am sitting here chuckling over that one. I think I will email Hillary if you actually HAVE such a project.

    I have already contacted Time Warner, and I intend to contact the client every time I am aware of this happening. SL enjoys numerous user blogs and we often get great attention from the RL media. If they want to be the virtual filth then their clients need to share the shame.

    Stop for a moment and think of the people in the fashion community who only speak Japanese, and the many others who are very limited in English skills. How would we feel seeing them tossed out of events? People shouldn’t make money being silly twats, well, other than SCD staff.

  114. Elizabeth says:

    @Dusky – Wait, they are allowing child avis on the adult rated sim? Am I reading this right?

  115. Wait! Whoa whoa whooaaaaaaaa!

    We get to make money here?

    Why the fuck did I not get this memo?

    *goes to look for Tenshi*

  116. sp00ky Graves says:

    Ummmm yer doing it wrong GG.

    “Also my avie is just under 6 feet in SL which by standards shown on the grid is much shorter than most avies. Is it wrong to want to make an avatar in a likeness to yourself even if it seems to others it is a child avie?”

    They were CHILD AV”S! In their profiles they were members of tiny groups and they were wearing tiny clothes…….. Get the point already. This wasn’t just someone deciding they were tiny’s just because they were short. If you didnt have tiny stuff on, or membership in tiny groups, he wasn’t even talking about you…..

    Dan and I also know how much shit someone gets from having an av that isn’t 12 feet tall. almost every girl i see out shopping dwarfs me. and we have our av’s set to our rl size too (6’2″ and 6’3″.)

    Now on to Oliver Wickentower……..

    “It’s not a bad thing for you to join in, but telling your readers to fuck off is irresponsible and highly hypocritical.”

    In this case, Hypocritical would be banning you and not letting you speak at all…….Telling you to shut your dirty whore mouth, while not physically preventing you from sharing your opinion is a different animal entirely so ermmmm fuck off.

  117. GGplayer says:

    I completely understand that. However some of my friends and I who are “shorter” avies have been classified as children when we have nothing on us detailing us as such, neither in our profile or on our person. I for one see no need to have any sort of children or childsplay in SL. It is an adult place and I am there for the simple reason to not have to deal with children. I am an adult woman who occasionally needs an sanity escape to another reality. This still does not change the fact that i have been banned or ejected from stores or other places for being “to short” or having the wrong last name apparently.

  118. GGplayer says:

    Maybe it’s just how i feel but is it really all that important to attack people for their opinions? I never said he said anything about me directly. I am not missing the point. I just don’t have tunnel vision.

    A lot of this post just proves the human race as a fail not one particular culture of another. No one is perfect and there is no race, culture, ethnicity that is better than another.

    Maybe you all just need to grow up instead of acting like petty high school bitches.

  119. Vye Graves says:

    Elizabeth, that’s the plan. If you can make sense out of it, feel free, because it is all a bunch of crap to me.

    “9) Are child avatars allowed on Adult land? Child avatars are allowed on adult land as long as they are account verified like any other Resident. Those choosing to represent themselves with a child avatar do not represent a minor as the account holder. Not all adult land is going to be hosting adult content either. There is plenty of protected land on Zindra that will technically be adult but safe in terms of content. This however does not change any prior policies regarding child avatars. Sexual ageplay is not allowed anywhere on the grid, regardless of rating.”

  120. I’d just like to say, I love how the blog is refusing to let me post the SL rules that are broken here, way to go.

  121. Oliver Wickentower says:

    No, spooky, that’s not being hypocritical. That’s just being more scared and intimidated by rational thought than you already are. Not one of my actual points has actually been addressed, you just keep posting reactionary bullshit.

    I am absolutely astounded that you knuckleheads are are trying to pass yourselves off as writers when you’re even worse than the people commenting on your articles!

    Maybe you and Dan can stop sucking each other off for two seconds so you can come up with something other than “fuck off.” :)

  122. Oliver, thank you for the extra hit.

    Khai, lemme check sometimes our spam filter goes nuts.

  123. Elizabeth says:

    @Vye – LOL I don’t think I can makes sense of it. You see I have talked to a few child avis and I was led to believe that the point of having a child avi was to relive childhood or work through some issues stemming from a less than ideal childhood. Ok so I had a pretty good childhood but I don’t recall that it was healthy or ideal to spend time as a child in an adult oriented venue. So I guess I am confused now LOL.

  124. Vye,
    I didn’t say I think that they were RIGHT for what they were doing.

    Just to be clear. I disagree with them. I just think that this situation differs from the banks and the casinos – mainly bcse the FTC can’t get their panties in a bunch about it which was one domino in the banks and casinos issue.

    And good lord Dan and Spooky you got Oliver in a snit he just said “sucking each other off”………what sort of journalistic phrase is THAT?

    Ok I’m bored with this one.

    What is the next drama?

  125. Hey I just got caught in the spam filter! WHEEE!

  126. My comment prior didn’t post.

    I’m bored, as stated previously, next drama please.

    I thought Iris had a good one for us.

  127. sp00ky Graves says:

    um im not a writer Oliver, and as far as the sucking off thing, just be patient baby, you can have your turn soon since you’re getting all jealous. it’s so cute when you beg…

  128. Vye Graves says:

    Am I the only one that caught the irony of her claiming a US State Department virtual event would eject non-english speakers? I am still sitting here laughing at the idea of that.

    “ShimonPERES Gossipgirl: Shalom!!”

    BAM!! Ejected!! U NEED 2 TALK INGLISH 4RLZ!!! Hillary sez so!!

  129. sp00ky Graves says:

    lol Vye

  130. I will totally go to any event that shimonperes gossipgirl shows up to.

    And hey this whole comment thread just got all homo-erotic.

    Go on sp00ky………tell us more ……..

  131. sp00ky Graves says:

    Well there was this one night Oliver was being real pushy, I tried to tell him to take it easy since I kinda wrecked his throat….but we know how he gets when he’s all riled up. Anyways, he started complaining that it was only either myself or just Dan that were puffing him out and he wanted both of us this time. Lets just say the paramedics were involved and his hospital bills were through the roof. I still have no clue how we broke the toilet though…..

  132. I think I just died a little bit inside.

  133. sp00ky Graves says:

    Well it seems Oliver wants someone to adress his original comment, sorry i was so uncouth Oliver. lets try this.

    “A few things disturb me about this article. For one, the whole blog seems bent on attacking the Metaverse Mod Squad. That company is hired by Warner Bros. to enforce the rules of the sim that Warner
    Bros. has laid down, regardless of their own personal beliefs about it. They are merely following the rules since, you know, their jobs depend on it.”

    Well just because you feel he was attacking the Mod Squad doesn’t make it so. Their actions were the only ones that had examples to use since WB doesnt have their own mods. he was attacking WB and their policies as the title suggested jackass.

    “Secondly, as a journalist, this is absolute crap journalism. The writer has already made a conclusion about the issue. Instead of contacting a few different sources to make a well-rounded story or even an argument, they went to the sim and essentially griefed the mods that were there. The writer was spamming in Russian and harassing the people that are paid to work there.”

    Ok. (Sighs) As a Journalist which you call yourself it is your right to take offense to crap journalism. The funny thing is, Dan doesn’t claim to be a journalist! way to keep racking up the jackass points!

    “Sure, I think that any language should be allowed no matter where you go in a sim. If you were really

    upset about it, the thing to do would be to contact Warner Bros. and share your concerns.”

    Wheres the fun in that jackass?

    “On top of that, learn how to write. This isn’t even an article, just a random mash of chat logs and a few pointed comments at the bottom. If you really want to persuade people, paraphrase what was said, include important quotes, and create a compelling argument. This is a pretty pathetic attempt at writing and/or journalism.”

    Wow, well said Mr. Pointed Comments, i mean um journalist. It helps to not do it the same way when you tell someone they’re doing it wrong. Ok, as your prize for winning all those jackass points you get….. *digs in the medical waste container* this nice tasty bag of dicks to eat!

  134. Turbo Zipper says:

    I found this converstaion which took place in the GG Courtyard in my log.

    [2008/06/07 11:38] Elikapeka Yokosuka: lyre can speak german?
    [2008/06/07 11:38] You: es machts nichts
    [2008/06/07 11:38] IM: Lyre Fall: Na schön, hier also meine im in deutsch damit dir nicht langweilig wird
    [2008/06/07 11:38] Lauryn Arado: oohhh
    [2008/06/07 11:38] Kristy161 Carling: what?
    [2008/06/07 11:38] Harmonium Fall: Everyone send more in many languages
    [2008/06/07 11:38] Kristy161 Carling: lol
    [2008/06/07 11:38] Elikapeka Yokosuka: send to who?
    [2008/06/07 11:38] Lauryn Arado: looks confused
    [2008/06/07 11:38] IM: Lyre Fall: was soll ich nur schreiben, mir fällt ja gar nichts ein…
    [2008/06/07 11:38] Harmonium Fall: Turbo!
    [2008/06/07 11:38] Kristy161 Carling: send what?
    [2008/06/07 11:38] Elikapeka Yokosuka: oh
    [2008/06/07 11:38] Jaysen Katscher: Si, mes entiendo Espanol
    [2008/06/07 11:38] Kristy161 Carling IS confused
    [2008/06/07 11:38] Harmonium Fall: IM Turbo!
    [2008/06/07 11:38] Agamimnon Carter is Online
    [2008/06/07 11:38] IM: Lyre Fall: aber das lesen beschäftigt dich wenigstens
    [2008/06/07 11:39] Harmonium Fall: Jay IM me!!! 😉
    [2008/06/07 11:39] IM: Elikapeka Yokosuka: you suck
    [2008/06/07 11:39] Harmonium Fall: hihihhi
    [2008/06/07 11:39] Lauryn Arado: yo también entiendo español
    [2008/06/07 11:39] Olive GossipGirl: Je parle francais un peu
    [2008/06/07 11:39] VanessBalonjo GossipGirl: hahahahahah Harm! ~Dies laughing~
    [2008/06/07 11:39] Harmonium Fall: take htose languages to Turbo..test his mind
    [2008/06/07 11:39] Lauryn Arado: et je comprends français aussi
    [2008/06/07 11:39] You: OMG you are burying me, Lyre

    Seems the Moderators, in this case Lyre and Harmonium, aren’t required to adhere to the “English Only” policy. “Boo” at the double standards. “English Only” seems to apply only when the Moderator doesn’t understand you. Thumbs-Up to the Mods who embraced diversity and Thumbs-Down to the companies double-standard.

  135. Sharron Schuman says:

    Thank you all for this thread. I haven’t had so much fun reading a blog thread in some time.

  136. Liliana Barrs says:

    Ya I know that conv is closed and you’re all talkin about other things already, but … cause I read that and had to laugh a bit :)

    By Chillatrix: Um..Kaye…that number was given too. If you looked. :) 269.2 still sign in per day as opposed to the next one under it being in the 70s. Big difference.
    No, it says not that 269.2 people log in every day with that name. It’s stated that 269.2 (now 267.0) people registered daily with that name since it is offered to register with. Just take your calculator and type 163961 and 614 active days in :)

    So, yes I was bored and read that and had to answer, kthxbai 😛

  137. “They were CHILD AV”S! In their profiles they were members of tiny groups and they were wearing tiny clothes…….. Get the point already. This wasn’t just someone deciding they were tiny’s just because they were short. If you didnt have tiny stuff on, or membership in tiny groups, he wasn’t even talking about you…..”

    You have no clue what you are talking about .. I am standing in thee above picture. I am not a child avi, look nothing like a child avi.. and here is a screen shot of my profile…

    If I wasn’t such a lady. I’d tell you to fuck off with your generalized statements. 😀

  138. ::bangs head on desk::
    When I signed up for SL, I thought it was just an online sims. I signed up through the WB’s GossipGirl website and thus have the last name of GossipGirl. This has been the case for many who entered SL through the GossipGirl sims. Many do not stick around, due to the ridiculous rules in the SIM and not realizing that SL is a huge world. So, saying the name is so popular and there are tons of us is actually crap.

    Luckily, I quickly figured out that SL was a whole world to explore. This is what kept me around iSL. To this day, I still hate the last name GossipGirl, due to the stigmatism often associated with it. However, I am too attached to my avi to create a new primary character (and my inventory!).

    As for the sim itself, it is a PG sim, though totally run as if it was G rated. When I still actually spent time in the sim, I was kicked out for clothing (I remember a beach themed party where bathing suits were asked to be “modest”) as well as cursing (STFU to be exact). While they did give warnings, it was still ridiculous. Especially, considering the fact that the show itself features teenage drinking, drug use, sex and profanity.

    As for the sim closing, no it is not common knowledge. Not everyone has heard of the sim, so not everyone is expected to know, or care for that matter, that it is closing. The only reason I knew it was closing was because a mod actually dropped a notecard on me. Also, the sim does not have a website on the feeds that announces this information.

    Anyway, though that it a bunch a rambling, I feel better to get my two cents out.

  139. hey just for fun, I found this on the modsquads website………hee!
    The Mod Squad. About. The last bullet is the money shot.

    Avatar Staffing • Community Management • Brand Protection • Events • Child Safety • Moderation• Customer Service • Consulting

    Metaverse Mod Squad is the premier moderation and customer support solution for virtual worlds, MMOs and traditional online communities. Since 1994, our professionals have worked with marquee brands like Warner Bros., The CW Network, and Harry Potter.

    • Founded by attorneys and community professionals with established backgrounds in the social and legal aspects of safety, community management and brand protection.

    • Formed to address the specific community and support needs of virtual worlds and MMOs, while also managing traditional online content and communities.

    • Moderators and managers are carefully recruited and trained professionals from around the world.

    • We are able to provide smart, specialized, level-headed, multi-lingual, highly trusted, and fun individuals at an affordable cost to our clients.

    Areas of service include:

    Virtual Worlds and MMOs
    Traditional Online Communities and Content
    High-Level Consulting

  140. Myrica J says:

    I suspect that the ModSquad is not only obliged to defend the decency standards they have been issued, but also may derive real pleasure from that power to eject. I know people with My Way Or The Highway syndrome, their worlds are fragile, their children are silently screaming. Such exist across the virtual world, from “safe” teen sims to BDSM parlors. How satisfying when an offender both complies and requests readmission! Further, the Upper East Side NOKD attitude fosters hypocrisy, alienation, and intolerance.

    This taken from another blog (
    Posted by: Larry the Cucumber | January 07, 2008 at 10:32 PM

    I went there out of idle curiosity, knowing nothing about the TV series or the books, and had the strange experience of being told, while wearing a turtleneck sweater and jeans, that my prim breasts made me non-PG, as I stood in a branch of Dragonfly Designs where among the items on sale was a very skimpy outfit–I’m not sure whether the intent was to look like leather or latex–with the model in, among other poses, a BDSM pose.

  141. sp00ky Graves says:

    Dear Kissy, I hate to ruin your day by telling you that you weren’t the focus of the photo, but since you weren’t the only one in the pic and the pic wasn’t even necessarily the focus of the tiny comment, please see the last sentence of the quote you posted and obviously didn’t read. Thank you, have a nice day.

  142. OK, a couple questions come to mind…

    1) If these Mod dudez can’t type worth sh*t, how do they expect anyone’s HUD to work?
    2) If they’re worried about maintaining PG in other languages, maybe they should just grow up… I get the impression that most speakers of other languages have.
    3) Is LOLspeak allowed?
    4) Is there a LOL/english HUD?
    5) Did they ever say if kindergarten was a banned word?

    I’m glad they’re leaving if this is their view, and I hope the stink raised keeps others from banning other languages. I hope if they ever dub Gossip girl tv show into other languages, that their FAIL becomes epic.

  143. jaynine Scarborough says:

    I want to say that i certainly did not go to the Gossip Girl Sim in order to be greifing there. As you can read i was going there in order to ask who is deciding on a matter like that. I don t think merely polemic behaviour from any of the sides now does help the discussion. I passed on the information to friends because it was for the very first time that I have heard about such a rule. I generally accept any kind of rules from any sims, but I was wondering if a person who speaks no english and comes to a publically announced concert from a company who sells its films into all parts of the world has the chance to understand that rule and still feels welcome there. there was no entrance announcement or notecard being given that prepares a person for that rule. For those of you who do not speak german, the german conversation was a very polite introducing of two people who just met. I went there and asked about the issue and i told the person that i put the text on a notecard and she did not say she would not want that (i did not cut anything out of the conversation). I passed the text of that conversation to friends who passed it to Dancien. we have never met before. dancien chose his own way and behaviour. His own perspective of the matter. So have I. I do appreciate that this topic causes a discssion. I am not here to blame WArner but i would like to ask WArner if they had considered the consequences of such a rule or simply invented that rule for other purposes without considering the offense they might create. I think the idea of secondlife is to give a lot of space and freedom to peoples perspectives, to connect people from all over the world. And i would enjoy if we could discuss the matter with arguments more than insults.

  144. Noodles says:

    And all this will soon be gone … sigh
    I like the black trench coats of the Mod Squad … reminds me of something

  145. Dusky Jewell says:

    Sounds like the GossipGirl sim is anti-Dusky, and if I had ever visited I would have been ejected guaranteed. Too bad you can’t transfer items between avatars linked to one account.

    I thought GossipGirl was a stupid last name when I first saw it, ignorant to the television show..although that name fits my ass to a fucking T. Well, not really, I can keep a secret, but I am a dramazwhore. My name also fits, since I am a JimMorrison’swhore. Heh.

  146. don’t look at the video noodles posted! it’s like a bad memory of my noob days chronicaled!

  147. Lol*blogs* says:

    are we all grown-ups here…..lets just say it was a rule you were told to stop doing whatever it was ….and you didnt………get over it and move on … it closing….oh and for you information …it is a translated(or shall i say dud into other languages)

  148. Lol*blogs* says:

    dub even

  149. Myrica J says:

    этот кролик все еще имеет ее кабель!

  150. dinamite Kidd says:

    I am Japanese.
    I reported this fact to Japanese Secondlife SNS last night.
    Most of Japanese people can not understand english comversation well.
    Our language have very different grammer…this mean, sometime translator does not work well and makes us misunderstanding.
    I hate to use translater for Japanese…

    Anyway…I think Warner Bros is international company.
    We have more than 60 of multiplex and Mega-plex movie theaters in Japan.

    If Warner Brothers have asked sim managers to keep the sims English, it is very bad promotion for people from other countries in SL.
    I can not believe it.

  151. dinamite Kidd says:

    Yes j9!!

    the idea of secondlife is to give a lot of space and freedom to peoples perspectives, to connect people from all over the world.

    This is why I want to be in SL world!

  152. If WB wants to monitor for content, they should pay for the services of moderators who speak other languages rather than inconvenience others who are perfectly happy to abide by content rules but simply want to be able to communicate effectively whilst enjoying the sims.

    WB presence in SL is part of a broader promotional stratgey and people should not have to go to the trouble of speaking a second language in order to have the dubious privilege of being a captive audience for WB advertising.

    This just shows that Warner Brothers is too lazy and penny-pinching to give due respect to other cultures and seriously needs to get into the modern world or GET OUT OF SL!! And we should all be posting complaints to them directly.

  153. I want to run around calling myself “Vince King of the Mods” — Do I detect a Mighty Boosh reference? You get +100 pts for that one.

    The xenophobia seemingly at work here is really disappointing in 2009. We’ve become a global society but some groups are clinging desperately to their separateness and trying to force everyone else to conform to their outdated policies.

  154. Myndi Meredith says:

    okay… So I dont usually post replies to blogs, but this particular one kinda fried my ass. i pose a scenario for Warner Brothers…. Stop translating/making movies and or TV Shows in any other language but english…. see if u can still sustain as the conglomerate that you are currently allowing various people speaking various languages to enjoy your various forms of entertainment…
    the Minute Warner brothers canned Veronica Mars they were on my shit list… now they are even shittier
    thanks for bringing this to light… SCD is soooo my guilty pleasure :)

  155. I am still just stunned that ‘Milan’ claims to be American and is running around banning non-English speakers when their own English is barely intelligible…

  156. @Theodore Yes, yes it was. And now I am listening to The Mod Wolves song.

  157. Jordan Whitt says:

    What language was Milan MetaverseModSquad typing and where can I get a translator?

  158. I am torn. On the one hand, I detest the idea of putting money into WB’s coffers if they are going to treat people in this fashion.

    On the other hand, the new Harry Potter movie comes out in 3 weeks.

    I’m afraid Harry wins, but I’m still irritated at WB.


  159. Now this story at first glance might seem, like a nothing story, but digs deep into the heart of what the VW platform should be, I and a few others I suspect would have heard Philips speech when he spoke about going to a Japanese sim and conversing there with his translator, pointing out the future of his dream.

    I have no idea who made the policy up, if Warner’s, they need a mind adjustment, on why they are in virtual worlds, if the hosts then sorry Amy, you have missed the whole point of this creation we all work on.

  160. Chakalak SKall says:

    To switch to a different language when you can is a question of politeness. With my german friends we do it when english speakers are around that they can understand us.
    However, WB would have been doing better to hire some multi language speaking mods to watch the chat for PG violations. That’s a better way of dealing with a worldwide community than to restrict chat to one language alone.

    It’s hardly imaginable to me to ban english speakers from a german community just for chatting in their language. It’s definately discrimination! They were beeing banned not for WHAT they said but HOW (in what language) they did it. That’s a kind of racism by WB?! Nice to see some native english speakers having concerns about this!
    However, the moderation of this blog seems quite rude to me.

    FUCK OFF y’all!! (do you really want this?)

  161. Ohbrother says:

    Legally they must understand what is being said.

    And bottom line the land owners set the rules.

  162. @ Ohbrother “Legally they must understand etc…”

    Then they should wear translator HUDs, not eject people because of their own ignorance.

    Whether or not the land owners have any right to set such an abhorrent rule is irrelevant. It’s just plain wrong.

  163. Woah drama… I don’t have the last name off GG, but I visited the place often enough. Big fan of the show. Sure there are rules but its fun too!

    MODs are there for a reason and they do their job well. Its as Ohbrother just said, they need to understand what’s being said, and its a PG SIM after all. Anyway this is too little too late, as WB are withdrawing their ad campaign in SL. I’ve personally never come across a person being ejected for being a German or Brazilian. Speaking the language of course is another matter entirely in public chat, or group IMs.

    From the experience of being a host in different clubs, I know whether you have a translator or not, still makes it difficult to monitor the crowds and still let them have fun. Its a fine balance, and they have done well.

    They have followed the rules set out to them by the land owners.

    Those who thrill at over-riding rules, you’re welcome to do that in a Mature SIM!

  164. Vye Graves says:

    Do you kids really, really believe in 2009, someone at Warner Brothers has a rule that people can’t speak other languages on their sims? That the US State Department would, like the goofball above says?They are SL for the PR benefits in the first place, and then emulate hateful cultural supremacists?

    It takes a serious lack of couth to eject someone for this. Frankly, from the social and language skills displayed in the logs, they have no business moderating anything. It’s seems obvious from where this policy springs, given the attitude displayed by their boss in this discussion.

    This is a bunch of people in jackboots and little black dreSSes getting off on being the filth. Anyone who would be rude just because a guest can’t speak English doesn’t deserve to be in the virtual world, or business ANYWHERE, at all. It takes a bit more humanity.

    Imagine them doing this to children in the other virtual worlds these people moderate. Imagine the image that leaves in their young minds about American culture. It’s even sadder that there’s a handful of naybobs here to excuse it.

  165. @ Vye

    After my initial reaction yesterday, and thinking this situation over, I do question whether WB actually instituted policies in their sims that people could speak only English, and that those who spoke any language other than English were to be ejected by the mods.

    I think it may be that Metaverse Mod Squad came up with this bonehead means of dealing with their perceived inability to meet WB’s requirement for maintaining a PG environment in an international venue.

    I don’t by any stretch imply that WB is not responsible for what’s gone on in their sims. If they were not aware of what the mods were doing, they *should* have been, and stopped it.

  166. Catnapkitty says:

    I was looking at the ‘how often the name was used’ part of the comments above.

    1. The name -IS/WAS- available on the general list, and globally too. During the last month I’ve made an alt from each of an Italian site, a Chinese one, and a Japanese one (I was looking for just the right name, and it took a few alts and name hunting to get it). On all of those GossipGirl was there. I also made an alt on the site, and GossipGirl Was there as well…

    2. IF the popularity of the name -was- driven by the show, that is all the -MORE- reason that the Sim needed to be tolerant of non-Anglos. First, Second Life is a global community, and second, WB has a global presence. There is -NO EXCUSE- for what happened here.

  167. Anastasia Trefusis says:

    Sadly the GG sims are closing so we can’t all go flood the place with a ton of avs speaking different languages.

    Given the subject matter of the GossipGirl TV show, I would think promiscuity, underage drinking, profanity and rule breaking would a prerequisite!

    I guess it explains the sims closing, as PG sims, with decency in dress rules and behaviour rules isn’t really a very good promotion for a show that promotes the opposite.

  168. New Headline:

    Shopping Cart Disco Outs Ugly Toon Corp Truth! Toon Corp Kills Toon Sim!

  169. Bavid Dailey says:
  170. dinamite Kidd says:

    GG sims are opening now.

  171. Razzi Rockett says:

    Well now, it seems that since I worked for Metaverse Modsquad at GG as both a dj and a moderator for their WB sim…and since I worked at IAL sim (another WB sim) as a moderator, I believe I have the right and the knowledge to compare. I worked for the Electric Sheep Company at IAL and for Metaverse Modsquad at GG. Suffice to say, ESC went by LL’s TOS and no one gave a rat’s ass about what language was spoken there and WB never said a word about preferring the English language only. Translators are freely available. Also, being a mod requires the filing of abuse reports on griefers and minors, amongst other things. I did my share of those on both jobs. Never seemed to get any grief about it when I worked WB sims and other corporate sims for ESC but caught hell for filing AR’s at GG and for trying to keep underage players out of SL. The mods who were ejecting due to people not speaking English are following rules that are laid down by the MMS company and not by Warner Brothers. Pity they don’t follow LL’s TOS and that’s only one of the reasons I quit working for MMS. I’m almost certain I’ll be trashed for spilling the beans but right is right and MMS is wrong. If you want to place blame, it likely belongs on MMS rather than Warner Brothers. MMS makes up their own rules and expects their employees to go against TOS. Sorry but no can do.


  172. Calamity Hathaway says:

    While I worked as an MMS moderator at the GG sims, I took it upon myself to wear a translation HUD because of the large number of visitors who did not speak English. It was a matter of daily routine when I worked as a moderator on other corporate sims including CSI-NY for CBS via the Electric Sheep Company, and it’s a very enjoyable part of these types of jobs. At GG, I had conversations in Spanish, Polish, French and German. I was never told not to use a translator, and I was never told to tell people to speak English only. This is news to me. I find it hard to believe that a corporation as powerful as WB with its own marketing and legal departments would endorse an English-only rule simply because of the damage it could do to the image of the corporation. Bad PR move. I am left with the conclusion that English-only had to have been a local management decision by MMS that WB was not privy to. I resigned from MMS because I did not approve of what I preceived to be unethical management practices involving the treatment of a few fellow employees. But, had I been told to enforce an English only rule among GG visitors, I would have listed that at the top of the other issues I put in my letter of resignation. I would like to hear an official statement from a WB or CW spokesman on this. Did they or did they not ask MMS to use an English only rule on the GG sims?

  173. Artec Alsop says:

    Well… You can speak English and understand what the staff says, you decided igonorethe local rule and cause problems.

    if u dont work with thi rule, you could go away.

    i am wondering what you wanted…. could be just cause troubles…lol

  174. Lunata Lupino says:

    Hello all,
    since that evening i calmed down now and follow your discussion with interest.
    I didn’t expect, that this accident would make such waves.

    First of all, thank you for your support and that you made the effort
    in spending your time to write down your thoughts.

    In this thread were made some assumptions which i would like to reply
    because indirectly was speculated about me.

    Dancien, you made me smile in all my anger with your fast and unprepared Borat-like-action.
    Ok, it wasn’t a subtle way – what some writers complain here,
    but if you are in a hurry and upset, don’t they follow their first intentions too?

    And i don’t believe you wanted to grief a special SIM because you *just don’t like it*,
    neither that you have been bored and needed something to write about.

    You chose an exceptional and illustrative way.

    It seems to me, you felt the same like other political sensitive people do:
    Something evil is going on here which might easily effect all of us, if we let it grow.

  175. Lunata Lupino says:

    Towards Amy Pritchard who wrote:

    *It is curious that he/she is screaming about the fairness and equality
    that Second Life fosters as a virtual world ….*

    Don’t be worried about me, I didn’t scream, neither at home nor in public,
    I just shared my “exceptional gossip-girl-SIM-experience* with some friends.

    That this blog comes out of that, i didn’t expect.
    But it shows YOU now, it seems to be a *matter* what happened on that SIM.

    And come on, complaining about passing chatlogs, which show up this hard-to-believe-case?
    First time i meet such a thin-skinned lawyer.

    I took and will also take my freedom in future, telling all friends i know
    what happened to me on this SIM.

    Amy, you seem to be a young American woman.
    Let me explain something to you from my point of view:
    This episode was something where especially Berliners react exceedingly sensitive,
    because we have been taught by the American soldiers and other occupation powers
    NEVER to take ANY order AGAIN which is obviously against free speech and free mind.
    And still we appreciate the support we got after those dark years of paralysis.

    We learned our historical lesson, not to accept the smallest begin of suppression in being different.
    History showed, it begins in small grains, but grows to an huge evil – if nobody stands up.

  176. Lunata Lupino says:

    This your administrator pointed out very clearly, and yes, he is right,
    it has nothing to do if this SIM is closed or not, its the evil,
    that something like that obviously still is/ was accepted.

  177. Lunata Lupino says:

    surfing in the internet i found that the The Mod Squad. Chief Executive Officer
    has been related to a Waldorfschool.
    I am interested if she took the principles of Rudolf Steiner?
    Taking-over a job which provides the suppression of *foreign* languages is
    clearly acting against Steiners ideals which are based on free improvment of body and soul.

  178. Lunata Lupino says:

    Kissy asked:
    * Why would someone who doesn’t speak any English would want to be in the sim ……. makes no sense. *

    Was astonishing to me that you cannot imagine.
    Let me broaden your horizon:
    Several reasons occur immediately (to me),
    because not all what is presented in SecondLife is textbased…

    i would like to give you a few examples:

    – visual and audio crossover experiences
    – a live concert of a good musician, which was public announced
    – visiting the the work of other engaged and skilled 3-D artists and illustrators
    – collecting impressions how other countries display their culture in the SecondLife platform

  179. Lunata Lupino says:

    To all who are annoyed with not-english speakers:

    Not all the time in SL you are willing or able to speak a *foreign* language.
    It is WORK, regardless whether you are practiced or fluent.
    And its annoying for us too that its often simply assumed,
    especially when you see no grain of effort on the *opposite* side.

    For that reason i was really pleased to meet one of the rare exceptions on this
    Cosmic Haystac concert and I tried to reply politely this nice *reaching-hand-gesture*.

    Sometimes also *foreign* users just want to relax and enjoy, without Working.
    Furthermore please think about, for most Europeans its late night on such venues,
    and not everyone of us is able or willing to switch *tacky taky* in foreign languages after a long day.
    Searching in invent for an english-named translator-tool which produces more laughs than sense?
    Sometimes you just want to enjoy the company of friends surrounded by good music and a lazy chit chat.

  180. Lunata Lupino says:

    PrincessTJ asked: *WHY do I expect them to change just for me?*
    I have no answer for your question.

    I never expected anyone to bow his spine in switching only for me to MY language as you pointed out.

    My principle: Short arms, no cookies!

    If i don’t understand, my problem. (No cookies)
    If i am interested to understand, be creative and find a way WITHOUT bothering the other side.

    I didn’t meet ANYBODY here in all that time who demanded that.

    NOT BEFORE i accidently dropped in that girlie-Sim.
    I have to admit, never having heard about that place before, also not about that TV-show.

    So I looked in Wikipedia and now i believe to understand why over there such governesses are needed!
    (avoiding by aim the term *moderator*, which i learned has to have skills
    in moderating and not in just sanctioning)

    Correct me, if i am wrong.
    The target group is suggested to be on a middle teeenage mental status?

    Contradiction, sanity-and-reason not appreciated?
    Otherwise imposing sanctions?
    What an interesting system…

    Poor me, i JUST wanted to listen Cosmic Haystack’s wonderful tunes!
    And not for playing a Kindergarten-Rolegame.

    After my *lesson*, I make a formal apology, not having been immediately conform.
    That such *rules* actually exist i didn’t know.
    Throwing ashes on my head, wearing a hair shirt i whisper humbly begging:
    Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…

  181. Lunata Lupino says:

    my comment to this *welcome in the family* – post of Elizabeth:

    Sorry, but this sounds like the same *animal* to me, it has just a prettier face.
    I believe the comment was meant to be nice, but reading between the lines
    it shows us *foreigners* the mental disposition of the writer.

    ……There was a group of German girls who we all knew and spoke excellent English
    that refused to comply but he did not ban them……..
    …..they came around and became a part of the “family” we had developed in the club….
    end Quote*

    So they have been *brave girls*?

    My first thought was: is that arrogance, ignorance or (what i truly hope) just naivety?!
    Telling us, this episode happened on a German SIM where the owner was polite enough
    to find a common intersection, well knowing from experience,
    english people are seldom able to communicate multilingual.

    Elizabeth’s reflects about some girls who did nothing else what many other people do here.
    They just DO NOT WANT to make any efforts in foreign languages only for pleasing those
    who make a POSITIVE show-off from having NOT learned more than their own language…

    I was remembered on the *good missionaries* stories
    where natives have been *convinced* how to *behave right*

    Prize: becoming a member of the *better* community


    Thanks again to all of you!

    Lunata Lupino waves friendly across the big ocean….

  182. sp00ky Graves says:

    *waves back* Take care Lunata and sorry for the way you were treated. Hopefully the world knows that people like the ones at WB who would have you change your culture and or language so they can remain lazy don’t speak for all of us.

  183. News from the Mod Squad …

    Basically saying: Why on earth would someone not want to speak english if someone who is speaking english is around (I’d file that condescending remark under: ignorance)
    And: If we don’t eject people someone else would be hired and eject them (This goes in: utter stupidity, and we have all heared the phrase “I was just following orders”)
    If this statement wouldn’t be so delusional on what the actual problem is here i would call it ‘very terrifying’ how they define their job.

    • This was my comment to the Mod Squad's blog entry.. it's being moderated; let's see if it gets approved.

      @ Amy Pritchard

      I honestly think you bungled this one up pretty badly. I think you damaged the WB brand rather than promote it, a huge mea culpa for WB and your company. For your information “English” is not the official language of the US. There is no “official” language and if you travel to places like New York City or even Miami; you will hear the language of many different countries being spoken even “here in America”. But that is not what is the heart of the matter. What is the heart of the matter that is the intolerance for other cultures that is stated right here on this blog. “Of course, this begs the question of why anyone would want to speak in a way that is largely not understandable by the rest of the group.”

      Second Life users span all over the globe and comes from every country of the world. So it is extremely small minded and ignorant to think that English should be the only language that is spoken on a sim that holds public events. As an international company that represents various interests abroad; I think the mistake Warner Brothers made was hiring a company that is very limited in its vision and doesn’t understand the meaning of “global community”. Quite frankly, I find this company practices within the metaverse which it is suppose to be an expert on a bit counter intuitive to the principles it was founded upon.

  184. And these people are supposed to be PROFESSIONALS in their RL? Ha.

  185. Mod Squad CEO Amy from California and the world she is living in.
    Amy’s statement followed me into my dreams and I have to add the following:
    36% of California’s population is Hispanic of which 78% don’t speak English at home ( ) which makes 28% of California’s population doesn’t speak “the Queen’s (or common) English” (Amy) on a regular base or at all … counting in the 12.3% Asian population and other ethnics I guess we can make that easily 35%.
    So every 3rd person Amy sees while driving to her virtual job is a potential threat to her “community”, a term which “is in fact derived from communication” (Amy).

    “If we strongly disagree with any rules, we can work to persuade our client to change the rules” (Amy) which she didn’t in this case. It speaks volumes about Amy’s view of the world that she never questioned this rule. It speaks volumes that she interpreted this rule as to eject people instead of ‘moderating’ by supplying her squad with translators and giving out translators to the visitors. She not even bothered to make these rules public on arrival in the sim or through other means.

    Reading Amy statement made me very angry. She obviously is a condescending and patronizing person, xenophobe with even racist tendencies. She still sees the global community in the internet from the imperialistic pov of the 19th century. Her idea of community is not bringing together people by emphasizing their uniqueness but by leveling everything under the “Queen’s English” (Amy) (that she even has this term in her head freaks me out).

    I would re-post Amy’s statement here at SCD as a new topic … maybe I am off here and it is professional and asks the correct questions, but I feel as a non-American kicked in my ass by these words.

  186. sp00ky Graves says:

    Looks up at Amelie and cheers! I couldn’t agree more, hell even as an American I felt kicked in the ass by her words. We have come to far to be undone by those wishing to cling to a paranoid and hateful past.

  187. Flambeau says:

    so sad that there are still idiots which cannot accept that people are different and speak different languages. these people are racists normaly you had to fuck their asses but if we do that we are not better as they are, but it shows me that we shouldnt stop to work against these idiots :)
    “Nip things in the bud!” decry them wherever you meet them

  188. I don’t even know what they were screening for. PG not G. What does that mean they would screen for? In my limited experience in other languages, they aren’t nearly as uptight as anglos. So there isn’t the need to screen in those languages since there’s less chance of offending.

    eg… you might not use the word shit in front of your parents. A franco would probably not feel too much of a problem saying merde in front of theirs. I may be wrong, but I don’t get the silly prudishness feelings from non-anglos that I do from anglos.

    And hey…. could somebody put the corporate and other names for these mod guys at the top of this page in a big h1 tag… that way their future clients can read this page before they sign a contract.

  189. Kristina Simon says:

    And here are my 5 cent and yes i am german and i run a very popular sim open to any nationality: I will try to avoid any Warner Bros Product from now on. I am really scared how an international working firm like them can make such stupid rules. Intolarence shouldn’t be tolerated. The english speaking residents of SL are maybe the biggest group in SL but i never have seen such an racistic behaviour of a company. oh wait.. reminds me of the furries who weren’t allowed to enter the virtual cologne cathedral.
    There is only one way of slapping back for us foreign speaking consumers: boycott and bad press. And hurray. I will give them both as good as i can.
    SL is a open friendly place normally. And i enjoy it to communicate with other nationalities. I never got annoyed of beiing surrounded by japanese, russians or other non english speakers.
    Its simply a shame whats happening at those sims.

  190. herman Bergson says:

    That this debate could have take place in this international is a shame

    Dass diese Debatte sattt fand in dieser internationalen Welt .. es ist eine Schande

    Que ce débat pourrait avoir lieu dans ce monde international .. c’est une honte

    Que este debate hubiera podido tener lugar en este mundo internacional .. es una vergüenza

    Dat dit debat kon plaatsvinden in deze internationale wereld .. het is een schande

  191. GGplayer says:

    I’ve let this all go and have been thinking a great deal about all of the events that are listed within this post. As an American I must say that there is a great number of multilingual people in this country. There are also a great deal of “non-American” citizens / resident aliens / people on visa etc that are within our country. Many of these people, usually the older populations, have not and will not learn English. As you get older it is much more exceedingly difficult to learn and retain a foreign language. I can also attest to the fact that if you are a child/teenager/adult within any school system within this country and you choose to or are forced to take a foreign language, american as a who are taught the written version of the language. I have many friends that are from different areas of south american and or other countries. Every single one of them speaks a different dialect of their language. Things I would say to someone from Puerto Rico, in spanish, may vary from the same thing said to someone from Mexico. There are many words that are universal within languages but not all are.

    As for translators within SL, how many of you can find one that accurately can translate things? It all depends on the phrasing used. Slang words do not translate and tend to be gibberish. And if you do not grammatically type a sentence it can make the translated sentence laughable.

    While yes the mods having translators would have been helpful it doesn’t guarantee that the mods would have been able to do their job with increased efficiency in regards to international visitors.

  192. filomena pinazzo says:

    I am from Italy, speak fluent English. But when I chat with an Italian friend, of course not in English. I feel discriminated by Warners Brows policy banning me, if I use my mother tongue.

  193. filomena pinazzo says:

    That all should chat in English for to allow Admins to understand it, IMHO not rational. I assume Warner Bros considers foreign languages as” environment pollution”.

  194. filomena pinazzo says:

    For to make clear, there is no demand that admins or other sim staff should use translators. the communication with them is in English.

    But if understand well, Lunata was banned because she chatted with her German friend not in English.

    Just as in RL, when I walk for example through Manhatten nobody expects that a police officer understand my Italian, but I can expect to not be expelled for speaking with friends Italian.

  195. Peach Boucher says:

    I have had an international frequented SIM mysself.

    1) the landrules have been public published
    2) the stuff was asked to stay consequently friendly and polite
    (nethertheless an offending visitor might have been rude)
    3) they have been only allowed to eject someone when visitors massively acted against rules
    writing racistic comments, personal insults, or sexual abuse

    And as someone commented, we didnt care so much if anyone tried to break the rules in Urdu,
    because nobody would have *got* it.

    In my opinion, the ban on communicating in *mothertongue* is ethical questionable
    and encroaches upon the right of free speech and mind.

  196. Mondwind Magic says:

    Meine Großmutter hätte wohl lakonisch angemerkt:
    Diese Schmocks haben wirklich Chuzpe!

    Mein Kommentar (Vorsicht! Satirisch!):
    *Schalom, mein Sprach-Führer*

  197. Brisa Gausman says:

    I am a peruvian girl, that speaks a little english, but never had problems of this kind. Lucky me!

    I also have the pleasure to know Lunata Lupino who is such a nice and gentle person.

    However I think is important to leave my opinion here, as it could has happened to any of us.

    Of course private sims can have the rules the owners decide.

    But when the owners decide to allow public access, they should send the rules or publish them, mostly if they are as ridiculous as the ones we are talking about.

    It is hard to believe an important corporation as Warner Brothers, has retrograde, hatefull, unnethical and ridiculous rules.

    How fair it is to ask someone to change their language, change their culture, change the way they talk to their friends…?

    I am glad to read that most of the people here is against discrimination. Lets try to make it history.

  198. Laura Lyne says:

    I doubt that Warner Brothers realizes the level of incompetence that this “MOD Squad” represents. It is, however their business to know, and in this they failed. That must be because it wasn’t much of a priority for them, since WB has no trouble bringing competence to the table when it comes to hunting down kids who downloaded one of their movies.
    That aside, I don’t think it was WB who decided only English could be spoken in that sim. Even if it was, stupid as that might be, the onus would be on them to provide a reasonable solution for foreign guests. No, scripted translators are not really a solution (let alone very verbose demos of such).
    Why would they mind foreign guests, besides the need to keep their legal noses clean with regards to possible violations of the PG status? They wouldn’t. But the whole SL venture must not have been important enough to merit hiring competent, well mannered people from a variety of countries to make sure it doesn’t happen.
    From what I can see, the all-american “stay-at-home-moms” of MMS like the ban-stick entirely too much, and diplomacy too little.
    Yeehaw, I suppose… I hope they came cheap, at least.

  199. Too bad, i tried to get on that sim, but it seems to be abondened.
    Well, here is my comment about this:
    I am German and many Yankees are still calling us the Nazi.
    But this is 70 years ago and I am not at all guilty for the mistakes of my grandfather generation.
    But the Yankees are respnsible what is happening in their present, and I say, YANKEES; YOU ARE THE NAZI ASSHOLES OF THE 21ST CENTURY !!!
    Shame on you, what you do on the Warner Bros sims is an ethnic cleansing on SL! How about building a Guantanamo-sim for English language refusers!

  200. Hello ! Here ist BukTom Bloch from the “Freie Bibliothek Pegasus”, a uncommercial, free library with books in german language only. I declare: Everyone is very welcome never mind what language he, or she or it is speaking !
    (btw.: There is a box with about 80 titles in english language in the subsidiary building, too.) And if someone comes there and searches books in other languages- I will try to help!
    I`m afraid Warner is allowed to do so (as they did)- if the Sim owns to them.
    But I`m allowed to have a very bad attitude against Warner now, too! And to tell everyone why.
    Best greetings BukTom Bloch

  201. I am astounded that anyone would condone the actions of the mod squad in this case. I find it extremely difficult to believe that Warner would insist on English-only. I can believe they’d want the chat on the sim to be PG at most. Why the ModSquad would not use translators if they are so hung up on understanding every word typed in chat… is beyond me.

    Lunata Lupino was treated in an extraordinarily MEAN nay, EVIL way. and I will NOT be able to forget who did it, and why. Such intolerance CANNOT be ignored!

  202. Lol*blogs* says:

    are we done with this yet …………

  203. 207 comments and not a single person has said …



  204. I think this is Ok actually.
    They did make a good point, they can’t keep track of everything that’s being said in every language.
    They could be talking about something really bad like killing children and eating their brains for the god of WB… which is pretty bad for the image!

    But IRL my beleif is that you speak where you’re standing. If I were to visit another country, I think it’d be only fair for me to have to speak their language… You’re virtually standing on their land so you should follow their rules.

  205. : home of the best Second Life proxy ever written.


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