Shopping Cart Disco's Sweet Friday Upload Page.

Sweet Friday notes must use modified images listed on Sweet Friday Image Repository
All images must be text. You don't have to sign your name as sender but make it clear who the recipient is.
Sweet Fridays on SCD celebrates love and happiness. These are moderated heavily to keep in line with the theme
** All images uploaded become property of Shopping Cart Disco and the SCD Site Network. Please refer to SCD's Disclosure Policy for more details
** If you get an error see below for troubleshooting tips.

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Troubleshooting/Tech Support

Question: I receive the error 'Error: Only .jpg images under 1.5 MB are accepted for upload'. How do I go about fixing this?

The Steps to fixing this are as follows:

1. Look at the filename. It should be filename.jpg. If you use filename.JPG it will spit out this error. Please rename the secret to filename.jpg
2. Your file could be over 1.5 MB. To reduce files it's been suggested to do a File->Save AS in your graphics application and it can reduce the size up to 1/3.
3. If you are in Photoshop you can do a File->Save for Web and change the image type to 'jpg' and you can see how reducing file quality effects size and image quality.