Sweet Fridays: Week 40

Welcome to Week 40 of Sweet Fridays.

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anya and sue





I haven’t had time myself to write up a Sweet Friday. But there are so many people who inspire me. Sanura – for her amazing grace during a hard time and a loss of a beloved family member. You are in my heart, girl, always. Lourdes – who is the kind of woman that holds firm during a storm and grabs your hand and won’t let go, keeping you from flying off into the wind, despite having her own storms to contend with. Moo – who daily keeps me learning new things, despite my horrible math skills and my laziness. Gidge – who reminds me so much of my mother that sometimes talking to her hurts but it’s almost like having another Mom around, except she’s my age and we are too beautiful for work. :) Marissa: We’ve lived a long history, before SL and after SL. All you’ve done with your life inspires me to do and think more. Always. Mouse: You work too hard (i miss you), but you inspire me to always think “Maybe I will create again”. To all the people who write for SCD – I appreciate and love everything you create for this site and I am ever so grateful you have stayed here. To the SCD readers: you stick with this place and come back, thank you for reading and visiting the blog. To anyone I missed – it’s not because I don’t love or appreciate you, it’s because my heart is so overwhelmed by love for you that I could spend a gazillion hours listing it all but can’t – because I’m not QUITE beautiful enough to quit work…yet. 

I AM THANKFUL for loving friends and family. I AM DELIGHTED that you all are in my life. I AM HAPPY thanks to you all!

Love, Kesseret


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