Stumblebum Round 8

This round’s palette is Spring !

1. Toki-doki – Faded dress: Easter and Earth – 199L each

2. Blah – My Romantic Spring Dress – 3 colors – 125L each

3. ploom – Not out at this time

4. Whippet & Buck – Adelaide knickers – 100 L

5. !Bang – Mini Series : Spring

6. Cheap Makeup –Not out at this time

7. Willow – Not out at this time

8. Cheeky pea – Not out at this time

9 – Dark Mouse -Spring Fresh Necklace and Earrings – 149L

10. DCNY – Not Out at this time

Guest this week ! Trompe L’Oeil

Mesh patio furniture collection. Priced from 50 to 200 L

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