Shopping Cart Disco is opening it’s registration to resident submissions for various topics. These topics are:

1.  Letter to the Editor – Regular Edition

2. Letter to the Editor – Drama Edition

3. Resident Lookbook – Show your Style

4. Resident Photography – Show your Style

5. This is why we have Nice Things! – Write about something GOOD in the Second Life Community. No topic turned down.

6. Special Events – Post your special sale or event that is going on in Second Life

Of course with power come responsibility so there are a few rules for getting your resident submissions posted. They are:


Articles that name names should have a name attached to it. Articles that do not name names can be “pseudonym’ed” if one likes.  All articles must have one or the other. Unlike Slashdot there’s no Anonymous Coward option here. The general rule is if you are going to call someone out, have the balls to have your name on it.

If an article doesn’t follow these rules I won’t post it. It’s not censorship, it is the author being a coward.

Lookbook – Show your Style guidelines:

  • Lookbooks should be titled the general look. ( i.e. Biker Babe)
  • Post should contain a couple pictures – clear and minimal post processing. (More artistic post processing is encouraged in Resident Fashion Photography)
  • After images should be a list of all items worn and slurls to stores.

Resident Fashion Photography – Show Your Style guidelines:

  • Resident Photography is a single image posted that has post processing done to it. Show off Second Life® and your talent!
  • You are welcome to post what post processing filters you used or steps you took, a list of items worn and a location where the image was taken.
  • If people ask where you obtained such and such item or where was the picture taken in the comments, it might be helpful to answer their question. (But this is not mandatory)

To participate in Resident Submissions:

  1. Use the Contact Form to get a username sent to you. (Open registration had to be turned off) Make sure to include your full SL username and a valid email address
  2. Sign in
  3. Create your post following the guidelines and then contact SCD to publish it.
  4. Your post will be put into moderation and an editor will check it over to confirm guidelines are followed and then it will post.
  5. Enjoy your work being seen by thousands of Second Life® residents!

Shopping Cart Disco receives a large amount of traffic and this is an opportunity to have your voice heard or your style displayed!