SL secrets on new website

Go to to get your Sunday guilty pleasure.


SCD is Archived. SLSecrets Will Continue on New Website

  I’ve known the above secret for a while now. Which is why as of 06/23/2014 SCD will exist as an archive. It’s posts will remain historical for people to Google up the dirt from the past. SLSecrets will continue on it’s own website If you go to the upload page for SCD it […]


SLSecret: Week 304

Welcome to SLsecret, week 304.   Funny #2 comes out because I’ve known that a while now. Being out of SL for a long time and having many life changes its hard to maintain a Second Life blog and have bloggers and keep them with the content and controversy that rolls around on Sunday. So […]


Sweet Fridays: FINAL WEEK

Sweet Fridays was a great idea (I thought so!) and was brought on to promote positive anon or not anon messages to residents. It had it’s ups and downs regarding participation. Sweet Fridays is ending. I hope that you all continue to promote positive messages to your friends and loved ones.  Love, Kess 1) 2) […]

Winners of the SLSecrets Tagline Contest and FINAL SWEET FRIDAYS BLOWOUT!

The winning SLSecrets tagline is Matchbook Monday with her “I’ll bet you think this one is about you”. I have modified it to be “I bet you think this one is about you”. Same difference. She receives 2000L. The other taglines in the vote were good and I used them as copy in other places […]