The Rules…they are a changing

So we’ve been discussing some possible rules changes in regards to Secrets and some other things. And after speaking with our fearless leader this morning we’ve come to a decision. Starting next week there will be a new rule for SL Secrets.

So, starting next week if you want to have a secret removed because you feel it speaks to you on some butthurt level or because they really are out to get you then you have to do several things.


  1. IM or PP  Lourdes or Kess and ask to have it removed (“Remove this now” does not count as asking)
  2. Say the magic word
  3. Don’t be a twat about it


This isn’t for your benefit. It’s for ours.  Because Lourdes and Kess and everybody here have lives outside of SCD and SL. Yelling at us makes us move slower. So immediately going to rageface really just fucks yourself over more than it does us.

I take that back, it is for your benefit as some of you believe that “asking” involves being a giant bag of inefficient clown dicks.

We’re also not telling you what the magic word is. Because if you’re above the age of 8 then you should know what it is.

Thank you for Shopping and for reading Secrets

Kess told me to put in we love you. I however think some of you are just alright.

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About Dancien

Dancien (or God-Emperor Fabulous as he is known in his native tongue) is just here to point and laugh and tell you when you’re fucking wrong (which is a lot by the way). He is also waiting for the mothership to come back and pick him up. He enjoys long walks on the beach, critiquing pornography, kicking cute woodland creatures in the balls and most of all, making you cry.


  1. I dont think they should be taken down in the first place unless they mention ppls names but then again you lot check em for that tho rite.

  2. Don't care. says:

    It’s sad that a post has to be made saying there is a new rule when basically it has been the same rule all along. The problem isn’t in the method of requesting to have a secret removed. The issue is that Second Life and Plurk are filled with individuals who have a high and mighty opinion about their online persona but still wear their feelings on their sleeves as if this is kindergarten and they left their big boy/girl pants at home.

    It’s pretty simple when you stop to think about it. Don’t be an asshole to get a secret made about you. If you haven’t been a jerk and you get a secret, who cares. Learn to take criticism with dignity and grace. You cannot please all of the people all of the time. Therefore, if a secret does appear on SCD and you think it’s about you or someone you know, don’t act like a fool about it. You’re an adult, even if you’re not playing one in Second Life. Be in control of yourself. It’s fine to be offended and to rightfully complain but going off the deep end and throwing a tantrum like a 6 year old on a sugar buzz only embarrasses yourself.

    I am sure people will flip out over my comment but it just further proves my point. I am not being inflammatory, just honest.

  3. Yep, I totally agree with Don’t Care.

  4. SCD provides a service that’s hard to find anywhere else – a place where SL residents can vent anonymously about things that are bothering them, or to write something kind anonymously about someone else. The article seems to say that some folks are not very respectful to the SCD staff members. It might be instructive to see some of the nastier things that have been said behind the scenes, if they could be made anonymous, of course. It’s hard to imagine what kind of awful things have been thrown your way just for providing this service.

  5. Yeah what Hal your own secrets section special on what ppl said. It would be hilarious for those who are entertained by this sort o stuff.

  6. I’m sorry, but secrets shouldn’t even be posted. You are telling me that people don’t have a right to be pissed at both the website, and the owners of it, as well as the person that wrote the secret? Might I remind you that you are all the people that post it, and it’s because of that that people get hurt, and sometimes get their feeling crushed? In my opinion, secrets are the biggest piece of crap in this planet and should be removed, it’s nothing but a vile manner to anonymously hurt people without any consequence.

    • Clearly you misread what I posted. You have every right to be mad. Nobody here is saying you can’t be mad. What we’re saying is that when you are ASKING for a Secret to be taken down that there is no need to be a completely rude jerkoff about it as our lives do not revolve around if you’re butthurt or not.

    • I'm sorry but ... says:

      If you feel justified in commenting on the rights and wrongs of the SCD team posting secrets that you label crap and vile, it is clear you actually read them too.

  7. Don't care. says:

    Sash, if you think that SCD Secrets are the root cause of all things hateful and evil then may I recommend you get realistic. The vileness of SL and Plurk isn’t a result of these secrets. It’s the other way around. The SCD staff don’t create the secrets posted. Sure they could stop running the feature on their site. However people will still find a way to be hateful and awful to each other. It will just be less of a public, and anonymous, setting.

    The secrets that are posted represent what’s being submitted. If people sent in sweet and nice secrets, that’s what would be put on the page. Look at the Sweet Friday feature that doesn’t even have submissions half the time.
    I agree that it is time to see more kindness and happiness. Unfortunately, SCD can only handle what they’re given. If they start judging the secrets by what they feel is offensive then who is to say their judgment is right? You’d be complaining that they posted whatever they wanted. They have basic rules and they try to follow them as best as they can. Yet time and time again someone is upset no matter what. It’s like telling the radio station they’re the cause of shitty music and you demand they go off the air. Just don’t listen, or in this case, don’t read the site.

  8. Well said Dancien.

  9. Dancien's mum says:

    Go to your room fat boy, and take your useless piece of shit website with you

    • Hi Sam, you’re right. I’m fat. I can get over this though by exercise and diet. You however will probably always remain a moronic, sniveling, coward who is too stupid to use a proxy. Also, thank you for the hits.

      • Sam of the very small penis says:

        I said something witty here. Or at least I thought I was very clever. Turns out, not so much.

      • Sam who really needs a hug says:

        I’m very lonely and my grammar is horrible. Will somebody please pay attention to me?

  10. Dancien's Dad says:

    Your sister is a rocket scientist, your brother a doctor. I made a bet with your mother that you would become a great man with a purpose in life and helping humanity move forward like your siblings before you.
    I owe her 500 dollars.

    • Hi Dad! How’s Derby England? Getting cool this time of year? You should probably know that my sister is in real estate and I don’t have a brother. We need to get you trolling lessons.