People being assholes, but for charity!

I am going to keep this brief.

1: BOSL did an article on their Associated SL Press site that was a “Blogger Wall of Shame” for Fashion for Life. The author was a complete douche canoe and for somebody so “heavily into fashion” he can’t take a fucking picture to save his life. The article was rude, inaccurate, and frankly further proof that BOSL is full of people whose qualifications seem to be “We totally gave Frolic head”

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2: During the discovery of this article it was discovered that the actual official Fashion For Life Blogger website has done the exact same thing. Further proving that just because you’re involved in a charity doesn’t mean you don’t get to act like a classless cock-taco as well.

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3: Apparently to these people there is no such thing as a valid excuse. Have kids? Too bad! You must blog for this video game. Have a RL Job? Too bad! You must blog shit given to you for this video game charity! Have an illness? Too bad! Even though they are a charity fighting cancer, being sick simply will not cut the fucking mustard.

4: Even if everything given to the blogger as a “REVIEW COPY” is shit you must blog it, you must say nice things about it. Because if you don’t then you’re on the wall of shame.

5: Apparently people were contacted so that they could be made aware that they were on the wall of shame. Yes, people from Fashion for Life contacted Bloggers to let them know this shit.

6: People will remember this shit. FFL’s petty and classless actions have hurt the Relay For Life Charity. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.


So FFL people, apologize. Right fucking now.

Blogging with Integrity my left fucking nut.


Edited to Add an Update:

BOSL has issued a half-assed apology

Fashion For Life hasn’t even issued an apology. Instead they puss’d out and redacted the names they crossed out and changed their wording to say:

“List was amended to remove those who were unable to blog due to circumstances.”


We here at SCD have kept screen caps of the original posting of theirs. Deleting it won’t make it go away FFL.

Another Update:

Fashion for Life has issued an apology on the same page I have linked.

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  1. What was done was classless. Filled with zero tact, and pathetic. I will not be participating in any FFL events any longer, and will gladly be donating to the charity directly. Grow up people.

  2. yes. that.

  3. Word of the day: SHIT I feel like I read it about 100 times lol. Anyway, well said, well fucking said! * applauds *

  4. RFL has been going on in SL since I have been in SL (I’m sure it’s been going on even before that too). This recent event just destroyed an institution of charitable giving in SL.
    Really is it that important that maybe 4 bloggers out of 30 didn’t blog something? How about just thanking the people that participated and moving on?
    Also BOSL: Nice try at being SCD – problem is even we wouldn’t have called out the bloggers – we’d have called out that original blog post for it’s lack of tact.
    PS: Try to make sure that when you do a fashion show you don’t have your models contact a designer that didn’t create the item they are wearing but suspiciously the item contains prims created by that designer. What does that say about your fashion shows?

  5. It’s not that often that I wholeheartedly agree with something posted on Shopping Cart Disco, but Dan, I love you a bit today :)

  6. THANK YOU Dancien, for calling it like it is once again.

  7. I’m sorry to see that such a respected charity event turns into a witch hunt. And thank you for this post!

  8. Ugh. Disgusting. At first I was sad that I didn’t sign up to blog for them, but now? Pfft. I bought some items to donate to charity, I told my friends about it, but i’m kinda glad it ended there. Knowing my luck, I would have been on the list even though I blogged. Tsk.

    • I didn’t sign up either. I wasn’t 100% sure I could make the commitment due to RL issues. Given the witch hunt, I’m sort of glad I let this one go….

  9. The Whore Couture event did the same thing to their bloggers. Pretty tacky if you ask me. I would expect more from FFL and i’m really not surprised this would come from BOSL.

  10. Add me to the list of bloggers who is glad I didn’t sign up! I did actually get review copies from a dear friend, felt bad about only finding time to blog one of them, and am now rethinking being an official blogger for any event, if this is the new trend. I’m a space cadet, which apparently on Second Life means I should never commit to anything!!

  11. Is refreshing read your words….. Thank you for give a step and share your thoughts !

  12. They could have easily messaged the bloggers in question to see why they didn’t blog if it was a big deal. Seems that making some public whipping post was easier? Why? Drama much? I guess they feel it’s so “newsworthy” to ATTACK people instead of opening a freaking IM box. It’s such a shame because RFL is a great event, and this whole fiasco put a really bad taste in people’s mouths.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head Vixie. Causing drama sells a lot more copies than doing it right. It’s easier to forbit something, or make it mandatory, than to evaluate what is needed when. So that makes news media rags. I guess that makes blogs rags too. Isn’t that sort of hypocritical considering they wanted us to blog in the first place?
      RFL – and the ppl touched by cancer – have my greatest respect; using it for one’s own purposes. NOT

  13. i love you for writing this.

  14. Original Post – ARGH awful.
    Fake Apology – ok that just makes the insincerity even more obvious.
    Comments on the various blogs by one Quella Quann or Quan dependent on her posting or Flickr choice make a bad situation even worse.
    Frolic then jumps in to the fray and comes up with a solution to excuse the unprofessional blogging – I KNOW I WILL SAY THIS IS FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND GOOGLE SOME AMAZING STUFF ON THE UNITED NATIONS TO THROW IN THERE.
    I hope to dear god the money gets to the charity – this lot if we can’t even trust them to represent the designers and people who DID work on the event in a positive light not sure and this is my opinion I would trust them with a single other aspect of the organization.

  15. oh sorry I mean the original BOSL/Associated Press one – not this blog post!

  16. Jordan Whitt says:

    Last year we were contacted about officially sponsoring FFL. All we had to do was “donate” $10,000 per magazine. At the time, finances weren’t good (magazines aren’t goldmines after all) so we offered to donate $15,000 instead of $20,000 for both. This was met with scorn. Never mind the fact we ran advertising worth $10-15,000 in both issues at no cost.

    This whole fiasco has just deepened my feelings towards FFL and due to it, I will be stepping down from several events I was to blog for. I’m not having big brother watching and judging me and then publicly humiliating me if I drop a ball due to circumstances beyond my control.

  17. Ann Otoole InSL says:

    Congratulations Frolic Mills, BOSL, and FFL. Read this explanation as to why Veronica was unable to blog on schedule: Yes she was in a rehab facility fighting cancer. Good job SL ACS charities You all need to cancel accounts out of SL and go away. This makes me sicker than I usually am all day. ACS needs to tell SL charity ops to go away and stop soiling their fine name.

  18. Tacky, tacky and more tacky! How DARE they bully people like that, because that is exactly what it is bullying and harassment.
    Everyone needs to show them that this type of behavior WILL NOT be tolerated and boycott everything and all things associated with this self appointed Fashion Czar and his sycophants.

  19. Unfortunately, I feel like this vein runs through a lot of SL fashion blogs now….it’s no longer about creatively sharing what you like but, who gave you free stuff… it’s tasteless and lazy and I just really hope it ends at some point…

  20. Be like me….a blogger without a cause. Or is that a clue???? Regardless, we all have free will and I suspect, life circumstances that change from minute to minute. People perishing in a Tsunami versus people not blogging some eyelashes…get a grip for gods sake.