Marketplace Mixup Puts Your Money in Others’ Pockets?


On March 21, 2012 Linden Lab launched Direct Delivery for Marketplace.  This was supposed to make direct from inventory deliveries of items purchased on Marketplace.   It appears there are several glitches going on with the new implementation. They all seem to be payment related. Som residents report items not being delivered or the wrong items being delivered and merchants report they are selling items but they are not receiving payment for them.  Shopping Cart Disco covered the ‘featured items’ glitch the other day.

While going through the public JIRA I noticed this little gem –  Incorrect items showing up on my marketplace store from other merchants but with my listing texture and vice versa. It is marked a SHOWSTOPPER bug.

This problem appears to not only affect direct delivery residents as both magic box and direct delivery merchants sound off in on the JIRA.

On March 28th Commerce Linden noted

 CommerceTeam Linden added a comment –

We are aware of this issue and are working on addressing it as a top priority. Thanks to all those who have let us know about the issue.

On March 30, 2012 I see a blog post referencing payment failures and delivery issues with Direct Delivery from Nalates Urriah so clearly Direct Delivery has been having these kinds of issues since the launch. What is an appropriate time frame in fixing a ‘SHOWSTOPPER’ bug? In the “REAL WORLD” showstopper bugs are usually fixed quite quickly. I recall discovering a showstopper bug in some shipping software at my old employer and the software company fixed the bug in 24 hours.

With no word from Commerce Linden since March 29th residents took it upon themselves to try to find out what each of the broken items have in common. It appears that a batch of listings might have been broken during the migration.

Argus Collingwood added a comment –

I am still thinking the database may have errors in the 14xxxxx series of numbers.

ETA : you put a number of the borked listing into SLM search like 1418428 then view it as a wrong listing then change that number to 1418429, 430,431 etc etc you can see all those series are borked. /me Points to error

OMG Bootgasm is a cluster in the 14xxxxx series. o.O

One commenter is urging people to call the San Francisco District Attorney’s office department of fraud. I am not sure how that will work with how Lindens are treated in the TOS but for some residents that may be the only recourse they have at this moment.

Was today’s downtime due to Inventory Maintenance related to this Marketplace troubles?

Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. This makes me feel better about all the procrastinating I’ve been doing with regards to moving everything over to Direct Delivery. I feel bad for the people who’ve been affected by all the glitches. That’s got to be annoying to deal with.

  2. I think encouraging people to call the District Attorney’s office department of fraud is way over the top, reckless, counterproductive, vindictive, and inappropriate. Repeating that inflammatory post here is reckless as well. An unintentional software/database error in an online vendor system is not fraud. How in the world could you say this may be the only course of action for some vendors ? Ridiculous.

    I have migrated all of my items (over 100) to direct delivery and have not experienced any problems. I imagine the problems effect a small percentage of vendors and will be addressed as quickly as possible. The appropriate advice to give your readers would be to monitor their listings and Marketplace activity and report any perceived problems to the appropriate JIRA. That kind of action on our part helps to solve the problem rather than inflame and inflate the issue.

    • Did you forget what blog you are posting at? I don’t think calling the DA will do anything because as I said the TOS clearly states Lindens have no value. But not sure how that can be handled with the Bragg case precedent. So Linden Lab might open up themselves to these issues when they do not appropriately handle the situation. There’s been no communication on that issue since March 29th from Commerce Linden.
      Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading!

      • No, I did not forget what blog this is. In fact, it is because Shopping Cart Disco is such a quality and reputable blog that I bothered to comment. I do not feel it is a productive use of my time to comment on or re-transmit every yahoo’s inane forum posting. I was surprised to see such here.

        As for the communication on these issues, the latest from the lab is at posted April 11 in which they claim to have addressed the top 3 Marketplace issues with Direct Delivery.

        Direct Delivery was a poor roll-out with problems. They are being addressed. Merchants can assist by contributing valid problem reports to the appropriate JIRA. Bloggers can assist by encouraging their readers to do likewise.