A new level of customer service…

Nothing makes a statement more than a screenshot and a comment taken out of context.

“Why don’t you stop wasting time and put in comments in the correct tickets. We filter your emails to trash. Gmails makes that very easy to do.”  – Brodesky Linden

This statement was taken from JIRA WEB-2649

Filter to Trash

Click here to view the big screenshot because a tiny thumbnail doesn’t do it justice.

In defense of Linden Lab I am sure it’s absolutely frustrating when hundreds, if not thousands, of people contribute to a website like SL’s public JIRA and they have to go through and move and cleanup comments, issues reported and vandalism.

However wouldn’t it be better to just say “Your issue cannot be properly taken care of if you continue to improperly post your comments. Please make sure to post comments in the correct issue otherwise they are deleted.”

As Alton Brown says, “Even good Chef’s have bad days”.

Bad day or inappropriate? Sound off below if you like.


Hearing various things from around the water cooler and the moral of the story is you can catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar.  If you push push push people they are going to snap and say things that they shouldn’t have.  Be kind when reporting bugs or requesting customer service from anyone. You can’t whine victim when you’ve been real nasty in the past. This is coming from someone who has had unwarranted horrible customer service in the past so no fan-girling here.

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  1. Being in the role that I am in with my company, I can understand the level of frustration he may have been in. I’ve had those days and I have reacted at times with a poor choice of words. Live & Learn. Bad day or not, Brodesky should of used a better choice of words.

  2. Brodesky Linden, I believe, is also the rude badmannered Linden who basically told all the marketplace merchants to screw off in the Jira for the new Marketplace breaking everyone’s .PNG files and turning them into .JPGs.

    He’s rude and insufferable, and I hope I never have the displeasure of having to deal with him. Frankly, he should be fired for talking to paying customers like that no matter the venue. What’s one more Linden to go down the hatch, right?

    I’d rather deal with a “I can’t do anything but read a script” Ontyne than deal with Brodesky’s attitude, and that’s saying a lot. I’m a Concierge member and if I ever have to deal with him I’m just going to ask for another Linden or hang up on him. I have enough stress in my RL to have to take pissant attitude from someone that, basically, I pay.

    I know, now I’m all I PAY YOUR SALARY GET OFF MY LAWN — but it’s true. Everyone should just boycott Brodesky.

  3. To be fair, ab Vanmoer’s previous comment (5:05) did NOT belong there, nor was it helpful in any way. And it was pretty pissy all on its own..

    Flies.. vinegar..

  4. Is he an actual employee or some ranting comment maker, LOL? Wow, I say he’s definitely towing the line when it comes to a comment like that!

  5. Just saw your update…so this ab fellow is a bit of trolly type apparently. Yeah I can see why Brod might get a bit tired of it and perhaps overstep, but it is not a good road to start going down in general when dealing with customers. Hopefully though he will learn from this and when he is confronted by an annoying a-hole, he will learn to step away from the computer before making a response such as this. It’s a bit different going off half cocked in the comments of say this blog vs one for where you work. Thanks for the update Kess.

    • I bet there’s still more story that is unknown. This is a ‘you decide’ type of post I guess. Lil’ above is correct: always in life you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar.

    • ab Vanmoer says:

      You should be ashamed of yourself making unsubstantiated allegations. Why don’t you crawl back into your troll hole.
      The comments on the Jira, both mine and Brodesky’s were taken out of context – the larger picture, there is a lot more history on both sides. And if you bothered to read the thread on SLU where most of this was discussed, I was one of the few people who didn’t take offence.

  6. The moral of the store should be “The guy who is getting paid to deal with assholes on the internet should act like a professional about it”

  7. that’s NOTHING compared to stuff i’ve seen AND received from an SL company that boasts the BEST customer service. NOTHING.

    and no matter what IMHO, treat your customers with respect, be the bigger person. seriously. if someone is “pissed off” cuz of your “product” (perceived OR imagined) you expect them to act “nice?”.

    i think a LOT of ppl in SL who DEMAND to be respected who are biz owners really should go take some classes and learn about “good” customer service.

    If you can’t handle people being upset, profane, ridiculous, out of control then find a NEW job or get out of customer relations. it takes about 2 minutes to get ANY customer calmed down and it doesn’t come from saying stupid things like he did or other things i’ve seen.

    when you run into a GREAT customer service rep, you never forget it.

  8. wow i ranted!

  9. LL needs to make damn sure they send Brodesky to the next SLCC and make him stay there the entire time it is running. 😛

  10. DBeerbaum says:

    Brodesky Beerbaum is human filth. I hope his family is brutally murdered. This is proof that Lindens like him are just rude, incompetent, spoiled garbage. Fire that dullard, LL.

    Going on my profile.

  11. Wow, brutally murdered? I think that’s a little overkill. No wonder Lindens get snappy with residents. 😉

    Even as a joke, it is still harsh. No one should ever wish that kind of evil on someone.

    This isn’t the first time customer service from LL has been nasty, even with the possibility that B was pushed too hard. If LL fired everyone who gave horrible customer service…well the company would have like 3 people left.

  12. Oh, I think it’s quite warranted. I’ve been dealing with a glitchy, unstable SL since 2007. And still common issues go unfixed, and still SL is buggy and unstable.

    And here we have a piece of human filth, AKA a Linden, telling a resident to screw off for asking for some priorities.

    He doesn’t deserve happiness, nor status as a human being.

    • You are welcome to have that opinion. :)
      I’ve been dealing with a glitchy unstable SL since 06 as well. Not to mention the fact that my account is completely broken. I had to be manually added to vivox’s servers (im sure no one but the few hundred accounts remember 401 unauthorized) and manually added to jira and the wiki to be able to edit/create articles/issues. Plus my account is listed as ‘inactive’ each time they clear out inventory for inactive accounts and I lose mass amount of inventory. (Reference: I bitch about it on my blog constantly) Also not to mention the times we’ve lost thousands of RL dollars due to LL’s mess ups! (reference: Through all this I still don’t wish murder on anyone.
      Is LL a company that needs to get their act in gear and start learning the fine art of customer service? YUP. I won’t deny that and I understand your frustrations completely, just disagree with the murder part 😉