Silent: Classic Macabre, Straight-Up Classy Sim

Building a sim is much like working with a blank canvas and paint. You wash the background, you paint, and then you paint some more – and keep going with the layers until you have something tangible.

That being said, there are a few sims that come to mind that are absolute artwork – Tableau is a classic favorite, and Straylight, but now there’s Silent – a sim that is entirely black and white. Every few colors placed is strategic, and striking at the same time. The insides of the shops include color – and really draw you in. Whether to escape the monotony of the outside (the black and white can be a bit intimidating) or rather that the colors are inviting, warm and friendly… the contrast is its strength.

Take this picture of Mijn Boa, photographed in Silent. Her avatar screams at you, simply by not saying a word – the colors absolutely pop.

I use the word “macabre” in the title because… well, Mister Paulie has added his own little sense of Silent into the sim. This picture is my favorite out of the Silent set (20-some shots) that I captured this evening.

Now, I’m not positive, but that maybe a dead Mariya (Nesiote) head in the mirror. Who knows; we’ll have to ask Paulie for clarification on that one.

The rest of Paulie’s shop is just as interesting. It carries in the handscribbled theme from the outside (see below picture for another example) and in his humour he adds to the apprehensive sense of the sim by including skulls who wear his hair – not just his normal head models.

Furaie Blackthorne has finally released her excellent doll houses for sale on the new Silent sim. Her shop is distinctively self-reflecting: Much red. Check out her doll house while you’re visiting; it’s absolutely a perfect miniature. There’s even matching furniture.

The Photosphere has its own residence now; this gigantic mansion hosts the Photosphere and all of its add-on accessories.

Quite possibly, however, the pièce de résistance of the entire sim is this scary mortuary on the far corner of the sim. To the right exists a host of graves; to the left is the entrance to the building.

And inside, you will find…

This FANTASTIC homage to Swirly Cyclone, of Fashion Victim fame. Gilded, over the top, fantastically elegant and striking – just like our Swirly!

Of course, in the event that visiting the shrine is just too much for your pining heart, you can always exit out the left side of the building and throw yourself off the precipice nearby in hopes that Swirly will be your true love in Eternity.




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