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In my profile, I proudly proclaim to all the world that I am an ex-Teen Grid member.  I’ve been told that this could cause problems with people thinking that I’m still a teen, but I’ve only encountered curiousity so far, as well as some of the most bizzare rumors I’ve heard in a long time.  It’s so amazing how little people over here know about the Teen Grid and how many “facts” are regularly passed around as being true when they’re quite far from it.  Since I’ve been away on vacation this week and haven’t had all that time to experience SL, why not clear up those rumours in a post here?  Brilliant!


If you ever want to see the Teen Grid, or at least from a map view of it, go to SLURL and look in the lower-right section of the map.  There’s a little group of islands off to the side, slightly pulled away from the rest of the land – this is what I call the Teen Grid.  That’s all there is to it, no more room than what is shown there.  On last count there are 197 sims, of which 83 are mainland, 14 are LL-owned non-mainland, 7 are resident-owned, and about 93 are owned by Educational groups, of which only 23 are open to public visitors.  Not to mention that two of the LL-owned sims are never-opened Help Islands, giving you a grand total of 125 sims to explore.  You could visit every single TG sim in a day if you wanted to, and probably have time to spare.  I get a kick out of those who swear the Teen Grid is a big, roomy place – it’s a tiny pinprick in the giant map of SL.  There are people over here that own more sims than that.


One question I’ve gotten a lot is “Did you bring your inventory over, or was it deleted?”  The answer is yes, I did bring most of my inventory over.  The only things that were deleted were my calling cards/friends list, my landmarks, and my groups.  Everything else is fully in tact, at least until the inventory program starts screwing up again.  If someone is found to be underage and sent back over to the Teen Grid their inventory is deleted to prevent the spread over inappropriate material, but those coming out are left alone.  I owned a group back on the TG and was forced to give a friend of mine ownership of it since groups don’t transfer over.  Islands do though – Dernier Cri was a TG island, the biggest fashion sim there until owner Asuka Martin transferred over.


One rumour I hear is actually a fact – the Teen Grid economy sucks.  It goes beyond sucking and into the realms of failing.  While the Main Grid experiences a slump in the summer, the summer is the biggest boom-time for the TG because of most members being off from school and having more free time.  The rest of the year is a total depression.  I never sold content, but many of my friends did, and the prices tell the story: A good car or plane which would go for around $L7,000 over here would sell for roughly $L400 on the Teen Grid.  It isn’t that the content creators are bad or low-quality, it’s that teenagers have less money to spend and use it less freely than an adult would.  Teens also generally don’t own homes or can’t afford to even if they wanted to, meaning furniture creators mostly sell to shop owners looking to spruce up their stores.

Is there sex on the Teen Grid?  Think for a moment: This is a group of teenagers, generally unmonitered by anyone, with only self-policing to keep them in-line in a world where the motto is “Your World, Your Imagination”.  Yes, there is sexual activity, hidden away in the dark recesses of skyboxes and inventories.  I never got involved in it, but I have seen sexbeds cobbled together, crude animations in clubs, even a bondage bench produced once or twice.

Merge Notecards

The most important thing to adults I’ve found is the risk that there might be a grid merge.  So many will get up in arms and start yelling as soon as the idea of teenagers coming over to their grid is mentioned, which I can understand.  I won’t turn this post into pro or anti-merge propaganda but will say that there are only about 350 or so residents on the Teen  Grid at peak times, and only about 2000 log on every 30 days, making them a tiny minority.  I honestly doubt that LL will ever do anything about the craptacular state of the Teen Grid aside from shutting it down, but if they did and it involved a merge, there would be severe, strict, even extreme limitations on where the teenagers could go and who they could talk to, and they would be more likely to bend to the demands of adults and work to protect them from any potential lawsuits by parents of teenagers than to work for the benefit of the teens.

What else do people believe?  That the grid switches off at a certian time (it used to, but not anymore), that SLim lets TG and MG communicate (it does, but only via voice with old friends), that TG’ers use voice a lot more (they do, more on that another time),  teens are all griefers (no, they hate griefers as much as you do), and they can’t curse (they shouldn’t, but do quite a bit).  Rumors may be what keeps the TG in the minds of others, but they often don’t help anyone.

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  1. As I understand it, many of our well-known residents on MG aren’t old enough to be here anyway, so… *shrug*

  2. That was pretty damn informative, coming to the main grid must be like going to mainland USA when you lived in Hawaii all your life.

  3. Except that Hawaii is a beautiful area with lots of tourists and the TG is edging more towards third world country-chic.

  4. yeah… try leaving the tourist geared areas of Hawai’i, you might be surprised. A very large percent of the people that live on the islands (especially Oahu) are very poor, and the board of tourism does everything possible to hide that from view.

    Sorry… don’t mean to be a bitch, but it’s a pretty personal thing to me. It upsets me that these people get brushed under the carpet so they can present this idea of tropical paradise, when three blocks off the strip, it’s not so nice.

    but back to the topic at hand. Thank you for the post, it was super informative :)

  5. Yeah, I was referring to the natives of Hawaii, rather than the folks who tourist there :) – Native Hawaiians live in relative poverty, they live off the land etc.

  6. Dove Swanson says:

    I look forward to reading your posts, they’re very informative and interesting to read! Welcome over and to SCD! :)

  7. Rosedale said it shall be so therefore it shall be so. Just a matter of time. Rosedale wants the grid to be a family place. I expect LL to lower the age requirements and allow the grid to be open to anyone. Thus Zindra was born.

    Some kids are more mature than a large swath of the “adults” of Second Life so it is always relative. If kids were allowed in the main grid there might be a lot more interest in developing classes. I can see a whole entire shiny lucrative market for home schooling via Second Life.

  8. Welcome to the so-called Adult Grid, where people behave like they’re kids, but are of legal age… lol

    No, seriously, I hope you enjoy the Adult Grid much more! And your description about the Teen Grid is definitely fascinating reading.

  9. Business-In-Your-Box says:

    When the grids merge, its gonna open the floodgates to all the pedophiles around the world.

  10. I knew *nothing* about the Teen grid until I read this, so thank you very much for sharing!


  11. That was thoroughly fascinating, thank you, the Teen Grid is such a thing that most of us on’t Main Grid can know nothing about, because interest in it makes us CLEARLY PEDOPHILES, it’s neat to hear someone talk about it 😀

    Anyway, thank you for being awesome, and welcome to the world!


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