SLSecret: Week 287

Welcome to SLsecret, week 287.


1) alegendinherownmind

2) be mine

3) chanel-secret

4) contrast

5) Removed

6) DoctorVisitRequired

7) fake

8) frog

9) gambling

10) Lannister

11) moveon

12) positivesecret

13) Quit Bitching and Make A Change

14) twosides

15) welcome

16) Whaaaat


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I'm the vile evil bitch that posts Secrets every Sunday. I also have my own fashion blog at

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  1. #5 removed already? I thought I would get here early enough to see ALL of today’s secrets! Lourdes, you are FAST. :)

    • Haha not that fast. I published went, made breakfast, came back and I already had a pp to have a secret removed.

  2. No real drama this week. Where’s all the ‘plurker bitching’? What about a ‘who is fucking for shoes update’? Where’s all the ‘who is slexing who behind whose back’ slam?

    Come on all the trolls out there, feed SCD with the drama we muse over for the rest of the week. We know you’re out there.

    #5 You need Sweet Fridays or they’ll never know.

  3. Cry me a river #11 you ARE a horrible person which is why you get such a “bad rap”, it didn’t just come out of no where! If you are going to act like an asshole, you are going to be treated like one. Period! Here is a fact, strong people who supposedly move on wouldn’t be posting on SL Secrets about doing so. It’s just one more way for you to try and make people feel sorry for you.

    • Do you even know who #11 is about to call this person horrible? It sounds like you are the asshole! Maybe this person did move on from the stupid pathetic family community and wants it to be known? Let’s see, you all cry about virtual camps, screw your kids, and marry your sisters. You all are sick and twisted human beings. I give kudos to this person that supposedly moved on.

      • fuck you 😀

      • Well to be fair says:

        #11 didn’t say they were moving on from the family community now did they? Nope. They are upset about how they are being portrayed by people in it. Moving on doesn’t always mean getting away from, in my opinion they weren’t making some huge statement, they aren’t leaving the family community. Just like you are trying to call out the person who posted this comment….you don’t know if they know who the person is or not. If someone is going to take their business to this site, people have a right to comment on it. The commenter could very well know what or who it’s about. Who are we to say they don’t?

        One last thing, this person is the one who is blaming a whole community publicly for what probably is just a handful of people that have an issue with them. Obviously they did something significant to have upset so many right? I know some people of the sl family community and although based off some of what is posted here weekly, there are some amazing people in it, not that anyone could change your opinion on these people. You seem to be a bit judgemental based off of a few bad sl secrets. I guess we all can be assholes if we really want to be…just different degrees.

  4. #3 now that LindenLab is requesting real life info, ID and real address to let people cash out, maybe now people will chill down a bit when adding copyrighted stuff like RL brands and cartoons
    People are buying because of the already popular logos, not because of the designer efforts

  5. Totes anonymous. says:

    Yah, like, I am totes contradicting myself, but anons, please for the love of mother nature put your names on your posts!