SLsecret: Week 277

Welcome to SLsecret, week 277.


1) wrongattitude

2) Untitled-1


5) sotrendyomg

6) slsecret

7) Secret

8 ) scammywammy

9) reallyisabully

10) poorgirl

11) ODsecret

12) immaturecunts

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  1. Agree with #5 says:

    Thank god I am not alone in thinking that look is horrid. Sure, I am all for some curves and a nice booty but dear god most people look as if their thighs are trying to run away from each other. If you have a tiny upper body and waist but your hips are wider than your shoulders…you just look like a straight up hot mess and it isn’t cute.

  2. doyouneedtoask says:

    Youve got those big boobed twits who are basically whores and nsfwives, those big booty ho’s who think they are black and act like fkin idiots. The wider than life hipped women who just dont have a fkin clue what planet theyre on, and the skinny cows who are uppity or must have their hands amputated as you never see em chatting, like, ever. Annnnd, you get the well proportioned and curvy women who are straight up bitches..all of them! But anyway, to sum it all up, there are stupid body types worn by stupid people who are probably too fat to get their rl asses out of the double-wide chairs they purchased the last time they could fit through the front door because they…you are on second life when you are awake and dream of it when asleep because on sl, people actually like you. All fatties stick together right…oh and the crack whores.
    Soooo glad i’m a normal sized non crack addicted non second life addicted person. I get bored easily and thats aboot it for excuses for this post soooo. Suck it.

    • learnenglishmoron says:

      Judgemental much you bitter little prick?

    • What are you even talking about?

    • What the hell are you on about? I love when people who claim to not be a part of SL come to pages like this to rant about the residents of SL.

      You get bored easily, so you’re using your time to be an internet troll? Yeah, you’re so much fucking better than the rest of us.

      *inserts eyeroll here*

    • Well… for “a normal sized non crack addicted non second life addicted person” you sure know a lot about the people who are supposedly in second life. You know who else is in SL? Liars… big fat full of shit ones like yourself. Those who live in glass whore houses should stop throwing stones.

  3. I just come here when I am taking a shit.
    *insert shrugs here*

  4. Curious ex #10 says:

    Is this some club I should belong to? Why haven’t I been told there is a club for Ex’s. I’m an Ex goddammit, I belong to your club! Call me, we’ll do lunch. Kthxbai x

  5. peoplearestupid says:

    Any excuse to say nasty things about another person eh, lol? You are just as bad.
    I am guessing you must be one of those well proportioned bitches in sl then.
    Your alt must me a wide hipped idiot who doesnt have a fckin clue because You. Just. Dont. Have. A. Fckin. Clue.