SLsecret: Week 255

Welcome to SLsecret, week 255.


1) youyesyou

2) youbothlie

3) whoregan

4) we.know.who

5) VCAndrews

6) tumblr_mde96dvE3r1r9bu62o1_500

7) suchadowner

8 ) Removed by request.

9) SisterLove

10) self esteem

11) segwaymallcop

12) secret3

13) rockstar

14) perfect

15) oops

16) nopointsforcreativity

17) nicey

18 ) nachos

19) Missyou

20) missmyslkiddo

21) last_secret

22) juststop

23) iheartbean

24) Honey badger:Mellivora capensis.Nylsvley Nature Reserve,Limpopo,South Africa.

25) go

26) FrogRoadkill

27) Family_Right

28 ) Fake

30) dumbaswalkers

31) DrunkMom

32) deletion

33) Coward

34) Confused

35) Choose

36) changetherecord

37) brokenheart

38 ) awesome

39) allthesame

SLsecret is published every Sunday at Shopping Cart Disco.

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最近的 plurk 回應:
Gidge Starkso much WTF
XiomaraThere some hoes in this house.
XiomaraAlso, that last one is particularly stupid, have they ever seen a RL fashion blog? That also tends to be gasp wearing things other people made.
TheBloggingElfThese family secrets are so ridiculous. Seriously, get your facts straight and learn to live in reality again. (applause)
Agent Cooperwtf is the 9-9-13 one?
♔BeαиıeXonxy: that one was unsettling to me. Feels like a suicide note
Yeah 21 is disturbing, both the image and the file name. :/
39 is just someone jealous of SL bloggers. Hardly new.
ღ inusweets ღ39 - Sounds like someone tried SL fashion blogging and failed. Hard.
Masha RunyaIs there a way for the website owner to privately contact the person who submitted #21? That secret feels suicidal.
♔Beαиıemasharunya: I don't think there is a way to tell
SkyeHmm...and I actually got a threatening vibe off of #21, which is why it gave me pause.
dakotahroseyikes, 9-9 is my birthday.
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  1. Your mom says:

    “Wearing things other people made”
    You wear clothes made in china. Or do you make your own RL clothes and wear them?
    SL clothes shopping and taking picture for blogging, or RL clothes shopping and take a picture for blogging ..both are the same deal: a sewer (in SL case mesher/texturer) creates, you buy, you wear.

    The end.

  2. The whole of Plurk made secret #38? I think you’re lying.

  3. lol @ #3 correcting the spelling on #2.

  4. I wonder..... says:

    I think I know who #7 is about and if I am right I agree 100%!

  5. Me, myself & I says:

    Lmao. Alt 101


  6. TEN is all about me, I love the smell of my own shit.

    • Lourdes says:

      I thought you would have gotten the hint the first time obviously you did not. Don’t try again.

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