SLsecret: Week 254

Welcome to SLsecret, week 254.


1) weknow

2) twerk

3) Think

4) sodumb

5) smile

6) slecret

7) secretshewasbeautiful

8 ) secret3

9) secret1

10) SCD1

11) raiseyourhand

12) PurpleSecret

13) princess

14) PP

15) noob

16) makeover

17) light

18 ) Incest


20) group2

21) gobutterfly

22) fire

23) fake

24) byebyebye

25) bs

26) backstabber

27) babycarrotsecret

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最近的 plurk 回應:
Tymmerie#21 is totally unfair - it's not like it's a complicated concept. I am sure it's been done before - there is nothing new under the sun. Talk about nit picky!
Ysii<3 8
╰☆Dαηι Snow☆╮yeah exactly I saw that and went someone has been sipping haterade again
Gogoi always felt there were some people on plurk who did this
Gogowell joke's on them, usually what they've accomplished is making someone feel bad, twice. LOL
Gogopeople tend to "shoot the messenger" dear
Darkleyive never had a PP
Gogoonce i said some person prob shouldnt make hair (a few yrs ago), it was prim really ugly.. when we already had sculpted hair, some "nice" person on MY tl told them and they IM'd me within minutes in SL
Becklyn I dont think that one could be anymore obvious if it tried.
Becklynalso RUDE MUCH? DANG
Gogoalso.. lots of cringe-worthy family fucking secrets this week
╰☆Dαηι Snow☆╮Yeah #2 was stupid and rude.
Darkleyim so bored of family stuff, i dont understand it, and i dont care to
MouseMimistrobewho is number 9? Crab-bean, sebastian lima bean, under the sea bean?  I can't figure that one out. lolololol sociopath crab bean?
moo MoneyAre the brother sister secrets about virtual family incest? Oh lord. (eyeroll)
Gogosomeone on my tl said it was about them, their name is sebastian
Darkleyits the well known SL'er
DarkleySebastian Beanster
Gogooh nm he's not on my tl, it was replurked
╰☆Dαηι Snow☆╮I don't know who that is but ok (LOL)
Gogohe's well known?
moo Moneythe finger in #5 photoshopped? It's freakishly long. (unsure)
Gogotake 2 down, she shouldnt have to ask
Gogosince a lot of people already recognize it/think it's obvious
✯Natasha✯#27 could be about my ex husband.
Darkleyno, im making it up
Darkleywho is no 2 about?
Becklyn#2 is def about Alicia
Becklynrude ruuuude ruuuuuuuude
♔Beαиıegogolita: and he's my partner...
Gogooh okay!
✯Natasha✯Whoever made #2 needs a high five in the face with a chair...(annoyed)
Becklynya they do
Lourdes Martellnever heard of this beanster person until this plurk...
Darkleyme neither, i just thought i made it up just now
♔BeαиıeLourdesD: I'm bean.
Doom CookieAgreed. Whoever made number two needs to be forcibly sodomized by a grizzly bear.
Garrett. (⌐■_■)they also need to learn how to spell complaining loooool
OursIsTheFurry#2: pure bitchiness. it must suck to be that mean and petty a human being.
TheBloggingElfNephilaine: Catty woman is catty. I dunno, most of these secrets don't ring a bell at all for me anyways. Family business is just awkward.
XiomaraI said it in Alicia's plurk and I'll say it here too. Someone should tell #2 there is always time to twerk. Always.
XiomaraAlso, to #14, maybe that person legit doesn't care if their bitching gets back to the other person. :-)
don't these people understand he isn't REALLY fucking his sister?
talk about not being able to separate role play from reality.
TheBloggingElfElleCouerblanc: Wait what??? This guy is not really my bf in rl? Oh noes. You destroyed my world. :-(
XiomaraMendes: No doubt - twerking should be encouraged at all times.
TheBloggingElf: I am sorry Arica but it's time to face reality LOL.
XiomaraElleCouerblanc: yes, exactly Twerk Team- **Wop Edition**
TheBloggingElfElleCouerblanc: :'-(
Agent CooperI guess I'm the only one who doesn't know who any of them are about. LOL. Not even the "obvious" one.
Lourdes MartellI remember back in the day with a former SLebrity got it on IRL with his SL daughter. I thought it was funny but I wondered if the SL rp leaked into the bedroom action (LOL)
OursIsTheFurryi am SO FUCKING BORED with all the family secrets. Truly:
sunnygod dont these people realize that they arent really fucking brother and sister? when dude is banging his sister for real, then they can be weirded out.
SandsI don't know why people have to get Cersei involved in their family drama! Cersei is hot! Leave her be!
TheBloggingElfSands: Hahaha I thought exactly the same.
Idk family RP that turns into sex creeps me out, even if it's not "real," but whatever, man. Idk who any of them are about this time. But clearly the family community has been scandalized.
Sandsluciebluebird: everything on SL turns into sex ....
Oh, I take that back. I know who 1 is about, I think. :/
Sands: yeah, see I joined with my RL husband so I think that's kind of given me a different overall experience, lol.
Sandsluciebluebird: lmao yep probably! :-P
I have no idea who any of these are about... and thing is, idgaf. LOL
except the little penor one... I wanna know that one lol
crys_lexenstar: Idk, but I dated a guy in RL that could be about.
luciebluebird: oh ive met a few in RL that would be in the itty bitty penor club
Idk if he knew how to use it because I was 15 and a virgin, but I do remember thinking "hmm it prolly wouldn't hurt much if the first time was with him." Poor guy, lol.
Kaelyn Alecto ♥Hmm #7 is my picture used... but I have no clue what it means... (unsure)
SoHawtSLKaelynAlecto: the photo is of you??
Kaelyn Alecto ♥Morgie: yes I know 100% sure that's my b&w crying pic I took....
Lourdes MartellKaelynAlecto: ok so the secret was not submitted by you or your friends in the picture?? If not I'll take it down. I thought it was a pic of friends and was sharing something positive
SoHawtSLKaelynAlecto: hugs
Kaelyn Alecto ♥I just reconised the pic, not sure if directed to me.... its not bad words... so will take it as positive
KerrythWhat? Monday, and not one has been removed? I think that is a record.
SandsKerryth: I think if you want a secret removed yelling and cussing at Lourdes would be the wrong way to go about it so they all stayed up this week (lmao)
♔BeαиıeMost of the people who they were about seemed to take them in stride, I think
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  1. C. Reepy says:

    More wholesome fun? – lol.

    • Judgey much? says:

      Is it reeeally necessary to pigeon hole the whole SL family community off of a few SL secrets of bad apples? I don’t think that is right personally. It’s easy to make anon comments about stuff you don’t partake in, which is completely your choice granted, however you are passing judgement on the community as a whole. Who is to say that what you enjoy in SL is not something that is judge worthy? The difference is it’s easier to put down or make something sound worse than what it is actually is if you don’t know or really care to understand. You just sit here week after week commenting on what you see posted. Not everyone who has families in SL date or hook up with their aunts, grandfathers, brothers FYI. Try gaining a little more insight instead of judging the book with an SL secret cover. I don’t believe you will though. You seem comfortable trolling anon.

  2. Defensive Much? says:

    Oh come on. Of course it’s not about you. I am not really passing judgement on the whole of that community. Just commenting on the ‘bad apples’ because it’s so ludicrous, funny and often disgusting. And yes, it’s easy. As easy as posting secrets. So I apologise if you are offended but look at some of the material above. How much of this is reeeeally necessary? Is it right? Probably not, but here you are too. Week after week. Who is forcing you to read any of this? In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s not exactly ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’.

  3. oh karma. says:

    I know this makes me mean, but when I read secrets about people I dislike it always makes me smile. I’m not the only one who thinks a certain person is an insane manipulative asshole.

  4. Speakingmymind says:

    Dying laughing at the Sebastian the crab/sociopath picture. Wonder if it’s about who I think it’s about..

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