SLsecret: Week 254

Welcome to SLsecret, week 254.


1) weknow

2) twerk

3) Think

4) sodumb

5) smile

6) slecret

7) secretshewasbeautiful

8 ) secret3

9) secret1

10) SCD1

11) raiseyourhand

12) PurpleSecret

13) princess

14) PP

15) noob

16) makeover

17) light

18 ) Incest


20) group2

21) gobutterfly

22) fire

23) fake

24) byebyebye

25) bs

26) backstabber

27) babycarrotsecret

SLsecret is published every Sunday at Shopping Cart Disco.

Upload your own secrets for next week here.

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About Lourdes

I'm the vile evil bitch that posts Secrets every Sunday. I also have my own fashion blog at

“Not giving any fucks right now...”


  1. C. Reepy says:

    More wholesome fun? – lol.

    • Judgey much? says:

      Is it reeeally necessary to pigeon hole the whole SL family community off of a few SL secrets of bad apples? I don’t think that is right personally. It’s easy to make anon comments about stuff you don’t partake in, which is completely your choice granted, however you are passing judgement on the community as a whole. Who is to say that what you enjoy in SL is not something that is judge worthy? The difference is it’s easier to put down or make something sound worse than what it is actually is if you don’t know or really care to understand. You just sit here week after week commenting on what you see posted. Not everyone who has families in SL date or hook up with their aunts, grandfathers, brothers FYI. Try gaining a little more insight instead of judging the book with an SL secret cover. I don’t believe you will though. You seem comfortable trolling anon.

  2. Defensive Much? says:

    Oh come on. Of course it’s not about you. I am not really passing judgement on the whole of that community. Just commenting on the ‘bad apples’ because it’s so ludicrous, funny and often disgusting. And yes, it’s easy. As easy as posting secrets. So I apologise if you are offended but look at some of the material above. How much of this is reeeeally necessary? Is it right? Probably not, but here you are too. Week after week. Who is forcing you to read any of this? In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s not exactly ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’.

  3. oh karma. says:

    I know this makes me mean, but when I read secrets about people I dislike it always makes me smile. I’m not the only one who thinks a certain person is an insane manipulative asshole.

  4. Speakingmymind says:

    Dying laughing at the Sebastian the crab/sociopath picture. Wonder if it’s about who I think it’s about..