SLsecret: Week 253

Welcome to SLsecret, week 253.


1) youtried

2) Vegetarian Meatball.

3) Squish

4) slsecret

5) secretlovers

6) secret-0

7) secret

8 ) scdsecret

9) sarcasm

10) Rotten

11) Rares

12) Qs

13) not-buying-it

14) Not So Kinky

15) Motherfuckas

16) LoveJillandGattz

17) Little Things Secret

18 ) LilMiss

19) keepcalm-gooutside

20) haters

21) goodgrief

22) Drunk Frog Secret

23) CookieSecret

24) complete

25) chillthefookout

26) cheeseburger

27) Chain

28 ) catfish

29) JonesPansy

30) Blind

31) Autism

32) AntiFamily

33) amazing

34) 1dmeme

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  1. no27, ‘they are all different’ thats your problem, you are not being you

  2. What’s the name of the family? Glee family or something?

  3. Lourdes says:

    Let’s not play this game. You know the rules, no names in comments.

  4. Where does one find the time to play 50 alts! That’s what I want to know.

  5. antigrammar? says:

    makes* all your lives* that* whoever wrote 32… Spell check?

  6. I thought I knew who wrote #32 but then I realized I was wrong, because clearly who wrote #32 has no command of the English language and has the magical ability to type with their ass.

  7. Grammar: Take 2. says:

    Payback is*, karma* (Unless you mean a person named Karma who you’ve hired, hopefully, to proof read your next secret). Really. Spell check. Try it sometime.

  8. Not this again.... says:

    Oh jeez is that glee person once again droning on and on about family crap? This 2nd week of ” This family sucks …” is just straight up tacky. I am not saying that most of the secrets that are posted are the most tactful anyway but…the family thing is looking more like sour grapes than anything like being picked last for dodgeball. #32 go eat your lunchable, drink your juice box and take a damn nap. Also…


  9. I am new to SL Secrets… most I don’t understand, some make me laugh, but there’s a few that are just down right pathetic. Attacking a whole family seems a bit extreme. You love a family until you screw things up (because let’s be honest it was most likely something you did) and then all of a sudden they are horrible people that you hate with a fiery passion. The shit people talk about SL families really doesn’t sit well with me. Let’s move on.

  10. C. Reepy says:

    SL families doesn’t sit well with me period. I suppose the ageplayers had to go hide somewhere.

    • Only a perverted mind would assume that. Ageplayer.

    • Ageplayer? Uh…. I don’t understand that. Almost 70% of SL is filled with barely dressed women, horny men and there’s more than enough places to buy slaves, play at being a “Master” and carry out every disgusting fantasy a person could have. When did all of that become acceptable but when people want to have something wholesome and RP being a family…that’s wrong? :/

    • I figured the OP needed some.

  11. Honestly, 32. You’re ruining Glee for me now. Go sit in the corner and write about it in your diary instead of posting hate secrets all over the place. You’d think last week was enough but again? What happened? Did they take your lunch money? Considering you’re still going on and on about this, whatever that family did to you, I’m guessing you deserved it because all this behavior suggests you just an immature brat.

  12. Hal F. W. It says:

    Ignorant people don’t sit well with me.

  13. C. Reepy says:

    So adults pretending to be kids in a virtual world where families fight and allegations of incest are rife is wholesome? Looking back at Secrets from the past few weeks would seem to indicate that it’s anything but wholesome. How does all of this sit with you Hal F? No-one cares about your pretend families and their ridiculous grievances. Which part of this is fun? At least the other (according to one poster above) almost 70% of depraved SL users are not pretending to be ‘wholesome’. They choose to be openly ‘disgusting’.

    Nachos anyone?

    • Why are you here? says:

      Honestly, no one cares about your inane ramblings or blind judgement. People suck, that is true all over and it doesn’t differ in a virtual world. Not everyone is into depraved play and choosing to base anything of the things that go on in SL from these secrets just further shows how absolutely ignorant you are.

      But hey, stay stupid…ignorance is bliss I hear.

  14. lololololol says:

    Hal F? I love that you didn’t get it. It’s halfwit you moron and it was directed at you. So again… ignorant people be ignorant yo.

  15. C. Reepy says:

    Ah, that’s right – belittle the inane, ignorant rambler because they’ve hurt your feelings and hit a raw nerve. If ignorance means not wanting associate with sociopathic and desperate attention whores, I’m ok with that. – uh bravo, how clever of you. Your virtual parents must be so very proud. Try telling people in the ‘real world’ what you do and see how superior you feel then.

    Oh, you can’t because you have rares to collect and camp to attend? Never mind, at least you can’t infect the gene pool from the comfort of your basement.

    Run along now and get therapy yo.

  16. oh god. says:

    So its better to be outright disgusting? All of those things are okay now because they suit your argument? Shit happens in the family community, sure. But someone as outright ignorant as you will never understand. It isn’t about that bullshit. Its about finding people to make connections and bond with over something that… If you put your prejudices aside, you would realise is just fun. But no. Maybe we should try your way and give up all pretenses of decency and just start ass raping every other person and all start wear slutty clothes and master tags.

    When you start knocking something because you don’t understand it, that does make you a halfwit.

  17. oh god. says:

    Oh. And for the record. Which would you prefer? Telling someone you RP as a mom or a dad or hell even a kid and run around collecting rates and going to camps. Or telling them you own a virtual strip joint or you play slaver to virtual sluts? How superior would you feel being openly disgusting?

  18. Thank you, Darkley. I guess I just don’t know who I am yet.

  19. c. Reepy says:

    Umm for the record, I don’t do any of those other things either. Nor do I remember at any point saying that it was ok to do what they do. I find them equally as disgusting as the hypocrites in the family community that pretend that it’s all good wholesome fun. While I do accept that for a few, that may be the case. The only side that the rest of us see is the constant stream of bullshit. I’ve known a couple of people who RP’d in that community and they were vile, backstabbing and insincere individuals.

    At least we agree that the slavers/masters/sluts crowd are disgusting.

    Done judging you all. Now where did those 1D fans go?