SLsecret: Week 252

Welcome to SLsecret, week 252.


1) you-probably-hate-yourself-anyway

2) xyz

3) whore

4) violinkitty

5) truth

6) truethat

7) sweetsecret

8 ) staysmiling

9) SLSecretContribution

10) slsecret

11) seriouslyyoufollowmeeverywhere

12) rain

13) jillgattz

14) PurpleTeeth

15) peaceyingyangyeahright

16) Ohbaby

17) Nacho Family

18 ) littlethings

19) little lyre

20) keep-being-you

21) ihurt

22) HomewreckerBiscuit

23) Georgetown Cupcakesboxed cupcakes

24) HD55910a.indd

25) guide

26) goeatdicksanddie

27) frog

28 ) familyrp

29) Coward

30) complain

31) closer

32) camprocks

33) CAMP

34) bitch

35) bekind

36) back

37) amazing

38 ) admirer

39) 2416606-seconds

40) special

SLsecret is published every Sunday at Shopping Cart Disco.

Upload your own secrets for next week here.

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  1. Finally Happy says:

    Whoever posted number 26, I love you.

  2. @ 27…sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. Someone needs to look in the mirror before accusing others. Yea you.

  3. Just As Happy says:

    I wish I posted number 26.

  4. Clementine Istari says:

    You know who wrote 27? share!

  5. They are the worst says:

    Agreed on 26

  6. Jam and cream would go great with that scone. I think I’m in a good place in SL in that week after week I have no clue who any of the secrets are about. #35 has the right idea.

  7. To the people who cry and whine over ‘nasty secrets’… here’s a tip for you. Don’t read them every week.

    The drama will do perfectly well without you and I won’t have to make a secret about whiners going onto a website that no-one is forcing upon them.

    Don’t like it? Don’t look. It’s that simple. Really, it is.

    But you want to don’t you? You want to be appalled and offended by the nastiness. You hate how spiteful some of these things are and wonder how some people can be so mean to their fellow humans… and yet every week you’re back. Maybe it says as much about you as it does them. Don’t pretend you come here for the ‘sweet ones’.

    • I agree! No one says you have to come on this website and look and read these. But since they love drama they choose to come here and read them and then complain, b*tch, whine, and moan about it being about them when they don’t know for a fact that it is.

      Here is a little something for those folks lol “If the shoe fits then lace that b*tch up and wear it!”

  8. Yes they are. says:

    #26 – I really wish i had written this myself too

  9. RE: BOOHOO says:


    To the people who cry and whine over ‘nice secrets’…here’s a tip for you. Don’t read them.

    Last I checked, its in the rules when you upload to “Not use slsecrets to specifically target other residents” and that is EXACTLY what is happening which I believe that is why people are offended and appalled. So those who write nice things are just as welcome as those who don’t and it seems they are rarer each day, so if they come here for that or not – mind your own business and get off your soapbox and simply “Don’t look” at the nice ones.

  10. As the SLSecrets turn….

  11. Dear number 12:

    I probably don’t know you and I definitely won’t judge you. Give me a call. We’ll talk.

    – GreenLantern Excelsior

  12. Hey #12. I’m around if you want to chat. Life sucks sometimes but chin up, it does get better. There’s ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel, I’ve been there and know the light is there. I’ll help you until you can see it yourself.

  13. Just Me! says:

    No. 27


    ENOUGH SAID!!!!!

  14. Just Me! says:

    No.17 SAY YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!