SLsecret: Week 251

Welcome to SLsecret, week 251.


1) yardscam

2) ToxicWasteDumpingSecret

3) SLSecret2


5) sherman

6) secret

7) runwhileyoustillcanthumper

8 ) Removed by request.

9) memesecret

10) knavesecret


12) image

13) hypocrite

14) getoverit

15) family_RP

16) damntheirshapemakingabilities

17) DaddyIssues

18) click

19) camp

20) 1371228385736

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  1. Cicadetta says:

    Huh. I can’t figure out what #18 is trying to say, but I suspect it is about kerning… :p

  2. #19 needs spell check

  3. 6# Point being?

  4. Annoyed says:

    Whoever put up #4 is a cowardly, horrible person. That information was put on a private timeline, not to be brandished and publicized in a blatant attempt to mock and hurt the person who said those things.

    This is Cyber bullying at its finest. Congratulations.

    • Lourdes says:

      Her timeline is not private its public. Also the purpose was not to mock but to expose her deception.

    • kesseret says:

      please stop whipping out the ‘cyber bullying’ card. The timeline is public so I won’t remove it as asked, if it was a private timeline- yeah I’d remove it with a chastising comment.

      • Someone says:

        The timeline may be, but the plurk in question is NOT public. It was a locked post.

        • Lourdes says:

          So let me get this straight. The woman lies about having a miscarriage on plurk. People who believed her, became distraught and directed her to go to the hospital right away. She goes ape shit crazy and starts removing people because they show concern and ask her to see a doctor. A few days later she plurks she’s having her monthly. Also, I may be wrong, but I saw a plurk from her recently saying she’s pregnant.

          Why work so hard to cover up her lies?

        • kesseret says:

          Well no offense, but Lourdes ‘ain’t got time’ to researching that deeply into things. I won’t allow her either. Seriously. And don’t say “You’d do it if you were in charge” because you wouldn’t.

          Now if the plurk is private or was locked, how about this – how about the person take a good hard look at who had access to that plurk and think about what “Friend” they have is likely to betray them. Because I’m sick of us getting the blame when in reality someone here is a liar – it ain’t me or Lourdes.

          Final answer.

          • Someone says:

            No asshole, if I was in charge there wouldn’t be all kinds of nasty “secrets” for people to get their jollies off being complete dicks to people they know nothing about.

            You were told it was private, no one has to go researching. Your keeping it up simply shows that you don’t like the person in question and so are being a piece of shit in regards to them. Whatever you or anyone else thinks of them is not important here. What is, is that this idiotic site is simply up here for people to trash others so they can feel better about themselves and their apparently shitty lives, which are so bad they have to resort to being internet douchebags. Kudos to you all for that.

            Y’all need to go take a good hard look in the mirror.

  5. Oh they’ve gone from nachos to taco’s. Right now I could go either one. I’m hungry.

    • Oh and no-one sent in a SLecret that they (anyone) secretly wanted to bonk me so I’ll send my own bloody one in next week. I just wanted a mercy SLecret but it looks like it’ll be just me and my hand tonight (um meaning when I submit my own secret) lol

  6. jill and gattz rule. shut up jealous bitches. you hate that they came up with it first.

  7. Just Me! says:

    No 19.

    What I’d like to know is, why do you care where the money goes? Lets say Jill and Gattz Didn’t have to pay for 2 sims for the two weeks. Lets say they didn’t spend their time terraforming and decorating to provide a whole huge layout of a multitude of places to explore and enjoy. Lets say they don’t buy stuff in for extras. Lets say EVERY counselor did it for free… What if this particular internet bully was right? Most designers spend hours working on their stuff. Some designers throw stuff together to make a quick dollar. Is it OK for them to put the money they get from sales into their pockets? of course it is – it’s why they do it. Is spending time designing something not the same as spending time creating the whole experience for people.

    I have been to the last 5 camps and when I think of what is provided for camp I know that there is no way this couple can be pocketing the money. And what’s more, if they were?…I would give a shit! All people need to be concerned about is that these two people with the help of some others who put a lot of time and effort into it, provide an amazing experience for over 100 people twice a year. Could you provide what they do? Could you manage to throw two sims of stuff up making the camp experience different EVERY TIME just using what you have in your inventory? Are YOU willing to put the time and effort into organizing the whole thing and then giving up 8 days of your time to be there seeing it through?

    Whoever this person is, I feel sorry for you! Did posting your jealousy help you at all? I hope it did! :)

    • Just Me! says:

      sorry meant 8 days and not two weeks!

      • Just Me! says:

        sorry meant 8 days and not two weeks! and I WOULDN’T give a shit! See peeps! this is why you should always proof read before hitting enter LOL 😀

        • Catch me if you can says:

          It’s alright kids don’t need spell checks. And you are absolutely right.

          Too much goes into making camp the special even that kids all across sl look forward to two times a year. The poster of that nasty comment is just jealous they didn’t get in and needed to post this hate mail out of rage. It just goes to show how much they actually wanted to go to camp because they had to come post this hear.
          Even though they have help from staff, the majority of camp is thought of and put together by those two wonderful people. Year after year they come up with new ideas and provide the entire kid world with joy and fun and brings us kids together on common ground.
          Camp delivers a wonderful experience to all sl kid and if anyone in the kids world has not had a chance to experience camp then they need to.

          Even though all us campers know where the money is going, as can be told the moment we step onto the camp site every year, its nobody else’s business. What they do to provide us this wonderful service is their business and they deserve to be paid whether its with money or our smiling faces ( sometimes crying faces for extended camp days),

          Jill and Gattz do a wonderful job to give second life kids a second chance at being kids for life.

          Dont like it then you best be camping out in your own backyard.

          piss on all yall haters.

          …ESL… F**k Spell check!

  8. I only just learned of this site, and came to do research myself. I won’t go into defending anyone or commenting about the garbage I believe is on this site, but I will say, as a member of the community in SL, I’ve been bullied, and had a few people get snarky and group up against me all because of the name of my store, It wasn’t pleasant, it wasn’t right, and neither is the crap that I see going on here. It’s a malicious, anonymous, passive aggressive bitch rant rag, and it’s trash. I’ll never visit this site again, nor will I ever tell anyone about this site. Those who run this should be ashamed of themselves. Don’t jump in the pool against others, especially if you haven’t gotten to know someone first. Base your opinion and thoughts of others on what YOU know of them, and let others do the same. If you don’t know anything, keep your trap shut. Conflict happens and not everyone gets along, people and personalities don’t always mix, but SL is a place to escape all that real life daily drama. I know why the haters make drama, because to them it’s fun, but one day the haters and drama makers are going to run out of people who trust them or care about them, and then.. where will they be? Those who are genuine aren’t going to care what you say here anyway, but you go on doing what you think is funny, you’ll only keep fans who are like you, and that’s good.. it’s best to keep all the trash in one place.