SLSecret Week 248

1) Removed by request.


2) botter



3) hypocrite



4) Just-awesome


5) justone



6) justsaynotothedressalfred



7) livelaughpuke



8) morethanyouthink



9) notchosorry



10) paranoia


11) psychofuck



12) secretlol


13) SLsecret



14) themanbehindthecurtain



16) Untitled


17) youhaveadick

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最近的 plurk 回應:
Gidge StarkI see its a nacho weekend and someone has a dick. Also ripping is bad mmmkay.
Doom CookieBut ripping is the only good way to get a band-aid off
MyndiThe camels win!
TymmerieOk #4 camels? I am laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!
SaffieYay I don't understand any!!
Doom CookieAnd while Kess and Lourdes are kind souls, willing to listen to pleas for removal I am in fact an asshole and will not remove a single fucking thing. Thank you for shopping, please drive through.
Mavilousbtw tonight I really am having nachos for dinner so there :-P
Le PumpkinThose nachos look good
Tymmerie#1 is obvious but lame and i have ideas about who 6 and 12 are about. But who knows? I know nothing.
Moniqi only understand #1 this week. no idea about the rest. except that someone else was blamed for the nacho secrets from last week
MouseMimistrobeI never got the nacho secrets at all.
MyndiI don't get the nachos...i never have...tantrums
Bounceri don't even get #1
number four is kind of creeping me out!
Agent CooperI don't get any of the vague ones! WTH is up with the nachos?
JenIt's about some dude in the sl family community. Or so I've heard.
Austie StarkYeah, it's about a kid avi.
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Dancien (or God-Emperor Fabulous as he is known in his native tongue) is just here to point and laugh and tell you when you’re fucking wrong (which is a lot by the way). He is also waiting for the mothership to come back and pick him up. He enjoys long walks on the beach, critiquing pornography, kicking cute woodland creatures in the balls and most of all, making you cry.


  1. Why was #1 removed? That could have been a number of designers. Several of them have put out very similar items in the previous months. If you know who #1 is about than chances are… you were probably thinking the same thing. Oh whoops!

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