SLsecret: Week 246

Welcome to SLsecret, week 246.


1) Vintage Secret

2) trappedinthemiddle

3) SLSecret

4) saddrama

5) oldbish

6) leavesl

7) karma

8 ) IWishYouWouldNotice

9) invisible

10) homewrecker

11) gonebatty

12) gaggling_mob

13) Friends

14) boyz

15) bawbawbaw

16) aorm

17) all_lies

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  1. Blaise Glendevon says:

    Dear #7: That’s not what Karma means. Karma deals with the cause-and-effect relationship between your actions, and the ongoing ripples of effect they cause, eventually deciding your disposition in the next life.

    Please, stop appropriating.

    — Blaise

  2. #4 is below the belt, even for secrets standards. Too far.

    • Cicadetta says:

      So much this.

      RL happens, and some people do have the actual need to talk about it. Sometimes they talk about it to SL friends. Sometimes you’re the talker, and sometimes you’re the listener. Sometimes it’s difficult to discern intent from someone you don’t know as well, but sometimes… sometimes you need to give people the benefit of the doubt. It doesn’t hurt you, and it may help them.

      Whoever wrote #4 needs to grow a brain and/or a heart. Learning to spell would help, too, but one thing at a time.

  3. Creepy stalker person…if you’re paying enough attention to what someone is posting to notice when they delete one….stalk much? lol.

  4. #3 has always been like that and alienated quite a lot of nice friends in favour of cunty ones but it magnified tenfold when she started to make mainstream things