SLsecret: Week 245

Welcome to SLsecret, week 245.


1) yourejustnotfunny

2) youbiatch

3) you_stink

4) x

5) wonderful

6) wonder no more

7) ugh

8 ) soonagain

9) soon



12)shady bitch

13) secret

14) prom

15) pink-unicorn

16) others

17) onthepier

18 ) ofc you are

19) nooneknowsbutme

20) mob

21) memehoar

22) flaky

23) fave_this

24) facepalm

25) eden

26) confuse

27) catfish

28) alcan

SLsecret is published every Sunday at Shopping Cart Disco.

Upload your own secrets for next week here.

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About Lourdes

I'm the vile evil bitch that posts Secrets every Sunday. I also have my own fashion blog at

“Not giving any fucks right now...”


  1. Elvira Avedon says:

    Hey here’s a secret you don’t wanna miss…… BIG spring fashion show at the Streetwhores sim in Wirtz. 25th May 12:30pm SLT.
    The girls will be parading in the latest gear and competing for your votes. A real SL fashion and fun event with a big after party in Club Radiance and who knows what hi-jinnks :-)

    If you like fashion, if you like fun or if you just wanna socialise and perv on the girls. THIS IS FOR YOU!

    Free market Stalls for clothes vendors for the day. Opportunities for models.

    IM to Elvira Avedon for details.


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