SLsecret: Week 239

Welcome to SLsecret, week 239.




3)Removed by request





8 )okay

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Lourdes MartellIts secrets...
ImpSlapdeccydoll: the kennedies?
❤❤ 10:10 ❤❤o.o i would never in a million years have made that connection if i hadn't read this plurk
~✿ Cember ✿~Gonan delete my comments here now because I don't want it getting worse
ImpSlapi don´t think anyone would know unless you said it
~✿ Cember ✿~Our whole family would know and that's more than enough for me, unfortunately.
# Bso someone in your family wrote it?
~✿ Cember ✿~Mmhmm.
Doom Cookie
ImpSlapwhat bouncer said
~✿ Cember ✿~It's gone now (thank you for that, by the way) and that's enough for me. I just hate drama as a whole. Ain't nobody got time for that.
╰☆Dαηι Snow☆╮ gotta love family
Darkleywho is the cheesy nacho person?
~✿ Cember ✿~Unfortunately the person's name is the title of the image if you hover over and look in your bottom bar of the browser :/
XiomaraI don't know who the cheesy nacho person is, but I have a theory.
sunnyi kinda wanna know who the crazy person is lol... and the first one is tl;dr
Cajsa or OscarThey are all mysteries to me.
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  1. Now I’m hungry for nachos.

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