SLsecret: Week 237

Welcome to SLsecret, week 237.







6) Removed by Request


8 )idiot






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最近的 plurk 回應:
TymmerieOh! Lots of them this week!
Lourdes Martellit says sweet friday's but its secrets grumbles I have no idea why it does that
Lolo Dailey#8 is so funny!
Gidge Starkso much crankypants!
Sook ★ BelleAww that last one makes me :'-( I have a friend who passed away in rl from sl and I do the same thing (cozy)
Ari/NicolaThere are some nice ones, I like that
RaineyNo. 8 is hilarious (LOL)
Cajsa or OscarI don't get #4, but it sure made me hungry!
SaffieThe nice ones are lovely for once
❤❤ 10:10 ❤❤oh I see. we're all idiots for not being able to supernaturally divine alts. lol
Damn it, I missed one.
CajsaLilliehook: I know, my mouth watered! I want berries now!
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