SLsecret: Week 236

Welcome to SLsecret, week 236.









8 )dumbass angel


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最近的 plurk 回應:
Lourdes Martellplurk parsed it wrong its really secrets
♔Beαиıesecret secrets
Rune☆Gastonsssshhhhh dont tell anyone
Austie Starkone about the shoe manager again?
Austie Starkand 7... little bit creepy much?
Cajsa or OscarI am guessing #2 is a thank you for Global Domination which is a nice thing.
Gidge StarkI didn't see one about the shoes
Doom CookieAs it turns out this week no. SO I WAS WRONG. SUE ME
♔BeαиıeDimitriRizooto: I still think that one is about the situation
Doom CookieOh well okay then. Carry on
Lourdes Martellthere are none about shoes or the situation
CicadettaAustiePegler: Little creepy, and yet I can't help but agree with it and wish that person luck.
CicadettaLourdesD: (The Situation? :-P)
QUEENofGREENtrying to be more curvy ,,love that one
♔Beαиıeooooh..... good thinking Sunny... an I'm still thinking #8 is about it too
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  1. Dancien says:

    Dear Number 8,
    Live Journal called. They miss you.

  2. SL community says:

    Dear Shopping Cart Disco, try to gain traffic for your website, in another way then by insulting people.

    • Dancien says:

      Dear SL Community,
      Stop reading then numbnuts.

      No Love, hope you get chlamydia,

    • Salvatore Otoro says:

      Dear SL community,
      Two things:
      1 – Learn to spell
      2 – Go read something else on Sundays though we all know you’ll be back for your weekly Secrets fix.

  3. Don Mill says:

    I like #9

  4. #6 Thanks for making fun of people who are unemployed in this bad economy. I love sitting home
    all day with nothing to do because no one will give me a job even at Wendys. You better
    hope the shoe is not on the other foot some day.

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