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1) 3dots

2) 50 Shades

3) itllneverhappen

4) goodbye

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最近的 plurk 回應:
BecklynAw DAN, I am disappoint, dude.
Doom CookieGive it a little bit. Somebody will get offended about one of them.
Becklynyou are gonna have to explain to me which one lol
Doom CookieWell fuck if I know
Doom CookieI'm simply going off the probabilities here
BecklynLOL dammit! oh well
Gidge StarkYou're my secret sounds like a line from Jerry Maguire.
ImpSlapthe 50 shades one upsets me a bit
Doom CookieWhy?
ImpSlappeople being judgy one women expressing sexuatlity
ImpSlapon even
Doom CookieI make fun of the 50 shades books because they're bad writing
ImpSlapwell is not mocking the book now is it? is about sl and the 50 shades thing
ImpSlapwich is basically women expresing their sexuality and being called whores for it
Doom CookieOr there is an SL thing?
ImpSlapcause yeah that´s super awesome and as a woman i never heard it before
Moniqaybe it's not about the challenge, it could be about one person
Moniqi have no idea though
ImpSlapi still find it sad that it passed
ImpSlapi doubt anyone would allow a secret with faggot in it
Doom CookieSo this 50 shades challenge thing...basically it's a bunch of half dressed bloggers doing sexy poses yeah? This was different than normal how?
Doom CookieActually I probably would let one through. Of course I would let ALL of them through
Doom CookieWhich is why I don't do them
ImpSlapDimitriRizooto: cause aprently SCD allows them to be called whores for it
Doom CookieWell Iris doesn't pay attention to SL anymore. Which is why she does them. There is no bias.
ImpSlapthere is bias when you allow stuff like this
ImpSlapto all women
ImpSlapit´s sexist bs
Doom CookieI don't see it that way
ImpSlapDimitriRizooto: well you´re not a woman and how often do you get called a whore for simply existing or having a vagina nevermind an actual sex life
Cajsa or OscarI think that sexism is so pervasive, though, that words that denigrate women never raise the kind of questions that words that denigrate people of color or people who are LGBTIQ would.
Cajsa or OscarNot excusing the sexism, but we have Whore Couture as an event in SL.
Doom CookieI've been called a whore quite a few times thank you.
ImpSlapCajsaLilliehook: doesn´t stop being sexism
OursIsTheFurrysure all that exists. doesnt mean we have to like it.
ImpSlapDimitriRizooto: oh poor you dancien
Doom CookieTotally. I need a hug.
Cajsa or OscarElyHynes: I agree and I hate that whore, bitch, slut & cunt are used so widely. I don't see any "reclamation" at work at all. It's no coincidence that these words are gaining widespread usage while our rights
Cajsa or Oscarare under systemic attack. For women, this is a very retrograde era.
ImpSlapCajsaLilliehook: exactly is hard to reclaim anything whilst you hear those words and feelings beinhd them so widespread and used so often
Doom CookieOut of curiosity where was this level of griping when Whore Couture was going on?
ImpSlapin these case how dare these whore have a sexuality
Doom CookieI almost said "bitching" but that would be more fuel to the fire
ImpSlapnd it makes me extremily sad to see SCD allow it
Cajsa or OscarDimitriRizooto: I didn't attend the Whore Couture event because I did not support it.
ImpSlapi doubt faggot in any shape or form would have been allowed in secrets
Cajsa or OscarI have friends who feel differently. That's okay. I just know that I don't like it.
ImpSlapin this case the word is not even being used as being reclaimed
Doom CookieWell nobody has used the word faggot in a secret that has been submitted so I can't verify if your statement is true or not.
ImpSlapclearly an insult to the woman involved in the challenge and all women in general
Doom CookieClearly
KatalysticalPeople can think what they like and if they think a woman who loves showing off their beautiful and sexy side is a whore, fine. You can't change that moron's mind. But for the sane, rational rest of us...
KatalysticalA lot of people are enjoying the 50 Shades of Sexy posts and I, for one, learned a lot at the event for it last night. There are so many different ways to express that side of yourself as a woman and it's...
Doom CookieMaybe it's not about the 50 Shades of Sexy thing? Second Line in secret seems to indicate maybe not?
Katalysticalincredibly enjoyable to me to see it! As a church girl growing up who whose sexuality was squelched so much, it's exciting for me to be able to express. So, to the idiot who posted that secret, sucks to be you!
ImpSlapDimitriRizooto: it doesn´t matter about who it is is tsill sexist
♥ Alicia ♥Well we don't know who made the secret. Is it about the challenge? Is it about someone being sexy? Or is it about someone actually being a whore and taking pay for sex?
Becklyndid a WOMAN post the secret? if so, is it still sexist?
Doom CookieApparently
BecklynWhy are we assuming a man did it? Is that not also sexist?
Doom CookieAlso
KatalysticalI guess we'll never know... Who made it so we can ask ya? We need a follow up secret to explain your first secret.
Doom CookieSexist
Cajsa or Oscartobefree: Internalized sexism is a powerful force.
Gidge StarkI assumed it was another shoe thing because that person is annoying in their endless posting
BecklynI'm not saying it isn't, but automatic assumption that it was a man doing the posting is also sexist, tbh.
Doom CookieThere was an shoe one we didn't let through. Because WE FUCKING GET IT ALREADY
Cajsa or OscarI want to see one that says "I got my shoes! & this one is going up your ass."
♥ Alicia ♥There was ANOTHER shoe one?! LMAO
Doom CookieSame background and everything.
♥ Alicia ♥Man, someone is pressed that they didn't get fucked or get shoes.
Doom CookieJust shut the fuck up about it already. We all know. And Nobody cares
Gidge Stark
BecklynI want to see one of two people fuckin wearing Gos shoes saying "You jelly?"
BecklynI might make that even just for the lulz.
Becklyn(I won't, cuz I suck at buying shit in SL, but still - FUNNY)
sunnyconsidering the ratio of males to females here, id be willing to lay odds on the whore secret being made by a woman. considering that it says "a whore" and "nightly screenings" it seems to be about a specific
sunnyperson. and sorry, but i dont think it is "sexist" if a female made it.
Keliah#6 I offer hugs, just sayin'.
sunnywe call ourselves whores all the time, and i for one do not think that being called a whore is in any way comparable to being called a faggot.
♥ Isa ♥Women can participate in their own oppression.
sunnysorry, i dont feel very oppressed because some random person said the word whore
JosephineOffended by people who can't understand directions and submit ones with weird dimensions
Doom is the easiest thing ever...
Doom Cookie600x450
Doom CookieNope, everybody has to be a special snowflake
Lourdes MartellI think I know who is doing the shoe secrets, but no proof so I won't accuse (unsure)
sunnywhoever it is should maybe get a hobby, like.. i dunno mastering photoshop.. instead of spending so much time worrying about who is fucking who
XiomaraAlso, #4... am I failing at reading comprehension, or does that secret just not make any sense?
MatthewAnthony4 needs a "but" after the comma
♥ Alicia ♥#5 reminds me of the postcards we get from local churches talking about some of their monthly learning sessions. (LOL) Not the words, just the style of the card.
AbelIt's slut shaming. There is nothing wrong with having multiple sexual partners
AbelVinalla monogamous relationships are so 1950's
JeliThere's nothing wrong or vanilla about monogamy either.
JeliAnyone can have an intense and meaningful sexual experience with any partner or partners. It all depends on your ability to be open minded.
Crackedyou can call me slut or a whore or even a cunt but DO NOT tell me to chill out or to calm down and do not call me stupid. js
CrackedI'm so immune to the word "whore" these days because people use it for everything. It only has meaning if you give it meaning
Crackedit's actually my term of endearment to therandomslife
❤❤ 10:10 ❤❤that blog meme didn't even enter my mind when I saw the secret. I forgot it existed
AbelNever said there was anything wrong. But you don't see people going "All these women fight for equal rights and you waste it being a housewife"
JeliSome people choose to be a housewife.
AbelWhat you see is "Oh your overly sexual and you are not thinking of settling down lol SLUT"
JeliIt's the fact that she got the ability to choose that lifestyle as opposed to being forced into it. That's equal rights.
JeliBut guys get that, too. If they choose to stay at home with the kids and not work, they get ridiculed for not being a man.
JeliPeople are always going to put others down because it's a control issue and it makes them feel better.
Jeli*feel better about themselves
sunnyi didnt think that the secret was about the blog meme either, it doesnt even really make sense for that.. what does "nightly screenings" have to do with that meme?
Nora^ agree. I think it's an attack and has nothing to do with the blog thinger
GropeNinjaCajsaLilliehook: WC is sort of tongue in cheek though, its why we are doing it (aux). There arent many events like it on the grid.
GropeNinjaSo its a lot of "out and proud" people about sexuality.
GropeNinjai dunno i think im just used to it and thats sad. harv and i got called sluts and gor fantatics for posting questionable
GropeNinjacontent on plurk (of ourselves, two seperate plurks, hers was a blog post). I cant even be offended.
GropeNinjasomeone is just closed minded, all i can do is:
I am doing that challenge, but to me that secret sounded more like it was about one person. Possibly one person who is doing the challenge, but yeah.
As for the word whore... it's kind of hard to NOT have that be something women get called when they insist on calling themselves that with events like Whore Couture. So, it's sort of like... it's okay if you
are using it to describe yourself willingly, but not okay if someone says it about you.
At any rate, I just rolled my eyes at that one. It's too vague to know who it is about, and if it is about the challenge and bloggers doing it, whatever. Someone's just jealous, as usual.
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  1. Dear No 6,

    I hope you can take a look at an open letter this site’s owner Kesseret wrote last year when another person sent a postcard about suicide.

  2. Being a slut/whore/skank/tramp/ect is not fashion style. Just keep telling yourselves that ladies.

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