SLsecret: Week 234

Welcome to SLsecret, week 234.



3) boohoo

4) mysecret



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最近的 plurk 回應:
Natalie2 & 3 were kinda going to be obvious ones this week. Can't say i don't agree with them either, 'cos i do.
SLEXTRAVAGANZAnothing is obvious to me lol.. im sooo outta loop lol
Darkleyi dont know what they are about
ImpSlapi see the flickr one and that´s all i really get well we all knew flickr would inforce their stuff i didn´t see much whinning about it tho just looking for alternatives
Voshie#6 just makes me roll my eyes at the fact it was made a secret.
Voshiewhat's so secret about it? o.O
Gidge StarkI am at a loss as to why anyone cares who is shagging who. True or not, grow up. This isn't high school we can shag who we like - or not.
~✿ Cember ✿~Voshie: True, but there's rarely anything SECRET about any of the secrets rofl
XiomaraI just want to know who I can shag for free shoes (lmao)
NatalieHaha, you tramp :-D
Voshieoh 90% of the time i don't get them lol
Darkleyi need to find someone to shag to get free stuff
Gogofabulous people dont need to shag anyone to get free things ;p
Cajsa or OscarWeek 3 of the Shoe Shagger! I seriously think someone desperately wants to be shagging for shoes and didn't make the grade.
Cajsa or OscarI smell a whiff of unrequited desire to be a shoe shagger.
Cajsa or OscarI kind of like #4. It reproaches the absolutists who don't encompass all the possible ways people can love each other.
Lourdes Martellyeah #4 is my fav. The show shagging shit is old.
Gogoi would shag for a full sim's tier
Gogofuck shoe. gogo is not cheap
Lourdes Martell*shoe not show (LOL)
WhispersMagicI think #4 is quite poetic
SLEXTRAVAGANZAhahahaha @ shoe shagger lmao ... copyright that shit lmao
Oddly I find number 4 sweet and oh so melancholy.
Tymmeriemaybe it will start a Fashion Blog meme: "Shoes (or whatever item) that I would Shag for."
Darkleyooh, i like that
Darkleya weekly column
Crackedwhoever wrote #5, it's starting to get a little bit obsessive now. Sounds like someone is jelly to me tbh.
Crackedand why is the secret trying to shame the "employee" and not the "boss". wtf with double standards much? Loser.
~✿ Cember ✿~My guess is that it's because they're not jealous of the boss :-P
Crackedthey're jealous cause they want to be the one screwing their boss and getting free shoes or something
CrackedI mean really... that's what this week after week obsession sounds like to me
Crackedmove onnnn ain't nobody got time for dat
Crackedand #6 always love the holier than thou types.
LucieOh, geesh. Why can't we just let people fuck in peace?
Geminiluciebluebird: amen to that
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  1. Ugh what a classy website this is, attacking the same people Week in Week out.

  2. I agree but I’ve seen many people be the topic of this and the thing is, its line a trend… Eventually the mean girls get bored and move on to someone else. Usually someone is just butt hurt because they wanted what the topic if the secret was…. It only matters if people let this matter.

  3. I don’t know who is shagging whom for what, but #5 speaks to me.

  4. Whispers Magic says:

    Has SCD ever claimed to be classy? Just sayin’….

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