SLsecret: Week 233

Welcome to SLsecret, week 233.

1)Attention Whore








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“Not giving any fucks right now...”


  1. I love how passive aggressive #7 is. We go from “that’s okay, you seem like a nice person” to “you’re merely there to talk about yourself” and “maybe you just don’t give a shit about anyone else”.

    It’s okay for different things to have different meanings, for different people. Just because someone might not be invested in Plurk to the degree that you prefer, does not mean they’re a selfish person. Do you have a full understanding of what their daily life is like, the things that demand their attention, the time they have set aside to play on different social media sites? Are you aware of any past Plurk drama that might have perhaps turned them off from getting more involved?

    Stop being so judgmental because THAT is what’s not cool. Drama whores are a dime a dozen on Plurk, and yet you say this person ‘seems nice’. How about you simply appreciate and enjoy that about them, and stop worrying about why they don’t put as much into Plurk as you’d prefer?

  2. #4: Are you really going to keep this going?! What you pointed out still can ALSO mean that they cannot resell the actual models to let others build, ie sell as full perm. Otherwise, why would people waste their money on a site like that for SL? Never, have I EVER seen any royalty free ANYTHING say you can use it but not use it in a product unless they added a commercial clause that outlines what can be done. Maybe ask others to interpret for you? I have others say the exact same things YOU POINTED OUT as being vague. None of what you had so ‘gracefully’ pointed out in last week’s secrets was in a full perm bundle pack. Those most likely came from her brother.

    So really, stop attacking her.