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1) bobby

2) 1234

3)no more meeroo

4)SL Secret




8 )wishuwerehere

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最近的 plurk 回應:
Cajsa or OscarThere is not an eyeroll animation big enough for my eyeroll at no. 7.
Darkleyi dont get it
Gwinny~♥well I know I might be a downer to all this happy bully secret shit as the blog owner should NOT post pics involving certain symbols!
Gwinny~♥and don't say "its not us posting those" you are the one publishing the shit and giving such a ppl a platform so you are responsible for what is on there! :-&
evieIt's slow loading but I take it the secret writers failed at the challenge Kess set
♥ Alicia ♥I don't get it either.
Gwinny~♥I think I know who it is about and who might have done this secret but should never have been posted the way it is ...
Skye D.EvelynHartshon: Hah! They failed that challenge last week.
BecklynI dont get it lol
♔Beαиıepeople still talk about meeroos?
Aya SpotI liked 8. Wtf is up with 7? o.o
Blau#3 i am p sure i know who it is about and >:c at whoever posted it
Cajsa or OscarRainbowFartsandGlitterBurps: I have no idea who it could be about, but in the world of out of proportion analogies, running events and launching a holocaust are pretty much the limit.
Gwinny~♥CajsaLilliehook: I agree! But I know someone who said things like that picture is showing to a event organizer! on plurk of course ...where all the drama seems to happen lol
Lourdes MartellI think the point was to say even vile monsters like hitler had supporters and planned it events. Being and event planner or having supporters doesn't make you a good person or something positive.
Rune☆GastonSecrets have finally used Goodwin's law.
Rune☆Gastonerr Godwin's law.
Lourdes MartellAs for what Kess should or shouldn't have on a blog she runs and pays for.... Do I need to say more or do you folks still not GET IT?
Gwinny~♥LourdesD: its nothing about freedom of speech...where I live those symbols are forbidden by the law ...and I guess its not only here that way...and someone who makes such blogposts WANTS ppl to talk about ot
ImpSlaplamest godwin ever
Gwinny~♥*it and you cant expect ppl to always say nice things
Rune☆GastonAs for the bobblehead kids it really is difficult to get the head down to proper size.
SySyRefuses to look and spoil my sunday
Rune☆GastonElyHynes: totally agree with that.
SalvatoreRainbowFartsandGlitterBurps: But this site is hosted in the US where we have freedom of kind of a moot point
SySyI am an asshole and i caved and i looked.
SySyI'm gonna NOT plurk about this any further GOD knows how hard i try to ignore this shit...but holocaust signs? REALLY? That is FORBIDDEN BY LAW here. its vile and disgusting and thats all i have to say.
Gogoso in history books, they don't show it?
SalvatoreSySy_Chapman: don't bring yourself down. I'm sure most of the people who claimed they wouldn't look, took a peek anyway.
Gogoeven children recognize a swastika when they see it, thanks to history education
SySyvile and disgusting to use in this way. not educational. My grandfather was in concentrationcamps..ok lets not go here. VILE and DISGUSTING.
BecklynSo don't. Look. At the Secrets.
BecklynWhy. Is this. A hard. Thing. For some of you?
BecklynI. Don't. Get. It.
Salvatoregogolita: of course they show it.
SalvatoreI guess the comedy "The Producers" was never seen in the Netherlands then?
Lourdes MartellSalvatoreOtoro: or the Dr. Who episode "Let's Kill Hitler"
Gwinny~♥yeah ok just go ahead ok I agree with all of you its so awesomely fun to accuse ppl being like Hitler ....and America ...freedom of speech? lmao
Darkleyi need to patent a knicker untwister, ill be a billionaire
SalvatoreRainbowFartsandGlitterBurps: so you wouldn't have a problem they had been compared them with Idi Amin?
BecklynWhere are they accusing someone of being like Hitler? The only thing I'm getting from the secret is that "Even assholes have friends."
BecklynSure, it's an off and extreme example, but it's true - even assholes have friends.
Who is Godwin????
Salvatoreoh...just remembered...can't watch Seinfeld in the Netherlands...the Soup Nazi would be banned too
♥ Alicia ♥Godwin's law: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1."
SalvatoreElleCouerblanc: (lmao)
Lolo Daileyi dont think the secret is saying that person is like hitler. it was more like they're saying, "so what you have events, he did too". i read it more as a 'so what that's not special' kinda of thing.
haha that is so true!
Gogo^ that's how i read it
Becklyn^ I like that one better than mine.
Darkleyyup, thats how i read it
Lourdes Martelllondondailey: yes!
SySyI'm gonna attempt to explain WHY this is so sensitive. Take 9/11 for example for Americans. Not a funny joke topic, right? Not to be abused in ANY way, shape, or form. Same for us here with Hitler and co.
SySySome stuff is just left untouched
Gogothat's not fair to pin a secret on someone
KrisyBgogolita: no, it's not, but people do it anyway, and they're often wrong in their assumption.
Becklyn9/11 jokes are just plane wrong. (nottalking)
Gogopeople aren't that obvious, i hope! just cos people openly dislike each other, does not mean they are the source of secrets
SalvatoreSySy_Chapman: So comparing someone to Hitler is offensive? No one mentioned the holocaust.
Salvatore9/11 was about people dying in the buildings.Making fun of people being killed is sick and ill-humored. However, making fun of Bin Laden is ok. Nothing wrong with that.
SySySigh... I tried to explain the sensitivity...
SySyAgreed on pinning secrets to someone. Deleted
Salvatoreso in the view of your country, Mel Brooks, who is Jewish, was wrong to make a film/play mocking Hitler and Nazi sympathizers? I'm just trying to understand where you or your country are coming from.
SySyno no...
Sehra TyrellI understand the sensitivity, but at the same time, the Nazi symbol is not banned in the country SCD is based out of.
SySyI come from The Netherlands. I speak only for myself, ofcourse, but in general Hitler, the second worldwar and the holocaust is pretty sensitive here. Cause many of our parents and grandparents suffered that...
SySy...We have movies like inglourious bastards etc. here, ofcourse
Darkleyi know that in lots of European countries that the swastika is illegal, i dont know how that deals with things like the producers, but i know it was in answer to far right neo nazi groups, holocaust deniers etc
SySyLet me say itlike this then, I personally don't like to compare ppl to Hitler, I did it once myself and felt disgusted after. Like you say Salvatore, nothing funny about ppl dying in that building
Sehra TyrellIt is also fairly common in the US to make Nazi or Hitler references because Hitler is widely considered the worst human being to ever have lived.
SySyAs for Becks joke...not at al funny to me. But hey, freedom of speech. Carrying on! :-)
SySyHilter is responsible for the death of 6 miljon jews. Hitler and co. Not to mention American, English, Dutch and god knows how many other soldiers deaths.
SySyBlah...and what did i do? Responded to yet another secret lol. Breaking my own rules here ;-)
SalvatoreSehra: Exactly, we use to reference someone strict or extreme.
SySyAlso, the ehmm swastika? (< not sure english word for it) but that symbol is indeed by law forbidden to display anywhere
SySy(mentioning that to try to explain to you guys how SENSITIVE that topic is here)
Gogoi get your point SySy, but we're missing the point of the secret, let's all go back to discussing crazy event organizers
Darkleymy take on the secret is that its saying 'yeah, you run events, but it doesnt mean that you are good guy'
SySy^^ lol
BecklynNo body laughed at my joke. (tears)
SySyi think everyone who organizes events must be at least a tad bit crazy? :-P
SySyor at least become it from organizing it in the first place. I'm glad i never do that LMAO
Gogoor people who run charity events, are not automatically saints
Darkleyactually, thats better than mine
Salvatoregogolita: that's for sure
Salvatorelet us not forget reciept-gate
CakeHey, #8, can we talk? I'm trying to get to a gallery in NY now. Any pointers or tips on good venues you have would be welcome. Thank you!
❤❤ 10:10 ❤❤ha i knew who 7 was about as soon as i saw it
❤❤ 10:10 ❤❤well, not as as soon as i saw it; i was 99% sure but then when i saw what the image file had been named, then in knew 100%
❤❤ 10:10 ❤❤*i
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