SLsecret: Week 230

Welcome to SLsecret, week 230.

1) beoriginal







8 )WIKIwakkawutwut

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最近的 plurk 回應:
Gogoi would rather go naked than wear template clothes too
╰☆Dαηι Snow☆╮(LOL) I rather go naked than dress most days but blogging must get down so I press on
HybieMynxtthese pages never load for me!
Skye D.So much for that "challenge" (unsure) Didn't have a lot of high hopes for it anyway.
Gogonone of the secrets are mean though
Gogonot even secrets really, i hate template skins hate hate hate hate
Skye D.They're not exactly nice, either.
Crackedhow do you even know what is a template skin and what isn't
Gogoi dont know, but i do avoid brands that sells their main skin as templates
Gogolike Filthy, Cupcake
Crackedthis is why big brands stay popular and why it's hard for new brands to break in. Because bigger brands are trusted, and original etc among other things
Crackedwould be my assumption anyways
yeah i want to know who DOESN"T Use templates?
Gogofor skins??? people use sources, but like, if it's straight up a template face, why would u want to buy it
Gogolike the whole face, not just lips or brows
yeah for skins. I think you and I talked about this in the past
right like those folks who buy templates off marketplace.
Crackedi have a hard enough time keeping up mesh templates i don't think i'd ever know if a skin is template, i'll just stick to the brands I know!
Crackedsorry the english is not my 1st language
Crackedjibber is
well i don't mesh designers working with an exclusive creator. But I see a lot rehashes of Meli Imako's work. I just started to buy her full perm stuff instead LOL
CrackedElleCouerblanc: that's what I'm saying! That Meli chick even has a clause in her agreement that says you can't resell it for cheaper than she does!
sunnyand as for the textured clothes, i think a lot of people have still been wearing them with mesh for layering.. shirts under mesh jackets, jeans with mesh boots and a mesh shirt.. so i dont know why someone is
sunnymaking a big deal of people wearing textured clothes w/ mesh tits. im still not tryin to wear a textured dress w/ a skirt prim on it.
Crackedthat's funny lol
I will never give up textured clothing. To me it seems more whimsical and fun a lot of the times. SL had gotten too real lately.
Gogoi wont give up a texture shirt, but prim crotches can gtfo
Crackedsculpty attatchments can gtfo to
sunnyalso, no thanks to jeans w/ sculpty bottoms that never line up right, or jackets w/ 10 sculpty parts that are all up in me
sunnyaaaaaaaaaaaall up in me!
Crackedhides the old stuff in my store that still has prim and sculpt attachments
sunnyplease tell me you deleted that shit when you moved to the new store
CrackedNO, I'm gonna add tittay appliers. (nottalking)
Darkleyi wish i could tell template creators on sight :-(
Darkley<< keeps getting caught out
sunnygonna go delete some stuff in your store rn while youre offline
II Vixie IIgogolita: (LOL) @ prim crotches gtfo! sooo true! that's why i loved mesh but you gotta admit a lot of people are wearing prim crotches again so they can wear the texture template dress over their new boobs!
Lourdes Martellyep the mesh boobies are making sure the crotch flap never dies
EclecticWingtipsi wouldnt have a clue whats template skin and whats not O.o
Darkleythats another reason to hate the lolas trend, its bringing crotch flap back
CakeI admittedly use a template to help enhance the drawn features of a skin I'm working on. It's helped a lot to get the "foundation" tones right to build from.
CakeBut then again, the rest of my features aren't sourced. I'm not ashamed of using a template at all.
Gogoawww! sorry i was just being a template snob! I rarely ever change my skin these days, so it doesn't matter what people make anyway lol
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  1. I’d say that Dancien’s challenge was met. So, he can STFU now, and Kess and Ryker can give a whopping $100 to charity.

    • Except the challenge was for four weeks, and it got broken within the first week. So no cupcake, you shut the fuck up. Also, learn to read.

    • Even though the challenge requirements were not met, I would like to see you, or anyone, give a “whopping” $100 to charity. That kind of money is not easy to come by these days.

      It just proves that some people stand by without offering to help or improve the situation, instead waiting for others to fail just so they can have the glory of rubbing their noses in it. Grow up.

  2. /me puts $25 back in pocket.

    If you think 2 and 6 weren’t mean, you have no soul.

    But then, we’ve come to expect that, ja?


  3. Lilly Lalonde says:

    I think the challenge was no secrets at all so it was a total fail. They were tamer than usual but I agree with Crap 2 and 6 were mean.

  4. Regarding #1 – I do get sick of seeing the same templates textured differently from store to store, but I don’t have to buy it. The people who scream bloody murder and get on their high horses about it are usually the same ones who turn a blind eye as soon as their friends or a designer they brown nose release something using them too. As for skin templates – I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea who uses them and who is “original content”. Will this be the next SL witch hunt? Everyone has to start somewhere, and maybe the skin template user you are looking down on will be an original skin creator next year after cutting their teeth and learning how to do it through using the templates.

    #4 – Omg this has me in fits of laughter. Mesh boobs were the joke of SL and mocked on “fugly” sites since the dawn of time and now just cos one “slebrity” promoted them on her blog, all the sheep have fallen into line bleating about how glorious they are. Can’t wait to see what the next ridiculous fad is and how fast the “cool kids” jump on that too!

    • Eliza Wrigglesworth says:

      “Omg this has me in fits of laughter. Mesh boobs were the joke of SL and mocked on “fugly” sites since the dawn of time and now just cos one “slebrity” promoted them on her blog, all the sheep have fallen into line bleating about how glorious they are. Can’t wait to see what the next ridiculous fad is and how fast the “cool kids” jump on that too!”

      Lola Tangos were the first mesh breasts. You’re thinking of prim ones.

      • You’re correct. I was meaning any kind of boobie attachments were mocked and ridiculed, and now suddenly they are acceptable. I kind of forget mesh hasn’t been here forever.

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