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  1. Jus'Lil'Ol'Me says:

    RE #3: Tell us how you really feel, ___________ [edited for names],

  2. Hi there. As most of you know, on Friday in Newtown, Conn., 20 kids – all ages 6 and 7 (BABIES) – and six adults were gunned down by a 20-year-old kid laden with mental problems and anger. Could we lay off the friggin’ hate over here for a while for God’s sake? Maybe all the petty, cruel, back-stabbing cowards here who can’t even put a name to their insults should give it a rest for a while. Do it in the spirit of the holiday season. Do it for all the sweet little babies who just died because someone took hatred –– the same hatred and viciousness that many of you carry –– to an unimaginable level and used it to violently destroy their lives. Or just do it to be decent human beings for a change. Oh wait, I forgot. You’re anonymous avatars who don’t really have to take responsibility for anything you say or do as long as you’re hiding behind a computer screen.

    Yes, this week’s Secrets are tamer than usual, but dang, I’ve seen some lately that’ve made me cringe. If you think some of these catty little secrets aren’t destroying lives, trust me, the people you’re bashing can spot the slams that are directed at them. And CONGRATULATIONS, you’re hurting them! Sometimes they even cry about it! So pat yourselves on the backs and chalk up another point for hatred and cruelty on the grand scoreboard of life. And to those of you who’re saying, “Whatever — these are mean people. They deserve these secrets,” PSHAW! So . . . we do what? Plummet to the same depths of assholishness and spread it around even more? Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.

    And hey, keep hi-fiving yourself every time you can get a variation of “f*ck” in a Secret! We get it! YOU’RE COOL! You’re cooler than EVERYONE! Despite your RL appearance, at least your AV looks tough and as an added bonus, you’re a MASTER at using offensive language! WOO HOO! Watch for the Who Gives a F*ck Parade we throw in your honor sometime next week!

    I’m done with my rant now. *takes a big damn bow*

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy Hanukkah, etc.!

    Love, Emerald ‘The Pseudo-Righteous, Loaded on Midol and Stretched Thin with Grief’ Wynn
    (“If you hate it so much, why do you read it?” I’ll admit, it’s on my list of Morbidly Fascinating Gossip Blogs I Can’t Seem to Stop Reading. It’s right up there with TMZ.)

    • Just want to point out that your blog seems to have a large number of posts making fun of the way people look in Second Life. So maybe look into your own house first there Emerald?

  3. james adams says:

    I totally agree with Dancien! ….. Comes on here and preaches while all the time she’s devoting a whole blog to making fun of people. Some people are perfectly happy with how they look in SL Emerald and they really don’t need you to point out their imperfections by photographing them and letting the whole SL world laugh at them!

  4. Hi – thanks for your feedback. I snapped yesterday, and I do apologize for that. As a member of the media, seeing all those pictures of the little children who died and reading gruesome details that haven’t yet been released to the public got to me. I needed to blow off steam and I did it here. That was immature of me, and I acknowledge that. But it felt like hate, hate everywhere and then hate over here as well — I felt smothered by it.

    I have more to say in defense of my last post both of you referenced, but SCD keeps telling me my comments aren’t allowed. Not sure if I’ve been blocked now or what.

  5. The rest of it:

    Certainly not trying to get into a rock-throwing contest here. But in my defense, “devoting a whole blog to making fun of people” is kind of a stretch. Back when I was regularly writing it, much of that blog was just random observations, goofy writing and other silliness. As for the most recent post, those were clearly underwater bots. So yeah, I’m guilty of bot – bashing, I guess. If by chance they weren’t bots, well, at least my name is there and I wasn’t hiding behind an anonymous Secret, so if someone had an issue with it, they could address me directly if they wanted to. I haven’t looked at that post in a while, but I’m pretty sure I tried to say something nice about most of them as well. Most of the men seemed kind of hot and I said so, if I recall correctly. :)

  6. the last part – sorry it’s in three parts. This comment board didn’t like it when it was one comment:

    I think many of us are feeling a little raw right now. I wish SCD would have held off on publishing SL Secrets this week in the spirit of promoting good will toward men (or AVs) or peace or unity or [insert whatever Kumbaya sentiment floats your boat here]. If SNL can change its cold opener to something beautiful and classy in honor of the victims of Friday’s shooting, we could have at least put our sniping aside for a week. That’s all I’m saying. I know people who get really heartbroken by some of these secrets. And I feel like they’re just fodder for the outsiders who stigmatize SL as a place for the world’s misfits and the socially stunted. Plurk is worse, which is why I left years ago. It’s ironic that we create an ideal virtual world and then saturate it with the same petty, catty, back-stabbing drama that makes RL miserable. It’s just further proof that humans will screw up any good thing if given the chance. Conflict is in our nature.

    This is tl;dr, but if you did, at least thanks for considering my point of view.

    • I’m a little late on this, Emerald, but I’ll give it to you straight up. A few years ago Iris made a decision to not post secrets as a respect thing because my mother had passed very unexpectedly and the MASSES came out and started talking shit about why secrets weren’t up and a lot of nasty things that other SCD staff members deleted because they knew it would hurt me and they were actually being very kind to the jerks because I would have named/shamed/IP/Location doxed the shit out of those people because that’s how upset I was. And I was in the perfect “Not a single fuck was given” frame of mind to do it.

      So new rule since that week in July, 2011. Secrets go on NO MATTER WHAT. You can’t blame SCD on this one, I’m just giving the readers what they want, otherwise it’s acceptable to do a full-on assault on SCD. So enjoy the bed ya’ll made and lay in.

      Love always and forever,