SLsecret: Week 224

Welcome to SLsecret, week 224.





4)  Removed by Gidge by request.




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最近的 plurk 回應:
Gogotake down 4, i recognize a brand's logo, and they prob dont have permission
Trixagreed i know who it was about immediately
Doom CookieI do not. Who is it about? Also there were a lot that didn't make it this week.
BєтнʏI was about to say the same thing.
SopheeYep, same. Knew four immediately. ...and I usually don't get secrets.
Artemis Ixxelim lost as usual.
Artemis Ixxelanyone can feel free to send me a PP decode :-P
AchaoO -- naked pictures of themselves and their kids Oo WWWWtf?
~✿ Cember ✿~kuno1chi: lol not RL ones - but a lot of family community RPers will Plurk pictures when SL glitches and they are showing up half-nekkid. I think that's what it's referring to
~✿ Cember ✿~A lot of people already think the family RP community is a bunch of molesters or something so I can see the concern
Achaah I see so it's more humorous than not!
~✿ Cember ✿~Yah, I don't know of anyone who plurks naked pictures of their SL kids like "Ooooh lookie here" rofl
~✿ Cember ✿~Most kid skins don't even have the chichis or the hoopydoos anyways
Trixlol hoopydoos
Ewan Bureauxwhere's the rest of them?
Ewan Bureauxcan I just plurk all the unpublished ones which were funnier than the one you chose?
Agent CooperDang #4 looks so familiar but my brain is being slow this morning and I can't place it.
sunnyyes, #4 is pretty obvious, and is full of shit.. which i can attest to b/c ive literally seen every stage of her creation process for every single mesh thing shes made.
Juniper♫ArwynBoring secrets. Why do I even read anymore?
Blaui don't know who any of 'em are about anymore, 'cept for one this week, but they're still funny to read i guess x3
Ewan Bureaux
Ewan Bureaux I heard these were submitted but not published
Ari/NicolaI don't even get the unpublished ones!
Blauo shiet i just realized who #4 is about. i think.
Doom CookieHey Ewan, where did you get those?
sunnylol wtf ewan?
Doom CookieIs this the new way? "Oh bother, my secrets didn't get posted so I shall post them by proxy!"
Lourdes MartellDimitriRizooto: I don't think we'll have to worry about that. People like to stay anonymous
sunnywhy would you guys post #4 that is obv someone's store logo, and isnt just some lame "oooh youre a mean bitch" kinda thing, it's actually something that could be harmful to someone's business reputation.
Lourdes Martellbecause Iris who does the secrets is has no clue on these sort of things.
sunnyso why is it still up after its been brought to you guy's attention?
Gidge StarkWhat is the point in taking it down looks like Ewan will just repost it
Blau this plurk is getting better than the secrets
Gogoyou guys made a good choice, not posting the stupid ones
Gogoprob made by one person to try and stir the pot where there is none to stir
Gidge StarkThat's kind of a game changer. Just saying. Obviously If someone isn't going to respect the fact that the are edits, why bother editing?
Doom CookieI'll explain this again for people. This time I will try to use small words so it sticks. Iris no play Second Life no more. Iris no recognize logos. Person who secret is about has to request it's removal
SalvatoreDimitriRizooto: (lmao)
sunnythen why bother having the policy stating that ones that are obviously about someone will be removed? its been pointed out by more than one person that its easily recognizable. and she is not able to get online
sunnyright now to request that it be removed, so i am asking for it to be removed.
GogoJust wondering though, why doesn't SCD get someone else to do secrets
Doom CookieBecause it has been that way since the dawn of fucking time. Is this going to be one of those weeks when you're all "HEY LOOK AT ME ON MY HIGH HORSE!!"
Gogosuch as Lourdes, or Gidge, even?
Doom CookieBecause then I may be doing them Gogo. Do you want me to do them?
Gogoare you pretty much able to recognize when secrets have obvious identifying factors?
Gogothen sure
Doom CookieYes but I will post them anyway because I don't give a fuck
Gogo(and im noooooooot on a high horse) the secret wasnt too bad, i just wanted to point the logo out
Doom CookieCheck your PP Gogo
Doom CookieBelieve it or not I don't know who 4 is about. If the person who 4 is about wants it to be removed they have to ask.
Gogoi've always wondered, if there's a horrible secret, why should someone identify themselves and say "hey that's me! thats my secret!"
Gogomost people probably wouldnt want to do that, to confirm anything, right?
Doom Cookieor you them privately.
Lourdes Martellcan we wrap this up... I wanna go play WoW
Doom CookieI have a D&D game at my house later today so if this could conclude in the usual butthurt quickly that would be awesome
BecklynI like turtles.
Doom CookieWho doesn't like turtles?
Doom CookieLas Tortugas Locas - Turtle Sex They're tortoises but whatever
sunnyDimitriRizooto: well i tried to message privately but since i dont have you..i said above ^ that shes not online b/c shes not home, & asked me to request that it be taken down.. which i did. it's a logo in the
sunnybackground, shouldnt that be easily recognizable enough to warrant removal?
Doom CookieOh don't message me. I can't remove stuff anyways.
BecklynIt's not going to get removed until she requests it herself. Might as well stop begging.
kesseretI ain't got time for this shit. Iris does secrets BC she wants to. Give that a rest. Lastly I'll look at the logo secret but not now.
Doom CookieThat guy Snape? He killed Dumbledore. Which was a dick move. But he turned out to be a good guy in the end.
kesseretI'm busy. Lo siento
WhispersMagicThe Great Oz has spoken <3
Agent CooperOh wait my brain woke up finally and I recognize the logo. Sad face. :-(
ImpSlapyeah it´s pretty reconizable
RaineyEwan! O.o What didjoo do to get those??
Ewan BureauxI'm kes' alt
Artemis Ixxelewan those are alice references you prolly made  haha.
CrackedI can't believe nubmer 4 is still up wtf? can someone please take that down. That is My logo and i can prove every I have made single mesh thing in my store
Crackedand texture thing to
Ewan Bureauxyes please remove #4 because it's detracting from my drama
Artemis IxxelLOL
sunnygah ewan, youve gotten enough attention for your love triangle!!
Ewan BureauxI do love triangles James Blunt - My Triangle on Sesame Street
sunnyalso, answer your pp hoar lol
LucieI recognized #4 right away, too. I love how someone presumes they KNOW that a specific creator is not being honest. Unless you've seen the proof, fuck off.
LucieAnd if you have proof... you don't resort to an anonymous secret. (eyeroll)
LucieI have to say, #1 isn't wrong about people being hypocrites. We all wind up doing it to some extent, but yeah. I've seen people be all anti-bullying turn into bullies. It's stupid.
LucieI try really hard to avoid being a hypocrite because I hate that mentality.
Gidge Stark4 is removed by request.
Crackedfinallysnapped: stop taking away all the attention (nottalking)
Ewan Bureauxthank fuck now we have 4 out of the way can we get back to what's really important, kaz breaking hearts
Crackedany asshole can write a secret and say anything to discredit anyone without any proof. That could ruin everything I've worked hard for for years.
Crackedlike literally. Someone can be pissed at me cause they didn't get the gacha they wanted and write a secret that I don't make my own mesh and boom a huge plurk drama.
Ewan Bureauxand to be honest if you want everything you've worked years for ruined in one fell swoop you should just have me do scripts for you
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  1. why is #4 up when its obviously someone’s store logo? also, it is bullshit b/c i have seen every step of the creation process for every single mesh thing she has made, from the rl concept right up to the texturing soo..there is that.

  2. Yup… it’s all about “Cracked Mirror” because it’s impossible for ANYONE else to pay 10 dollars and get the logo…

  3. wow see I would have thought number 4 was____________________ she’s always screaming “someone copied me and stole from me” whats more she almost ALWAYS gets it wrong! But big mouth engages before it’s brain. Anyways guess I was wrong

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