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最近的 plurk 回應:
BlauI like #2.
Where are the last four?
BєтнʏThat's what I was wondering!
Shayi miss even the last 5
SurpriseButtsex10 through 14 are empty. o.0
Saffie#7 (cozy)
Rune☆GastonTwiztidNeko: were they pulled quick or just not filled.
Gidge Starkwow that was quick
Blauwere they pulled or were they just... blank though? usually they mention if they were pullsed
Gogothey were never published, it's not in my reader
Gogobut this is a good way to stir people up LOL
Rune☆Gastonor a simple mistake
Cajsa or OscarI bet they are just a few extra hits of the enter button
Cajsa or OscarI really don't understand people like #1. If they hate plurk so much, why are they still here.
AbsButtonCajsaLilliehook I agree. People can remove someone from their TL. Just like anything. It is what you make it.
RaineyI've had an overall positive experience with Plurk, I'm staying
BєтнʏRaineyManx: Likewise, I've learned so much from designers, bloggers and photographers...other than a FEW bad apples I've met some AWESOME people here.
XiomaraI've met awesome people via plurk whom I never would have met in world. I love it!
SurpriseButtsexI guess they just put the numbers there for fun? Cause it doesn't say anything about secret being removed, lol.
LucieI agree with what everyone has said about Plurk. I don't understand why people persist in doing something they find so upsetting, except that they want to be miserable and mean spirited. I have had almost
Lucieentirely positive experiences on Plurk and made some truly, truly amazing friends here. So I don't really care what other people thing about Plurk. For me, it's been great. If it's not for you... LEAVE!
Lucie(all that said, every once in a while I take a breather... just because I get overwhelmed sometimes. That works, too. But I miss you all too much to stay away long!)
JeliFor some though, not every person you encounter on Plurk is a barrel of fun. You end up on someone's list and it turns out that your style of plurking and their style of plurking seems to not be a good fit, for
Jeliwhatever reason. It may come down to a personality issue.
JeliIt is hard to feel 100% positive about Plurk or Facebook or Twitter or whatever medium you're using. Just as it is hard to be 100% angst-ridden about it as well.
JeliNothing is problem free and you can't just grab someone and shake them like you don't shake a baby and say "STOP DOING THAT". Ergo, people will make blanket statements about the less than savory things
Jelithey dislike. It doesn't mean, at least how I see it, that absolutely every single thing is wrong with Plurk yet they keep logging in and checking it much to their dismay.
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  1. JavaJunkie says:

    Um… I thought these were supposed to be secrets? (See #7).

  2. Princess Niangao says:

    I might be way off with #6 but is the secret in regards to hush skins? Hush skins is not coming back or Curio? And every week the secrets are about plurk. If you despise plurk so much why focus your secret every weekend on it?

    • JavaJunkie says:

      Oh, I guess it WAS #6 that I was talking about. It’s quite obvious that this is about Hush/Curio, I don’t understand how it made it through?

  3. Dear #1.

    I love you and want to have your prim babies!

  4. You’d have to be pretty thick to not understand #6. The maker is implying that Gala has run off to a tropical island with the Hush lawsuit money and she isn’t coming back. I don’t believe that to be true but, I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t come back afterward. Starting a business all over again and having to put up with review copy loving whores who love free Hush skins like secret maker #6 to always put doubts in peoples minds about your hard work. I would be very hesitant myself. I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t.

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