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Ysii3 TL;DR
Gidge StarkLol ain't nobody got time for that
LucieTo 7... I don't presume it's directed at me, but as someone who lives with a lot of chronic illnesses, let me just say... whomever that's directed at, you don't know what that person goes through
Lucieevery day. You have NO idea what it's like to live with multiple chronic diseases... and how much it SUCKS when people don't believe you, and how it's even worse when you can understand why they wouldn't
Luciebelieve you because even you know it's absurd to have so many illnesses.
Shay(applause) agreed
kesseretluciebluebird: love ya. Hugs.
Ashleigh3 don't make sense to me. It's contradictory and just effin' weird.
♥ Alicia ♥#3 seems mad that she/he isn't getting on the peen.
Raineylol Alicia (LOL)
RaineyI don't get why people bag on's art...if you don't like it don't look at it
Rune☆Gastonhaters always going to hate
Luciekesseret: (cozy)
LucieI took 4 to mean the person is a lot better than given credit for...
Luciealiciachenaux: lmaooo you made me spit my water out
♥ Alicia ♥
KeliahOh. Secrets is out. This is why my TL essploded. And well said Lucie.
JosephineI don't get why people who take screenshots insist on calling themselves photographers
YsiiPhotography is mostly capturing a moment into a frozen picture. It does not matter which kind of camera you use. What does matter though...
Ysii... Is the difference between a snapshot without any sense of setting or lighting and a frozen feeling for the particular moment.
YsiiAnd you can Photoshop any picture to crap. Both virtual and real ones. A bad photo will not get any better with a frame around it.
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