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4) Removed for rule breaking.


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最近的 plurk 回應:
ImpSlapgod that first one is silly derrezing people is the best way to shop properly at events cuts lag a lot
sungyoungthere's too much hate
Katyouch on the last one.
Reneesheesh, all of them.
Lourdes Martellyep I derez people and the build at events. All I need is for the vendors to rez.
ImpSlaplast thing i want is some woman in a huge ballgown blocking my shopping
sungyoungso i guess we'll all be alone then :-D
Blauand yeah... cause everyone can afford sudden enormous bills.
sungyoungi really don't get it why some people complain about fundraisers... its not like the participating designers were forced to do it.. and if he/she doesn't want to contribute then don't go.. (haha)
SalvatoreDerendering avatars is one of the best features there is.I derender avatars, walls, decorations, etc. to make the shopping experience better and less laggy.
Lourdes MartellI just laugh when people go on about the build for events and how much work went into. Thats alot work for alot of people to just derender
Lourdes MartellMy preference for events, just put the vendor out in on the plot, maybe simple stalls and I'm happy
Gogoive never been able to derender (official SL viewer user here)
Gogolike ever, not even once.. so please ugly shiny people, dont assume people can derender you, just dress sensibly to events
MouseMimistrobeI like events where they give a lot of thought to keeping it low lag, and with an easy layout. I hate wandering around events wondering if I've seen everything...
SalvatoreWord to the wise. Don't go anywhere if you're not dressed right. You don't know who you'll bump into.
Lourdes Martelland you can look good and be low script
Doom CookieI normally just wear SL boxers, no hair, and go about my business
★Leχιlιcιoυѕ★I don't derender (I mostly use the LL viewer as well) but I also don't notice anyone or anything around me. I know what I want before I go, grab it and leave.
Blaui don't derender either, but i also wait for the crowd to go down before i go.
╰☆Dαηι Snow☆╮I wear an invisible alpha to events not trying to show off or prove anything. I do like builds because I can't build. I am easily impressed & amused. People should find other things to be annoyed & snarky over.
ImpSlapoh i meant by derrender mute, cause i´m on the official viewer also
ImpSlapi usually for huge events put on an invisble layer sometimes i do forget tho
ImpSlapi just clean out my mute list once home after my shopping
Cajsa or OscarBut you can rendermaxavatarvisible and bring it down to a small number - they are just eggs then
Cajsa or Oscarso many bitter secrets today. I am sorry #5, that you don't have enough friends and supporters for your own personal fundraiser.
ImpSlapi could casja but hey it´s faster muting as i go
ImpSlapand i never get to mute anyone in sl so let me have the events for that
Cajsa or OscarAs to #1, obviously you are a fan or you would not read her post so carefully and feel so slighted at being derendered.
Cajsa or Oscaras to #4, no idea who it's referencing but one thing I know about art is that if one person does not like it, another will.
ImpSlapi wonder who made 4 repesentive of the L art comunity
ImpSlapit´s so pretensious when people make their opinion on something the group
Raineywhat is up with people dissing on art ffs, don't look at it if you don't like it :/
CakeI like how that person speaks for the entire SL Art Community, too. You mean the painters who play SL and put out art here in hopes of reaching new audiences in other states? I don't think they care.
Salvatorenot everyone likes all art and not all artists are alike so I don't get the point of lumping everyone together or making one person the representation of all art in SL...silly to say the least.
1angelcaresLeave Berry alone! Seriously, I feel like I should be making a YouTube video where I cry and put a blanket over my head! She's sweet and talented. If you must hate someone, hate someone who deserves it.
Candy MeltThe person behind #1 is so sad. That's just blind jealousy talking. I feel sorry for them. I've known the person they're talking about for years and she's one of the most genuine and kind people I've met in SL.
Lourdes MartellJust a fact of life, no matter how kind, gentle, popular and loved a person is, there is always someone who doesn't like them for whatever reason.
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  1. Number 5…a little info for you regarding vets bills and insurance to cover them & on being responsible .
    1) Depending on what cover you have, they might not insure you for accidents
    2) Depending on the age of your animal, they might require you to cover a percentage of the costs (I had to pony up a couple of grand last year for my dogs emergency spinal surgery, even though I had him insured)

  2. Jus'Lil'Ol'Me says:

    @ #4:
    Jealous much?
    P.S. Love how you can pretend to speak for The Entire SL Art Community.

  3. #1. While you seem to think derendering is some sort of anti-social nihilism, here in the real world, it’s just a photo technique.

  4. #4 is an image of mine, so I guess I’ve finally arrived! I’ve been mocked in an SLSecret. Yay me. Fuck you.

    • I love your art work. It’s very well done and doesn’t look like every other photo in SL. Don’t worry, jealously is an ugly thing so I would just take it as a compliment.

    • Whiskey your work speaks volumes and tells your story brilliantly. Don’t let the negativity get under your skin, Some people just aren’t happy unless they are trying to make others miserable. It’s really an ugly, ugly trait. <3

    • colleen Criss says:

      Some one is cranky because they can’t get 15 minutes or because they wasted theirs crying over Whiskeys and hiding to get even that 15?

    • I’m late to this game but don’t let anyone knock you down. Keep doing what you do!!

    • Keep ‘em coming, Whiskey. I can’t get enough of your witty and often bittersweet art. – Lee

  5. Marx Dudek says:

    @4: As someone claiming to speak for the entire SL Art Community … Darling, I’m surprised they sent a “spokesperson” who is unfamiliar with anti-aliasing. Or maybe this is the “new edgy”?

  6. @4 Wait – somebody is stealing Whiskey’s photos again? And now they’re using them to diss her?
    Whiskey darlin, we’ve got to find you a better class of jealous wannabes!

  7. Whoever posted #5 you disgust me. What the hell is wrong with asking for help if needed? Should a person have to suffer in silence? I think in todays world we should be able to ask for help, and if people want to help they will. If they do not they will not. But ugly comments from people who are ugly inside do not make this world a better place.

  8. Well here is an absolute first for me. I thought I had left Second Life behind and yet here I am commenting on Shopping Cart Disco… and all thanks to #4

    So #4 … As bemused as I am that you claim to represent the whole of the SL Art community, I can’t help think that you are a tad bitter that your fifteen minutes hasn’t even started.

    So rather than bitch about someone whose photos are in my humble opinion very clever, very intelligent and very arty.. why don’t break your anonymity, put your money where your mouth is and show us your artistic abilities?

  9. #4
    Yeah. Clearly written out of jealousy. It’s also revealing that they used the word “weird” as a pejorative. It’s a shame they don’t have enough of a grasp of metaphor (or maybe the emotional intelligence) to appreciate the power and authenticity of Whiskey’s work.

  10. Someone hates you for being so good.
    You win SL, Whiskey.


  11. Wait… Iris *who* is tired of looking at Whiskey? Who forces her to look at Whiskey anyway?

    • Marx Dudek says:

      Iris doesn’t know either. All submissions, I believe, are anonymous.
      But if one were to have suspicions…

  12. Elora Lunasea says:

    Years ago, these “tell-all”s” were amusing and actually worth reading. But literally going after someone that is so easy to identify, no less using their own artwork in your trite, juvenile verbal diarrhea isn’t clever and you certainly don’t speak for the entire art community. Hell, you wouldn’t know art if it hit you upside the head.

    Please to add me to the mounting pile of fuck you’s.

  13. Saying someone disgusts you just for voicing their opinion is in fact disgusting in and of itself. how hypocritical of you. I tend to agree with how these personal fundraisers have gotten more than out of hand, the first one, directed at whomever shall remain nameless, we all know, has more money than any of us simpletons in sl and you completely missed the entire point, which I get, If you make as much money as some people in sl do and they can afford to buy new cars just by having a sale or use their profits from sl for material possessions why is it fair for them to then turn around and beg for money?

    There are poor single moms jobless cant make a dime to support their families yet we do not see them panhandling on sl to pay their bills all we see are greedy people trying to get even more money out of people who do not have it. No you don\’t have to attend, yes the creators who chose to support the event did so through their own will, but more than likely to kiss a few asses and get their names out in the community with the level of \”slelebrity\” that these panhandlers come with.

    There used to be fun things to do in sl now its all about money shopping and greed, how about instead of offering up clothing for people to buy or more shopping events we create events that benefit everyone a cool adventure or in world game, pay what you want walls etc. I am sure you would generate more traffic flow to those than a simple here pay my bills \”charity\” event.

    The people mentioned in the sl secret were not charity cases they are being greedy simple as that. You can get dentures instead of implants like normal people if you cant afford the 60K, you can buy a cheap 200$ computer if you need to be on sl until you can save money for a better one, and you can most certainly save up the thousands of dollars you have collected in sl to pay your vet bills ! I know this for a fact I have vet bills that are out of this world for my cat what do I as a no one in sl? I pay them with the the few dollars I do have, I don\’t get my tires replaced I neglect something that can be put off just to pay for something I think is more important at the time. like upstanding non greedy people do.
    In conclusion just as everyone has come together to defend someones art it is all in the persons interpretation, some people may agree and some people may not. It does not make them ugly because they don\’t agree with you, it makes them brave to have the balls to stand out of the crowd. Controversial .. YES… Disgusting .. NO! Its sad that simply voicing an opinion has become a hate fest. It should open up intelligent debate and conversations!

    • Whether you’re SLebrity or “nobody”
      if you don’t have the courage
      to put your name with your words
      neither your words
      nor your name
      (real or sl)
      stands for anything.


      • Dear Crap, Were you one of the people I’ve offended in my reply? So sorry to hurt your feelings with the truth. Just an FYI I am completely indifferent to your opinion about me or what I chose to do

  14. Unconcerned Blogger says:

    ahhh i totally love #5 but how come Gala isnt mentioned? Such a Secret disappointment there!!! A business that cant afford legal fees. *shakes head*

  15. Betty Nett says:

    Yeah I agree, I’m with Angel on this. I’m always happy to be involved in a worthy cause such as RFL, but I think begging for some hugely expensive cosmetic dental procedure is ridiculous. It isn’t life threatening and dentures should suffice just fine. Asking people to donate to this is just taking the piss, I hope she doesn’t get a single dime. Other people make sacrifices to pay for dentures, vet bills etc, it’s about time matchbook did the same. Get off your ass, stop sitting in front of your computer begging for money and go get a second job, that is if you even have a first job.

    What’s the history on this matchbook person can someone fill me in please?

    And yeah I’m disgusted too, some people have no shame!

  16. No matter how disgusted you all may be with what you see here, you still took the time to visit us and add more to the shit pile. Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to see you next week. :)

  17. Betty Nett says:

    that is actually the point Lourdes, we come here to air our “disgust’ I’m not disgusted with this blog, I’m disgusted with the begger. so your point is rather moot, it is us adding to YOUR “shit pile” that keeps this rag in business

  18. Numbers 1 & 2 seem to be targeting the same person, who is not a usual hater target. so… what the heck is going on with that?


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