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  1. #1: There is a huge difference between you copying someone’s items and getting called out on it and people raising bullying awareness in reference to a girl whom was ACTUALLY bullied and died because of it. You COPIED someone and people got mad… how DARE you compare yourself to someone who lost their life to bullying? You weren’t bullied. You were called out for copying. So before you get all high and mighty, think about the difference. But yes, you will continue to bring it up forever because you are narcissistic.

  2. I think your the narcist about it. I posted number one and it wasn’t about copying people at all. So thanks for making it about someone else.

    I was bullied by someone in SL who made my life a living hell every day. She constantly told me to die and called me a cunt, along with a hundred other names. And no one was there for me while it happened. Everyone just let it happen, and to this day no one remembers how in despair I was, and how much I pleaded for someone to make her stop.

    So please do not assume you know who it is and then try to turn it onto them. Not only does it make you look like an ass for assuming, but now you’re being a bully.

    • This is exactly why I don’t understand the need for people to “figure out” the secrets and the composers of the secrets. Plurk and Second Life are filled with so many busybodies, it’s rather disgusting.

      For those persons, it is just far easier to be an asshole sitting behind a keyboard than to remain on the outside of the drama and not perpetuate the crap.

      There is a huge gang mentality that runs amuck through both SL and Plurk alike. Sometimes it’s just one person being directly threatening and harassing to someone else and other times, especially on Plurk in its format, groups of people attack without provocation and quite obviously without thinking or getting the full story. Some people delight in the airing of dirty laundry. That is, until it is their laundry that’s being put into full view of everyone.

      If someone’s bullying you, you should take the immediate steps to stop interacting with that person. There’s never an excuse to bully someone. If there’s a disagreement between the two of you and the other person simply cannot work past it, then you have to be proactive in extricating that person from your life. Muting, blocking and reporting them ASAP, mainly.

      I hope you have good luck in not hearing from this person in the future and that the bullying comes to an end.

  3. It did end but no one stuck up for me and just let it happen. But now that this girl has died everyone is all of a sudden against bullying. And that is my point. Everyone let it happen right in front of them. I begged daily for someone to please get involved and tell them to stop. You all, who are now still judging my secret and the bullying I went through, have no idea how lonely and sad it is for someone to attack you daily. And then just sit there as everyone now says “I AM AGAISNT BULLIES” but are friends with this person. who is a real life bully and made my life a nightmare for over a month.

    To the first commenter I am sorry for calling you a bully earlier. But I know who you are speaking of and for you to go right to that place thinking its her and then call her out for it, how dare you. You don’t know who secrets are always about. And you should feel ashamed of yourself to just assume it was her and cause drama.

  4. Heidi Halberstadt says:

    I’m sorry you were bullied, I really am. But if you can’t see the difference with your situation and someone being bullied in RL, you need to do some growing up. You had the option to stop going to Plurk or SL – that girl didn’t have that option, she was followed by it wherever she went, including switching schools twice. No, you shouldn’t have had to stop doing what you loved because of a bully, but please do not compare yourself to someone who truly had no option whatsoever to escape. Plurk and SL are NOT the real world, stop acting as if it’s the same, please.

    • It didn’t end in SL and plurk. It WAS brought into RL. I had to change my number because of it. And I was terrified they had my home address as well and would start harassing me on my RL facebook. You don’t know the situation, so please don’t make assumptions.

      In any case why does it matter where it’s done?! Bullying is bullying, and it drives you into such a lonely despair that it takes MONTHS to get out of. How would you feel if you were called a fat nasty cunt, every day and told to just die in various ways?!

  5. #5 secret maker says:

    In response to Dimitri Rizooto aka Dancien Graves on plurk. I lost anything you said as relevant when you started mooching lindens off horny desperate women while DJing/Dancing at strip clubs. I guess I’ve always found you not relevant than huh? I’d rather be dyslexic and misspell every damn word in the world than be the awesomely bad fashion expert that is you. I’ve seen your picture… you should stay away from all strip clubs, real and digital. Just ugh…

    • Former Dancer says:

      Considering a lot of SLers started out as dancers 9or still are) – “mooching lindens off horny desperate” others is quite an insulting comment to make.