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  1. #1 So right on there!
    #3 Very true.
    #6 Oh you got it all wrong hon. The only drama there is when one of you butt-hurt people gets in the mix. We’re all about the fun of it and we have a lot of laughs. Think of us as the collective Joan Rivers of SL fashion but we don’t advertise to millions, we keep the photos as private as we can. Why don’t you just laugh it off and move on. We’re not targeting anyone, all are game and we’ve even fugged ourselves.
    #7 Thank you! I hate when they do that.

  2. isnt 6 against scd privacy policy cause lets face it , it would take 2 seconds to seach for the group and find all the names blanked out? not that they have anything to be ashamed of lets face it IPR are fug

  3. BaadKitteh says:

    As relates to #6:
    As a proud collector of fug I challenge you to find me inworld, take my picture, and take your best shot at my appearance. Just be prepared to have your own pixels fall under scrutiny if you do so… as I am. The fact that it infuriates whoever made that shot is really cute xD funny how the only time we care what our detractors think is when they clutter up our discussions with whining. We don’t post names of avatars that are fugged, we don’t harass anyone; we’re just having fun. It’s not our faults that “you”- speaking to anyone who’s riding that particular waaaaambulance- think yourself above critique; we don’t. Try having a sense of humor, quit taking your pixels so seriously, and pull the stick out of your collective asses. I promise life is more fun when you can laugh at yourself and dismiss what people who don’t matter to you think… till then, you’re just trollbait.

  4. @ #1- Way to miss the point, yo.
    @ #4- lolno. It might be an unfair or untrue statement to say that someone is racist. But if they’ve said/done something racist, it’s not racist to call it out. I think you need to see this Jay Smooth video:

  5. #6 Maybe it’s just me, but I always hope to find a picture of myself in one of those groups.

    • same! I always expect to find one of my fellow fuggers has snapped a shot of me at my worst!

    • Anonymous says:

      Me too! I even go hang out at places I recognize that turn up often in the pics but so far no one has fugged me.
      I have no idea why people sweat the small stuff. It’s all fun and games and if you choose to look a bit outrageous, then why feel outraged if someone notices?

  6. aww please don’t redact #6 I’m fine with the group and our names being out there, all publicity is good publicity and all that, it just gets the group more members!

  7. re. #6: Everyone in that group — and there are some 200 now — pretty much knows who posted that “secret.” Not only is the group she’s talking about not a secret, neither is she. It’s someone who used to be a member and frequently posted “fugs,” too. Then one day, she turned loopy over the “invisible pony rider” captures, and went from happy fellow fugger to trolling flame warrior.

    I had never heard of her designs, so yeah, “Designer Who ‘Secretly’ Hates Us,” would you like for me to look up your shop and join your group so you can “secretly” remove me from your list? Would that make you feel better and decrease your urge to lurk on a group you can’t participate in and and whose pictures you mostly can’t see, because we got tired of your crazy drama-hounding?

  8. #1, you’re listing opposing views in the RL Expectancy area. Not everyone wanted what you listed.

  9. #1 Ah…. that’s inaccurate. I pay TAXES to give myself and other people benefits. And the recent contraceptives rhetoric was as a result of someone who paid for health insurance wanting that insurance to cover their contraception – again, they are paying for it up front and expecting reasonable benefits.

    Expecting to get benefits and health care when one pays taxes and for health insurance is sort of the OPPOSITE of entitlement.

    • Yeah, that comparison of SL bloggers who want free pixel clothes and people who want contraception covered by insurance they have to pay for through taxes, contributions with an employer, or by purchasing on their own (if they can afford it and if the insurance companies don’t decline their business because of “preexisting conditions”) was pretty stupid. I wasn’t going to comment, because it’s politically inflammatory, and Shopping Cart Disco just isn’t the place for that. I figure I can go to HuffPost threads if I want to note how stupid someone’s political-economic logic is, but since you mentioned it….

  10. What’s up with this wild strain of LOLbertarianism running through the secrets today?