SL Secret: Week 227

1)  dumbingdown


2) bringingmethecookies


3) whyyousomad


4) whosewatching


5) Tink Secret


6) soon


7)  shutupplease


8)  heishappynow


9)  everyone is doing him


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Doom CookieOnly the cool people will get the last three words and why they are there
Gogoew i cannot help but think that one is about me.. stabs
HybieMynxdamn pages wont load for me
Gogo haters gonna hateeeeeeee
Doom CookieYes well you people apparently broke SCD
Doom CookieCongratulations
AprilWow, a whole lot of sleeping together going on in SCD
HybieMynx#4 who's
Agent CooperJeez people sure are super lame about their cartoon sex buddies. (unsure)
II Vixie IIapparently the holidays bring out the sex freaks! how many secrets are there about he slept with me and me and ME?? (LOL)
Gogothose types of secrets are weird. by 'sex' what do they mean, sitting on pose balls or phone sex or what lol
Gogocos i never read it as rl sex, sooo people are mad over pixel trysts?
Doom CookieI feel like Ewan should stand up and take a bow for all the secrets after last week yeah?
kesseretYeah I always wondered about the sex part. I mean its cartoons.
Gogoanyway i dont really think the first one is about me, since tons of people are wearing the LOGO head. hatersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :-Pppp
kesseretThey just jelly
marissaWow I get one or two this time
kesseretShare BC I don't get any
♥ Alicia ♥So who is this slutty man that everyone's sleeping with? (LOL)
Tillie(unsure) The thing about relationships in SL. It sucks. People always wanna know RL details. People, go ask someone else.
TillieI am in SL to get a distance to RL, not to get drawn back into it in every second IM. Thanks so much.
TillieAnd I have no idea whom about those secrets are. I am CLUELESS! (tears)
TillieOh and if there ever was one about me: I didnt get it. :-P If you want to say something, say it to me, so I can mute you afterwards.
TillieBut I guess I am too boring for secrets.
Sehra TyrellUh, RL relationships are optional as well. Just saying...
Sehra TyrellNobody is out in RL holding a gun to your head, going, "You will date Jaycee or else!"
Sehra TyrellWell, perhaps they are if you slept with Jaycee, now she is pregnant, and her daddy is a bit of a hillbilly.
aliciachenaux: I'm not sure who the secrets are about but I know 1 man who has a habit of telling more than 1 girl at a time that he loves them. He did it to me up until recently. He did it to notquitepink
for years. He's doing it to oakley_foxtrot still.
He's jaymoney. A man not to be trusted.
Skittles Marieok lets not air my dirty laundry in public please?
Doom CookieYou mean a fellow by the name of Jay Money is shady? Do tell...
Lourdes Martelloh please are the dirty laundry its only getting more funky as you keep it in the closet :-)
Lourdes Martell*air
notquitepink: I'm sorry :-(
Skittles MarieWhat?
Bri_Lannock: What's wrong, get bored with pathetically throwing yourself at Jaymoney? Jealous that MillieEmma got her slutty little piece of ass off him? You'd probably be more jealous that he's
been fucking Oakley_Foxtrot for almost 1 year, but you'd have to open your stupid eyes and realize it's true first. Roll your eyes at that bitch.
moo MoneyDimitriRizooto: How dare he tar the Money name! :-P
moomoney: Mr. Money tars that name and several others fine on his own. Copybotter anyone?
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