Update on the BOSL/FFL Fiasco

Thanks to a post on SLUniverse it has been brought to light that apparently there was/is some connection between FFL and the author of the BOSL article that singled out people who did not blog Fashion for Life.

In the blog post titled “When Pigs Fly (at Fashion For Life)”  the author (Harper, who is pretty high up on the FFL totem pole) is quoted as saying:


Thank you to Nave Fall, who got me interviews, published articles, found me resources, and generally pushed me along. Thanks to Kimmera Madison, who donated her work for the Fashion for Life signature dress you see on all the posters, and who did many graphic miracles last minute for me.

Nave Fall is the clown who wrote the BOSL article and then mysteriously went out of town when the shit hit the bad journalism fan.


Also further down in the article is:

Thank you especially to Jenica Landar, who did double duty, Catty Loon, Keira Soulstar, and Quella Quan, who all put stuff on THIS blog and saved me so much time and effort and made this blog informative, fun, and absolutely beautiful.


Quella Quan apparently wrote for the FFL Blog and also writes for “Associated SL Press” which is part of BOSL. She’s also been very vocal  in the comment section of the BOSL article and the subsequent apology article.


In the apology on FFL they said:

Any other articles about this were not approved and did not come from Relay for Life, Fashion for Life or myself.


It appears that is very much in doubt. Your thoughts?

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  1. Douglas Einhender says:

    While I respect your opinion, I read over the comments of said articles and I don’t see anywhere in the comments where Quella was being a douchebag. I think its unfair to simply associate this debacle with everyone when clearly there were a very few choice people responsible. Namely Nave. It looks to me like this quella chick was caught in the crossfire trying to stick up for her friends…. which who can really blame her there. (She seemingly did acknowledge the wrongness of nave’s initial post… )

    It would be nice if we could move passed the name calling at this point.

    Oh well one thing we have all learned here, is how absolutely hideous people will be too each other when given the slightest opening.

    Nave should have really took a few moments to think over his choice before posting this article. That much everyone agrees on.

    • It is my understanding that she actually IM’d bloggers on said list and interrogated them as to why they did not blog. She got pretty personal when grilling them to my knowledge.

      • i did not receive any IM prior to the post being published. so i highly doubt “she actually IM’d bloggers”.

        • Anastasia Trefusis says:

          She IMd me and linked me to the articles. I had never heard of or spoken to her before that point.
          She then proceeded to interrogate me on my reasons for not blogging (Spring Break – 2 kids at home and my daughter’s Birthday all falling in that time).

          She was extremely rude and aggressive and insistent that my RL reasons were just not good enough.

          Apparently she knows better than I how much time I spent with my family during that time and she thinks it is less important than blogging. I admit that I made a mistake in signing up and I didn’t really realize the dates when I did so. I did want to and intend to blog. But my RL did take priority and before I knew where I was the event was over.

          • Anastasia Trefusis says:

            No one contacted me until AFTER the posts were published. And then it was Ms Quan – basically to rub my nose in it and cross examine me on my reasons for not blogging.

          • ooh she did the same with me, she only IMed me with the link to the post and that was it. i WISH she would’ve questioned me as to why i was on the list, my god i would’ve put her in her place on the count of 3. ;p

    • Jordan Whitt says:

      Quella was very rude, disrespectful and condescending to anyone who did not sit there agreeing with every word that was posted or offered in support of the posts and “apologies”.

      I don’t believe she stuck up for her friends. She stuck up for the organisation she works for – despite it clearly being in the wrong. I hope she received a shitload of brownie points for all the brown nosing she did. Gotta admire her loyalty though. She is about the only one who went down with that ship!

      I stick up for my friends too, but the difference is – I am not afraid to call them out if they fuck up and are in the wrong.

  2. The Lone Quaker says:

    I will give Douglas the benefit of the doubt and assume he did not read most of Quella’s comments to those who commented. She was belligerent, argumentative, and a poor representative of FFL, and in turn RFL. Often her comments did not have a strong intellectual basis to stand on. If I were FFL and RFL, I would have put a muzzle on that one quickly. I guess Douglass has a stronger stomach for rudeness than I do, but to say Quella was not adding fuel to the fire when anyone associated with this mess should have been applying fire suppression is an understatement.

  3. Well .. being one of the bloggers who were on that said list (while I had posted about it) .. I can tell you I never got anyone asking me why I had not (when I had !!) blogged about FFL.

  4. Whoever Quella Quan is her ego has so eclipsed any judgment and she contributed to the whole mess. Her comments back to people who posted were arrogant and scream “me me me” not one flying fuck is given for the charity the idiot is detracting from.

    Whoever she is she should be sacked from FFL, BOSL and any other blog!

  5. This Quella whatever (alt or otherwise) really has the cray cray in a big way. Who IM’s strangers and does crap like that?!? Who?! Just eww!

  6. I have very little money to spend in SL, but I used to make the effort to buy at least one thing from events like this. These days, however, I am less likely to spend money on something if I’m told it’s for charity, because there’s just too many scammers and crazy people using ‘charity’ as an excuse for an ego trip. It’s possible that this bunch aren’t actually fraudsters, but they sure as hell don’t have a professional attitude, and that makes it exponentially harder to trust them.

  7. Nave Fall says:

    I APOLOGIZE. (1) I screwed up. MEA CULPA MAXIMA………………

    I’ve returned from my weekend of RL adventure away from the internet and SL. I returned to a post-apocalyptic wasteland in SL. And it’s ENTIRELY my fault. (2)

    I feel like Gaius Baltar on the TV series Battlestar Galactica who betrayed his people to the Cylons which led to his world being destroyed. Well maybe it’s not that bad. But I won’t pontificate here. I made a bad mistake posting with that post here on A horrendous mistake. It was ENTIRELY MY MISTAKE though. (3)


    Harper Beresford’s – She had NOTHING to do with my post. She didn’t approve it or see it until it I posted it and it blew up in her face. Harper handled a horrendously complex task and with aplomb, class, on time and under budget. No excuses and she never hit anyone although a few needed a smack. The American Cancer Society should put a plaque up with her name on it somewhere. Thank you Harper

    Frolic Mills’ – He trusted me to write about the Best of SL. I wrote about the worst. I let him down badly. I’m appreciative of how he responded along the way and supported me. The opinions expressed were mine and not run by him for his censure or approval. Associated SL Press is separate from BOSL Magazine despite sharing the same website. Thank you Frolic.

    Rusulka Callisto’s – The Editrix in Chief and with 10 years of RL experience she deserves to be. She bears no responsibility for anything I author. I don’t report to her and she had nothing to do with my post other then telling me that I had to do it myself. Great editor and manager. Thank you R


    Quella Quan’s – Is young and loyal and busted her ass for FFL 2012. The best of SL is right here for sure. If I’d been around to defend myself I suspect she’d have been noticed less. Thank you Ella.

    Let me say it again slowly. I APOLOGIZE (4) No one else deserves any of what rained down upon them. It’s interesting to me, in reading through that holocaust of derision, that few, if any, of the people pissing and moaning the loudest had anything to do with FFL 2012 in any form. There was blood in the water so they decided to join the fray. Not surprising in SL since it’s a free fire zone. For what it’s worth I’m not a photographer in SL and criticizing the picture I stuck in that post was a cheap shot. I like my style of writing and if you don’t skip anything with my name on it as the author please.

    I also want to thank the myriad of people who gave so generously of their time, money, skills and contacts. First and foremost Zeebster Colasanti of Dream Seeker Estates and his astoundingly versatile staffers, Roe Woodford and Sarah staff for underwriting and entertainment. Spectacular job people. The builders, creators, designers, entertainers, DJs, show coordinators, models. photographers, graphics artists, typographers, financial gurus, scriptwriters, magazine publishers, TV/Radio personalities…………………the list is endless. Thank you all for everything you did.

    Back to the apologizing. No one made me write that post the way I did. It was ALL me………… and I went the wrong way with it. I do that sometimes. I apologize (5) .I am supposed to be responsible and adult, given the trust placed in me. I acted like a snarky, spoiled child. I could make a lot of excuses here about why I did that but that would be adding insult to injury. I didn’t want to hear the excuses of the bloggers who didn’t fulfill the obligation they accepted and, in many cases, actively sought out. I apologize to the ones I named who’d posted and somehow I missed seeing that there was an FFL item buried in one of the posts they made (although one of my evil friends suggested that it is as easy for them to edit a blog as it is for me. I won’t be following up on this idea though).

    The reasons given for not posting were myriad and in most cases valid. I’m not going to list them or discuss them, they’ve been raked to death already. My BIGGEST mistake was naming names and I regret that now. Too late to do anything about it. I’m moving on.

    So for the last time here. I made a mistake. I APOLOGIZE (6) I wanted to show some people that there is potential retribution in store for not following through on what you’d promised to do, particularly with a charity event. There are consequences and this time being named in public for failing to keep your promise was that consequence. I should have contacted every one of you. I didn’t. You can bet I won’t make this particular kind of mistake ever again.

    I’ve already contacted many of the bloggers I offended and discussed this entire affair with them and patched some of the fences. Some seem to be ignoring me. Imagine that. If you haven’t been contacted it’s because you weren’t on-line when I was today or you muted me. I’ll get to you and you’ll have a shot at telling me exactly what you think of me and my ethics, writing style and ancestry.

    I’m just chagrined here………..

    Nave Fall

    • Plurabelle says:

      I am not really sure why i bother at all. Using the word ‘Holocaust’ in response to criticism already discredits this so called apology enough (“holocaust of dispersion” -that doesn’t even make sense, -sighs-).
      But since all this drama has a -huge- impact on FFL’s reputation and since I am still convinced that events like FFL should be supported, I ll add my two cents.

      First of all. I -was- involved in FFL, not in the organization, but as designer. I never asked anyone to play blog-police for me. It was -my- decision who I sent -my- review copies (and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was one of those sillies who threw her girly stuff at the few male bloggers on the list). I never expect bloggers to blog what i sent them. If they don’t like my stuff, I don’t -want- them to blog it. If I notice that a blogger never blogs my items, I’ll assume they don’t like my style and stop sending them. But I don’t feel betrayed or ripped off (well, instead i feel unloved and depressed and untalented, but that’s another story :P).

      I have seen how much hard work staff members and volunteers put into this fair, and it was amazing. There was -no- reason at all to complain about a lack of coverage. Apparently a lot more than 90 % of the volunteering bloggers blogged the event. That’s an overwhelming result. The few who didn’t, had their personal reasons. And it’s not up to you or anyone else to judge them. FFL felt the need to remove them from their credit list? alright, their call. But please do a proper research first. A maintained list of active bloggers for the next events also makes sense, because such a list can be very helpful for participating designers. Especially for those who don’t have their own support-group on the fashion-feeds. But naming and shaming volunteers? a big no-no.

      I really appreciate the clear and unconditional apology from Harper. She made a stupid, unnecessary and thoughtless move, but she listened, corrected the list and apologized not only on their blog but she also contacted the accused bloggers in private. That’s the professional and mature way to deal with mistakes. I don’t know what happened ‘backstage’ and i am not interested in rumors and gossip. Judging from what was published, I think it would be great if we finally could let FFL recover from this shitstorm, and give them a chance to learn from their mistake.

      But apparently some people’s ego will not allow that, and apparently you, Nave, still didn’t get why your wall of shame made people so upset. What I read here is just as insulting, as self-righteous and judgemental as the initial drama-post. And it continues to damage the reputation of SL’s biggest charity event.

      Now you insinuate that those who were falsely accused cheated and edited their blogs? Now the question is not just -if- they blogged but -how- they blogged (“an FFL item buried in one of the posts they made”)? “the reasons given for not posting were myriad and in most cases valid” – you still don’t get that it’s -not- up to you to judge if a reason was valid or not, do you?

      And those who critisized your irresponsible way to attack volunteers were “pissing and moaning”? And bloggers who didn’t “fullfill” their “obligation” still deserve “retribution”? Volunteers are in no shape or form ‘obliged’ to do anything, that’s what makes them volunteers. Insulting, libeling and shaming them makes it very unlikely that they will offer their help ever again.

    • Dumber than a bag of government hammers…

      ProTip: Here is how an actual apology should have read:

      “Hello everybody, I am sorry for releasing that post. I apologize for offending the people who were on the list and to the Second Life Community.”

      END OF STORY! No “But…you guys were poopie heads” none of that bullshit. And avoid words like holocaust moron.

  8. “I apologize to the ones I named who’d posted and somehow I missed seeing that there was an FFL item buried in one of the posts they made (although one of my evil friends suggested that it is as easy for them to edit a blog as it is for me. I won’t be following up on this idea though).”

    Then why mention it at all?

    Your friends sound rather unpleasant, too.

  9. So after 4 days the guy who had RL stuff to do apologizes to the ones he named who’d posted and somehow he missed, but not to the others he named who had RL stuff to do and didn’t post. RL really can be an ironic bitch.

    • And what also intrigues me is the reasoning being this whole “Hall of Shame” post: “a few people who took advantage of Harper Bereford’s trust and got the goodies but couldn’t be bothered to do even one post”.
      a) If a blogger doesn’t post something there are only 2 reasons: 1) They didn’t have time or 2) They didn’t like the stuff. In the second case they will never ever wear these so called “goodies” anyway. So the “grab free stuff” reason is totally ignorant or delusional.
      b) If a blogger is in it for “grabbing free stuff” one can tell it with one quick look at the blog (frequency of blogging, quality of the pics, accuracy of the description). So if they approved any of such blogs, these guys have no clue about fashion-blogging after all.
      c) In psychology they have this great term “projection”. If one has seldom time to blog, one projects this reason to why others don’t blog. So the first thought of Nave and Frolic apparently was “they didn’t blog because they are in it to grab free goodies”. Go figure why these guys are into blogging…..

  10. Nave Falls’ “apology” reads like a snide, insincere joke. I can practically hear him sneering as I read it. Take your apology and stick it were the sun don’t shine. BTW, you don’t have a RL. You hid out until your “friends” MADE you come out of the wood work. COWARD!

  11. Jordan Whitt says:

    1. As Bucket so eloquently pointed out – I’m sure your RL reasons for not apologising sooner is in “most cases valid”.

    2. You seem more concerned with apologising to Harper, Frolic, Rusulka and Quella. And omg Quella was insulting, condescending and downright abusive, so if that constitutes being “the best of SL right there”, well let’s just say it speaks volumes about the organisation.

    3. As someone who “pissed and moaned “(nice insult to those who stood up and had an opinion btw), maybe I didn’t have anything to do with the official FFL organisation, but I went and bought donation items, I contributed my hard earned lindens to this cause, something I am loath to do again. And you will probably find the majority of us “pissers and moaners” did too.

    4. Implying people editted their posts just to make themselves look good??? Are you shitting me? Yes they ran out and spent their precious time to retake a photographer wearing a FFL item and then rewrote their posts just to make you look stupid. Seriously????

    5. “I wanted to show some people that there is potential retribution in store for not following through on what you’d promised to do, particularly with a charity event. ” Again – SERIOUSLY??? Retribution??? All you have done here is turn bloggers like myself off ever volunteering my time and effort for a charity event ever again. How dare you sit in judgment of anyone. Obviously you are so perfect you have never broken a promise due to circumstances beyond your control.

    6. When are you going to start contacting the commenters you were rude and disrespectful to for having an opinion that differed from yours???

    Personally I hope the bloggers send you a freenis and tell you to go fuck yourself. I would have. This whole situation is disgraceful, disgusting and was done for nothing more than attention and to cause trouble. But considering it was done by the “Official Troublemaker”…

    And nice use of the word Holocaust. Tacky tacky tacky!!!!

  12. Jordan Whitt says:

    P.S. Actually typing how many time you typed the owrd “apologised” screams sincerity – not.