SCD Under New Management

Folks, what Kess said is true. She is focusing on her RL so as of 9:36am this morning I now own Shopping Cart Disco.

The following changes in policy are effective immediately.

1: All comments must be made using your second life name. No more anonymous comments or pseudonyms. There is a zero tolerance policy on this.

2: Secrets will have a new format. The picture size requirements will stay the same. They will be strictly enforced. We are lifting the anonymous rule. If you want to call somebody out, we will allow it. You must however sign your name to it. For Example:


Example 1:



Example 2:




3: There will be no more secrets about people fucking for shoes, incest, families, or any other bullshit RP drama you have going on. Nobody really cares. Make it good or don’t fucking send it.

I appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition, and I want to thank kess for her time here and wish her luck on her future endeavors.

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About Dancien

Dancien (or God-Emperor Fabulous as he is known in his native tongue) is just here to point and laugh and tell you when you’re fucking wrong (which is a lot by the way). He is also waiting for the mothership to come back and pick him up. He enjoys long walks on the beach, critiquing pornography, kicking cute woodland creatures in the balls and most of all, making you cry.


  1. I approve of this.

  2. whispers magic says:

    April Fools!

  3. Ashleigh Dickins says:

    I dig it. Especially the “make it good or don’t fucking send it” bit.

    • Cicadetta says:

      In other news, participation in SL Secrets drops to an all time low of zero… XD

  4. I’ve witnessed so many people bashing each other through anonymous or nicknames, it’s about time this rule is implemented! Kudos to the new policy!

    If someone wants to humiliate/backstab/bash/insult/degrade/accuse another person, at least have the balls to sign off with your Second Life name and own it!

  5. April Fool's? says:

    As you can see Dougie, nothing has changed. I think it was just an April Fool’s joke. Last Sunday’s secrets were same as always, people can comment with any name. This was posted on April Fool’s afterall….if it really is true it would be extremely hard to prevent people from using fake names or someone else’s name to post.