It’s Springtime For The German Land Holding Group

Hi all, So yesterday I was quick to sanitize this article but after thinking about it I’ve decided to reinstate it. (I can change my mind, right). By sanitizing it I’ve made it appear like Dan’s research wasn’t thorough, but it was. Dan is good at the Googles. So Der Kommissar (don’t get your panties in a bunch, reference to an 80’s Falco song and it’s slang for cocaine) will just have to deal. -c

Hello fellow consumers! Have you ever sat there on your platform surrounded by packaging while pontificating “I do so wonder where my internet money really goes?” Well thanks to the SCD Tip Line (We do have that) we can answer the question about one place at least.

This is the German Land Holding Group. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh another SL Land Baron! How awesome!” And yes, it is awesome. Another provider of land though by their Facebook page it appears to be entirely tropical (because I’ll be fucked if there’s another terrain type in Second Life)

The owner of this group is one  Benny Sonnenkern in world. And he was super helpful by posting all of his real life information on the website. You know, just in case something went horribly wrong and you needed help. What a stand up guy! I wonder what else this guy does? Are you curious? I’m exceptionally curious!


Oh, this is fascinating! Apparently he ran for political office (3rd page down). But is it him? Same name, same address. Yep that’s him. That’s pretty cool. Civic Service should be commended right? Oh! He’s a member of the party called Die Republikaner. I wonder what they’re all about. I wonder what Wikipedia has to say about them. Here it is. I wonder what they’re about. Let’s take a look!


Well they’re big on German Nationalism..(where have I heard that before?)

They don’t like immigrants and especially non-white, non-christian ones…(seriously why does this sound familiar?)

Oh this doesn’t sound too bad…they work with other very conservative parties…wait. They don’t like other Europeans very much..(It’s on the tip of my brain..I totally recognize this stuff..)

They want to reunify Germany (wasn’t that done?) to pre-1937 size (uh oh) which includes parts of Poland, The Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Russia..

So basically they’re fucking Nazis.  I really should be surprised by this…but these guys are experts at snatching up land. I bet they can get a whole sim by the time you can say “Oh hey there Sudentenland”

Maybe they’re not so bad as all that?  They sell tropical land. Maybe it was just a phase? Maybe their logo is warm and inviting…

[Removed even though I don’t think DMCA applies here]

Oh dear…

So the moral of this story? There are several.

1: If you are part of a controversial political group (I mean y’all thought the Christian Social Union of Bavaria was too soft for fuck’s sake) maybe hold off on the rl information when conducting business?

2: Nazis are bad.

3: Check to see where your money is really going every now and then.

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  1. Casual Hitler says:
  2. Sorry, Dancien, but putting a proper imprint on your website is actually a legal requirement for German webmasters, not some “look at me, I’m extra special because I tell you my real name” blabla.

    • kesseret says:

      I’m not doubting your statement but I am curious where is it a legal requirement? (It’s a nerd/tech thing, seriously and I did a cursory Google and didn’t find much)
      Secondly, the legal requirement is good to know information. A lot of people in SL do not post their RL information. It’s an exception when someone does.

  3. SecondLifer says:

    I will never rent land from this guy.

  4. Eyeroll says:


  5. CuriousMind says:

    It is absolutely ridiculous that the article had to be censored. Let’s see… a guy is a RL politician in a far right-wing party. His name is publicly listed in a German local elections listing, as a candidate of the party. One would think that a politician would love public exposure. Oh wait… he’s avoiding VAT… now I get it… no wonder he doesn’t want his name published! 😀

    • kesseret says:

      You’re right. Last night I decided to reinstate it.

      • CuriousMind says:

        Thank you. Looks like since the posting of this article, the estate website has been updated to remove the address and phone number information. Google cache comes in helpful to make this information publicly available for a little longer here:

        You might want to take a screen shot as Google will not hold it there forever. There is still another public source providing the same information and linking the estate with the RL owner information that anyone curious enough should be able to find, however I won’t share where it is located – don’t want to make it too easy for anyone to remove it :).

        I should also add that in the few years prior to becoming the ruling party and showing the world its true colors, the NSDAP operated in Germany as a valid political party. Like the Die Republikaner, they did not label themselves as Nazi. The NSDAP instead prefered the label of Ntionalsozialisten (National Socialists) and appealed to the masses promissing such noble causes as job creation. The party quickly rose to power and in 1933 Hitler became the Chancelor of the Third Reich.

        There is a very significant difference between then and now. The difference is that now we have seen it before and so it is our duty to recognize the beast when we see it, before it grows its horns, lest history has thought us nothing.

      • CuriousMind says:

        Potential conflict with DMCA to showcase the logo can be easily avoided by helping Benny with his advertising campaign (for free even!). Here is a link to one of his Marketplace ads: