Challenge Issued

So given the latest spat of bitching and moaning about SL Secrets I did a bit of thinking. And I have decided to issue a challenge so here it is:

For many months now, without fail Secrets comes out on Sunday. It is shortly followed by a metric fuckton of crying about how we here at SCD are horrible people who will happily dropkick the Baby Jesus for a Klondike Bar. Here is the thing though, we don’t make the secrets. Instead we allow you to and without fail week after week you people display your passive aggressive douchebag tendencies by submitting shitty secrets about people. Well, here’s the deal. If you people can go Four Weeks starting today without submitting one shitty mean spirited secret then I’m done. You will never see another negative post on SCD written by me ever again. Do I think you can do it? Not a chance in hell. Do I hope you can do it? Absolutely. Please, prove me wrong. Nothing would make me happier.


But wait, there is more! Kess and Ryker have stated that if you can actually do this, then they will donate  $100 to a charity that you will select via a poll that will be put up later.

(Breakdown: 25USD from Kess – a poll will determine which one out of the charities Kess loves. Ryker’s donation will be for whatever charity she chooses or if she decides to add to the charity the poll chooses. Her choice. )


So there it is, the ball is now in your court.

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About Dancien

Dancien (or God-Emperor Fabulous as he is known in his native tongue) is just here to point and laugh and tell you when you’re fucking wrong (which is a lot by the way). He is also waiting for the mothership to come back and pick him up. He enjoys long walks on the beach, critiquing pornography, kicking cute woodland creatures in the balls and most of all, making you cry.


  1. Whispers Magic says:

    But I like Dancien’s rants. :/

  2. For the sake of being clear:

    1) Since the SLsecrets are anonymous, nobody (besides the Editor, maybe) really knows whether some f those are not made by SCD staff or not. You are, after all, part of the general public.

    2) While SCD staff may not, in general (see point #1), be the ones making the SLsecrets. SCD does provide the space to publish them, and trying to excuse SCD for the related responsibility is like saying “sorry you shoot your dog, I only provided you with the gun and ammo”. And yes, it is an extreme analogy to illustrate a point, nothing else.

  3. I like SL Secrets. It’s that Friday saccharine thing I can do without.

  4. “You will never see another negative post on SCD written by me ever again.”

    Which means we’ll never see a post on SCD written by you ever again.

    Sounds good to me. Add another $25USD from me to the pot.


    • As usual you’re a day late and a dollar short junior. Turns out even for charity the community couldn’t even make it till the 18th. Not even a whole week.

      And I’ve done plenty of non-negative posts, however you never link those on your blog in a sad attempt to siphon hits so I can see how you would have missed them.

  5. Who is Dan?