130318: Where’s The Art?


Where’s the Art? is a new column highlighting cultural events in Second Life. These include live music, gallery openings, plays and dance performances.

Uberverse Poster SL

Although we immerse ourselves in our Second Life so thoroughly, I think all of us are excited when we get to see Second Life and first lives connect. We gravitate to stories of couples who meet in SL and then go on to meet in real life and find love, happiness and that magical “happy ever after”. We watch the Catfish movie and Catfish: The Series for the excitement of that first meeting. We are thrilled that Catfish is recruiting in Second Life.

Tonight we all have the opportunity for a real life- Second Life connection of a different kind when Ballarat Art Space opens an art show called Uberverse at their gallery in Australia while b1 Gallery in Second Life opens the same show. The Second Life opening will be streamed on a big screen in the Ballarat Art Space. You can dress is your most glamorous, outrageous, fantastical outfits and impress those folks in Ballarat.

The artists whose work will be featured are Morgana Nagorski, Kato Salyut and Sledge Roffo.



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