Blogger Challenge: What’s in Your Bag?

So, I find myself itching to blog, but I only have my EEE pc and no access to SL….So, it’s blogger challenge time!

Here’s the challenge: Dump out your bag (no cleaning!) and post a pic of it. Men with messenger bags, this applies to you, too. Bullet-point the contents with amusing commentary. I’ll go first!

Crap In My Bag

Iris’ Bag:

  • My giant purse
  • Scarf that I picked up from Goodwill
  • Emergency Baggie full of essentials like lotion, lip gloss, zit zapper and body spray
  • Wallet which is currently empty save for my business cards and an iTunes gift card
  • My EEE computer
  • Cell phone
  • Tom Tom because I’m constantly lost
  • Gum. Two packs because I smoke and am paranoid about bad breath. My cigarettes were sitting on the table, so they missed the pic.
  • Rhinestone froggy pillbox with Advil inside. My grandpa gave me that for Christmas. It’s the coolest thing ever.
  • iPod in my favorite color EVAR, chock-full of music and episodes of Gossip Girl and Dexter.
  • Makeup and my lip balm from Lush. It tastes like cake!
  • Beach perfume. It makes me think of California in the cold St. Louis winter.
  • Sketchbook, pencil and eraser. It’s full of very rough costume renderings for my next show.

Tenshi’s Bag:

-Two pens from purse, one doesn’t work.
-Keys from work.
-Keychain with one of those stupid Food Lion cards so The Man can track your spending and send you coupons.
-WAYYY out there is a tiny lipstick
-Back in, we have Benadryl, for my hubby’s allergy to red pepper seeds… he gets itchy and can’t breathe if we don’t have that.
-Lipstick, Origins.
-Name tag from work
-Tylenol for the headaches my boss gives me.
-Chex Mix bag (half-full) from yesterday when my son demanded in his toddler manner that I buy it for him.
-Portable screwdriver
-Sally Beauty Lipgloss (shit stuff, I should toss it)
-Wet Ones wipes… because kids make a mess, and make a mess OFTEN.
-Portable 4gb stick
-Paycheck stub
-Este Lauder lipstick
-Plastic Baggie with a tea bag in it (used to have more like ten in it, but I drink a lot of tea at work.)
-Purell hand sanitizer
-Baby lotion
-Target receipt, various paper trash
-Some kind of awesome lip plumper gloss that Iris sent me last christmas or the christmas before, and another Sally Beauty gloss (the better kind)
-Tic Tac candy (yeah, the candy, not the mints)
-Birth control pills (yup. Important shit.)
-More garbage
-Spare keys for car
-Micro SD card & adaptor
-Keys for car
-Small portable tote bag
-Wallet, wif cards but not necessarily monies
-Deodorant, because southern summer weather makes me sweaty
-In the center, we have the sleeve for my umbrella which is also normally in my purse.

Yeah, I totally took time after this photo to take the trash out of my bag and clean it up a bit.”

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  1. Iris… so organised!
    Tenshi… commendations for the… erm.. cleanup.

    xxx Happy NY to everyone at SCD

  2. OMG I adore your little froggy pillbox Iris!! I want one now!

  3. I love Tenshi’s bag. The week before Christmas I was bored at work and decided to clean out my bag, to my surprise I filled the office bin next to my desk FULL with dockets, receipts and bus tickets. I am so thrilled to see I am normal.
    Iris, are you for real???

  4. Throw a pacifier in there and my contents would look *just like* Tenshi’s.

  5. Well, we recently gave up the pacifier thing, so… yeah :)

    Iris is just kind of OCD like that. Oh, and she doesn’t have a baby yet. Give her a few years and her bag will look JUST LIKE mine.

  6. I have a question regarding my own purse though – what kind of dumbass keeps their spare keys with their other keys? wtf… what if I leave my PURSE in the car and lock it? I’m really effed then.

    Time to move those keys!

  7. I couldn’t help but to do this. The results are posted at my blog, for all who dare to look. I love how your bag can really reflect your personality.

  8. good lord, my bag. i need to get a snap of it. its like…tenshi’s minus the baby stuff and 10x more trash.

    iris, i’ve tried your way, and it just doesn’t work. you’re a superhero!

    ten…what kinda tictacs are those?!

  9. Weds: Those are cherry & passion fruit tictacs. More like candy… less “Freshening”. heh!

  10. ooooooo soo much fun i’m sooo doing this!!

  11. SarahTheRed says:

    I couldn’t help myself; I had to do the challenge too. :)

  12. Jula Carnell says:

    OK Im doing this and Im doing it right this very minute. :)

  13. Jula Carnell says:
  14. Jula Carnell says:

    OK now I think Im a little obsessed with this challenge as I am now looking at every single item everyone carries and commenting up on flickr. How do you ping back to this site ?? Random question but if anyone knows can they send me a nc in world or send me a msg in flickr please x x x

  15. Jula Carnell says:

    Just me again :) the obessed one…. now Ive not noticed any tampons yet. This I find quite unusual :)

  16. Mine is up. But I put it on my RL blog as I don’t like to clutter our SL blog with pics Cajsa doesn’t take…….

  17. Oh, we LOVE clutter here at SCD…

  18. I’m being a maverick…..linking to my RL blog.
    /Is tired of everyone being so completely “I WILL DIVULGE NOTHING ABOUT MY RL”…..
    so thought it might be more fun this way.

    Plus, I got to say MAVERICK! YEAH BABY!

  19. LOL My purse isn’t as exciting as many may think but I did it.

  20. Wow… isn’t it interesting what you find in a purse. My picture won’t turn out but the list is: black faux alligator 4×6 photo album, change purse, cardholder, one of those flat wallets (again in the faux alligator) cheap mp3 player (I’m death to them for some reason, had 4 in a year that died), cherry carmex lip balm, generic allergy pill bottle full of ibuprofen and tylenol, keychain with 6 keys 2 traking cards and all the little things that come with a Kathy bag,a lighter though i don’t smoke, and my last 3 paycheck stubs, plus 4 random receipts. All of this in a purse that measures approximately 5x6x4… a little Tommy bag in purple, my fav color :) this is the first time in my life i’ve ever been this organized with my purse… lol!

  21. Dorra Debs says:

    I was looking at some of the flickr pics posted here in comments and I decided to see if there were any “purse contents” groups. There are more then 10 of them!


    Toss it up over here if youre on flickr. <3

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