Top 10 of SCD in 2012


Well 2012 was an interesting year. Drama was the name of the game this year. There were some positives thrown in there, which I hope to see more of next year. But we all know SCD does the whole ‘supermarket rag’ thing the best. :)

Top posts of 2012

1. SL Secrets in general were in the top 10 but this SLSecret post was #1 for 2012
2. 2012 Kicks Off With Charity Drama. Who Knew?
3. People Being Assholes, But for Charity!
4. It’s Not the Drama
5. Interesting Addendum to Epilepsy Charity Drama
6. Update on the BOSL/FFL Fiasco
7. Sweet Fridays Image Repository
8. The DNA of Fraud
9. An Open Letter
10. See This? Stop Doing It!

The single post of all time remains, as always, Lourdes Denimore in lingerie. I am sure your avatar is in many spank banks. :)

Top 10 Search Terms for 2012

heart broken 7,686
shopping cart disco 4,710
lingerie 3,332
suspenders 1,032
rest in peace 911
sl secrets 887
fake friends 750
sexy child 554
heart broken pictures 543
bitch please 531

Again, sexy child is a top 10 search term. Sickos.

Top 10 Referring Sites in 2012
Google Reader

All time views: 2,367,138

Thank you for being a reader of SCD and for supporting us during the good times and the bad.
May 2013 be a wonderful year for SCD, it’s staff, and readers!



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