The List

Oh god. Another List. Can you guys please quit writing Lists? It’s making my grocery lists put me into convulsions IRL.

It appears that there is another “list” out there, a blog ranking list that apparently goes by number of link-ins. Where they got their information I’m not positive, but I LOL’d at the fact that SCD is #8, the first of the Fashion blogs:

I also LOL’d that two of the blogs on here haven’t had a new post in nearly a year, nevermind that Massively doesn’t really cover Second Life any more.

I wouldn’t have known about this list except I saw a bunch of Plurks related to it. Then I saw a plurk where someone says the list must be a bit fudged – and the creator, ArminasX Saiman, comes in USING CAPSLOCK TO DEFEND THEIR GOOD HONOR but really maybe they just have a shouting problem. He says it’s based on Technorati rankings.

Plurk: ArminasX says the rankings ARE NOT BASED ON HITS. Technorati bases them on external links instead, as they don’t know your hit stats

ArminasX’s blog: I spend a lot of time blogging about Second Life, as do many others. How many others? No one knows for sure, but it’s at least many hundreds of avatars. While I’ve gained much personal satisfaction from writing posts and participating in the SL blogging community, I always wondered which blogs were the most popular.

It’s a difficult question to answer, because measurement of “popular” can mean many things. It could be the number of feed subscribers, total pageviews, average pageviews, number of comments, number of links to the blog or any other conceivable statistic. In fact, blog ranking is a very difficult science. So I did what anyone faced with a tricky problem should do.

I let someone else figure it out for me.

That’s right, the “someone else” in this case is Technorati, a web service that tracks and searches blogs in real time. Technorati tracks tens of millions of blogs worldwide and keeps a database of statistics, including their own definition of “rank”. It’s not exactly clear how they specifically calculate rank, but evidently it involves a combination of statistics. Even better, they expose their database to the public via a programmatic web interface (API). That was enough to inspire me further.

I needed only to write a program to send a list of SL-oriented website URLs to the Technorati API and it would return me all the available statistics! Writing the program (in PHP, as it turned out) was relatively straightforward, but where could I find an extensive list of Second Life blogs? I surely did not want to make a list like that myself.

Are we sure? Are we sure these technorati rankings are good? Or, why research blogs that are no longer updating as previously mentioned?

I cleaned the list as best as time permitted; there are no doubt more errors in the list, such as incorrect blog names, probably a few more dead blogs and other miscues. There are over 500 blogs, give me a break, already!

So what’s the list for anyway, other than for some people to pat themselves on the back? Even if it was accurate.

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    Shopping Cart Disco: Authority 98. Rank 47,052
    Second Thoughts: Authority 98. Rank 47,052.
    New World Notes: Authority 471, Rank: 13,224.

  2. I found the list engaging in that it listed blogs I have never heard of and may go back to browse in the future. Other then that, I think it is an interesting exercise looking at one way of compiling data (through Technorati). I don’t think we need to be harsh about “The List”, it is just one way of trying to bring SL blogs into some sort of unified scheme.

    The rankings don’t seem to matter to most people, there is really no way to rank blogs since we all use different hit counters and different feeds, and some never get hits when the feeds show entire posts. SL Top Sites is no more, and that relied on self-registration anyways, so that was equally flawed.

    I wonder if there would ever be a way to really know what ranks, and how. Not a job I am interested in personally, but for those who like to look at the big picture, it is a worthy pursuit. I give ArminasX props for attempting to collate such a list, and I think he is aware of it’s limitations and it’s value in the bigger picture. The presence of “dead” blogs and those no longer related to SL are enough to tell us all to not take the numbers too seriously.


  3. Yeah, it’s clearly highly flawed, with popular blogs like, Free*Style, Closet Crisis and…I dunno, others that I can’t think of right now, not showing up AT ALL.

  4. Nivaya,

    SCD has linked to an earlier version of the list. Check the current first post at for an updated list which includes all three of those sites, and more.

    The methodology was flawed, but the only way to improve it is to get input, so I welcome ArminasX’s efforts.

    As to the exact meaning of a Technorati ranking, it’s just a measure of how linked a blog is. This can mean several things — a truly brilliant blog that everyone finds something to link to, a blog that posts a lot of amusing material, an influential fashion blog, and so on. It’s not really about who’s “better” but perhaps about who is most talked about and referenced within the particular subset of sites Technorati follows.

  5. Well now that list looks better.

  6. So, I saw the title “The List” and immediately I thought MY NAME BETTER BE BRIGHT RED AGAIN!!

  7. Jenny Rates says:

    No drama here… move along people

  8. For years now, Technorati has been a measure to blog ratings…
    Authority: 110
    Rank: 40,245

    Anyway, here’s Gwyn’s thoughts on the subject:

  9. Dusky Jewell says:

    I saw that title and was like, not this shit again.

  10. Well, personally, since my blog did not make the list, I have decided I suck at life and will stop blogging ASAP.

    Just kidding-seriously, who cares about where they rank? I thought people blogged because they wanted to or enjoyed it?

  11. Obviously flawed.
    My blog and it’s authority 12 with a massive score number of almost half a million and it’s 4 hits a day from spammer bots is the number one blog in the known universe.

    You guys are all just uninformed cuz you never read my infrequent blog posts.


  12. I think The List is about as good as we’re going to get on “which blogs get read a lot” measure.

  13. DickyDoo says:

    People upset about a plurk about a blog list of blogs.. seriously, could anything be less important?

  14. Yeah now I see the updated version, it looks a bit more sensible. *nods*


  1. […] Posted by johnny4sls on March 24, 2009 ArminasX Saiman over at Second Effects has compiled a list of the top 585 Second Life-related blogs, and Second Life Shrink fails to appear anywhere on it. I know that this really shouldn’t annoy me – we’re way too cool to care about being on some lame list, obviously – but it is somewhat irksome to be told that our intellectual endeavour is less significant than a virtual hair blog. At least I’m not the only one who doubts the veracity of the rankings. […]